Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Will You Die on a Treadmill?

An incredibly motivating clip.

If you want something, you have to hustle for it. You have to create your own destiny. Are you prepared to die on a treadmill? Don't you dare give up. Want it...achieve it.


  1. Love this clip. Very motivating. We are what we choose to be. I really like that concept. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Not sure I want to die on a treadmill, but I agree to a large extent we are what we determine to be, sometimes with a extraordinary effort

  3. I thought I was going to die recently - but not on the tread mill!!
    2 + 2 = 22
    As I've always said!
    3 + 6 = 36
    7 + 4 = 74
    It happens in your mind first, then extends!


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