Thursday, February 4, 2010

Weigh In Day & Weds. Stuff

Weigh in day! I've been working pretty hard this past week and making sure I had a decent calorie deficit. The results?

Last Week: 204
This week: 201
Loss: -3
So close to Onederland! Just 2 more pounds. Next week.....
Exercises for Wednesday:
In my quest to kill myself get in better shape, I did day 3 of 30 Day Shred, Level 1. I was so sore already. Day 3 soreness is the worst. Have you noticed? But I pushed through it. The jumping jacks were extremely tough and I had to take little "breathers" more than I would have liked. Every muscle was on fire! But with Jillian's yelling and threats persuasion I was able to finish the workout.
20 minutes, 200 calories burned
That was my strength training for the day. Time for cardio. (in case you didn't know, I'm doing The Shred every day (!) and cardio 5x a week)
Today's cardio has a bonus: a DVD review! you're welcome. :)
I bought Leslie Sansone's Walk Your Belly Flat DVD a while back but hadn't tried it yet. I have several of her other workouts but I tend to get bored with them rather quickly. Actually, I get bored with most exercise DVDs.
The idea behind Walk Your Belly Flat is that you walk 3 13-minute miles in your home and then do some ab work. We all know that spot reduction is a myth and even Leslie admits it. But she also says that with the walking you are burning off fat and then you use the ab section to sculpt and strengthen your abs. The only way you'll ever see those nice sculpted abs is if you lose the protective layer of fat over them though. It's just the sad truth.
I like that this video has a time clock in the upper corner so you know exactly how long you have in your mile walk. It's divided into 3 sections. It's only you and workout buddies in this one.
After your walk is done, it's time to hit the floor for her secret ab exercise. It's really just 4 sets of bicycle crunches.
I have to say I liked this DVD! I burned about 400 calories in 50 minutes. It was like being coached by Mother Goose after enduring Jillian's Shred. Leslie is so light-hearted and cheerful and encouraging but not in a "do this or I'll kill you" sort of way. This video is especially good if you are just starting out or don't want anything too hard on the knees and ankles.
It's on sale at Amazon for only $ 7.99! Of course, if you spend $25 there you get free shipping. :)
Eats and Treats:

Breakfast: eggbeaters, cheese, hot sauce on toast; big cup o' coffee with hazelnut creamer Lunch: Amy's Organic fat free vegetable alphabet soup with 5 multigrain crackers (I'm not a big fan of the green bean so I eat all of them first so they're out of the way and I can enjoy the rest of my soup) Snack: 2 boiled egg whites with roasted garlic hummus
Dinner: Breakfast! egg beaters with hot sauce; Fiber One pancake mix (my pancakes were so flat!!) with sugar free syrup; 1 Morningstar veggie sausage YUM! Snacks: Blue Diamond Cinnamon & Sugar almonds (1 oz) not pictured: 9 oz of V8 Light Pomegranate Blueberry juice; Attune dark chocolate bar; 1 chocolate vitamuffin

Calories Burned: 2590

Calorie Intake: 1245

Calorie Deficit: -1345


  1. Congrats on the weight loss.

  2. You're going to Onederland!

    Great weigh-in, K!

  3. Thanks, guys. :)

    Jack, I'll be in Onederland next week. You watch. Save a place for me. ;-)

  4. Congratulations! You will be in Onederland before you know it! Keep up the hard work hun!

  5. Great job, Kelly!!!!!! Whoooo hoooo! I KNOW you will see the wonders of Onederland next week!

    LOL@ your green bean strategy:)

    And thanks for your continued support; I really appreciate it!

  6. That's awesome, Kelly! You're doing so great! Those ARE some really flat pancakes...what's up with that?

  7. congrats on your loss
    3 pounds is no joke

    and you did great on your workout as well

    your doing amazing

    keep it up :)

  8. Now that's the way to kick those pounds to the curb :)

  9. You're freakin' awesome.


    I can't believe I missed the weigh-in number. I just knew you would be in one-derland. you sure look like you are in one-derland.


  10. Wooohoooo - you are doing excellent!!! So happy that the pounds are dropping - what a wonderful reward for all the hard work you've been putting into this! I will have to run to keep up with you by March 7, that's for sure!

    P.S. Have you registered for the race yet? I have!

  11. Your right about the DVD. She is pretty perky and talks all nice and stuff.. LOL Its odd I have a great tredmill but for some reason doing her videos seems faster than walking two miles on the tredmill hmmmm...

  12. WOW! Thanks so much for all of the kudos. I love my blogger buddies. :)

  13. Thanks for the review of that DVD. I have some of her other walking DVD's and when the weather does not permit outdoor walks they are good alternative.

  14. WOOT WOOT!! 3 pounds loss is AWESOME and look how close you are to the 100's. SO SO SO GREAT!! I know you can't wait.

    I am glad I came to check on you to see your great results this week and then I scrolled down to your pancake picture...and I should not have done that. Those look SO GOOD. My mouth is watering now. HA!!

  15. Way to go on day 3! Today I was a little sore...but going to keep going!

    3 lbs?! That's fantastic! way to go!

  16. KELLY!!!! You are TOTALLY rockin' out!!! CONGRATS!!!

    thanks for the review...i like to have good workout DVDs at home just in case i can't get to the gym for whatever reason!

    mm breakfast for of my all time favs!!!

  17. Lookit that hot sauce on the sammich.
    That's the way to "throw down!"
    And congrats, you Rock Star!


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