Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Goal Post

New month, new goals. And time to revisit the goals for March to see how I did.

March goals:

*Lose 5 pounds (though more would be fantastic!) DONE! I lost 6 pounds
*track all of my food No. There were some rough days this month and I did not track them.
*have at least 500 calorie deficit per day Most days I had more. Sometimes I did not.
*Do 30 Day Shred: 3x the 1st week; 4x the 2nd week; 5x the 3rd and 4th weeks Grew tired of the Shred quickly and stopped.
*do C25K program 3x a week DONE! I'm a graduate now!
*on days that I don't do Shred, do SparkPeople 10 minute cardio video No. I started doing Turbo Jam.
*do something for ME each day Semi-done. There were a couple of rough days this month when I did not take care of me.

New Year's Goal: Try something new each month.
January: Got eyelash extensions (they're gone now) and tried Zumba.
February: Go on a ghost tour and ate at a fondue restaurant. Ran my first mile. Great feeling!
March: ran in the rain. Loved it! Made me feel like a kid again. Also got to meet blogger friend Shelley in person!

  • lose 5 pounds (more would be better)
  • run 5 miles
  • run 3x a week
  • strength train at least twice a week
  • track food
  • keep at least 500 calorie deficit
  • try something new
  • keep better schedule with kids' school
  • get on a schedule for cleaning house (I hate cleaning! but I love a clean house)

That should keep me busy!

Have a great weekend. I'll catch up with blogs when I get back from camping. :)

Sneakin' in the Veggies

I'm not a big fan of the veggies. I'm a big fan of pretty much everything carbolicious (mac n cheese, breads, pastries, etc) and I like proteins (steak, crab legs, chicken). Fruits are ok too. But getting in those servings of veggies is tough. It's even tougher to get the kids to eat them.

We pretty much have salad with every meal. That's at least something. I also get the V8 Fusion light for the kids. That's something. They hate all of the veggies except corn.

Last night I "made" pizza. More like assembled pizza than made. I had Mama Mary's Thin & Crispy crusts. 120 calories for 1/6th. Not too terribly bad. Then I added some pizza sauce. Here's the sneaky part: I piled that sucker high with fresh spinach leaves. The good thing is that the spinach leaves do not change the taste of the pizza at all!
I then added reduced fat mozzarella and turkey pepperoni. No, it's not exactly clean eating but I must have pizza from time to time. I've tried the veggie pepperoni slices but they're just not my favorite. I also add Italian seasoning to the top. The crust gets a spray of olive oil and sprinkled with some garlic salt around the edges.
After it's baked for about 9 minutes, the crust is crispy and the spinach has shrunken. Time for pizza.
The kids devour it! None left. And they're getting a veggie. I serve it with a romaine lettuce salad for even more veggie goodness. Mission complete.
I don't know if I'm hormonal or what. Yesterday I was feeling down. Kind of bummed out. I get that way sometimes. I start feeling like a failure at everything. I hate that! That's just not me! And what's weird is that in my head I'm thinking, "What the hell is wrong with you, girl? I hate it when you get all weirded out like this. But you'll get over it soon. Just deal with it."
Hope you don't think I'm crazy. Good news is that I do get over it. I feel better and everything is ok again.
Yesterday I had to take Charlie to the Y for PE. I could either run or do weights while I waited. I have really been neglecting strength training lately so I decided to do the weights for 45 minutes.
I got a great workout in. I was able to increase the weight in a couple of exercises. Yeah! And afterwards I was feeling like me again. I don't ever look forward to exercise but I always feel so much better afterwards. It's good therapy.
Today my arms are so sore that it hurts to lift my water bottle. LOL I'll take that.
Tomorrow we are going camping!! I can't wait. We haven't been since November. There are miles and miles of hiking trails and a big lake. We're going to bring the canoes and paddle. And when we're not paddling we're going to be hiking. Going to burn those calories up!
Camping trips are a big challenge for me. I always end up munching on things I shouldn't. This time I've packed a lot of fruits and healthy snacks. Also some popcorn. Our trailer has a microwave so I can pop some micro-corn and sit by the campfire and snack on that while the kids have smores. Well, I may have one smore. After all, I will be burning a lot of calories. :)
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm sure I'll be posting lots of pics when I get back.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Found a Lump (not bad)

First off, I don't want to give any one a scare. It's not what you think.

I was stretching out yesterday and ran my hand down my leg to kind of rub some soreness out and I felt a lump. At first it freaked me out a little. What the heck is that?! I've never heard of leg cancer.

It was a quad muscle on the side of my leg! LOL I haven't had one in so long. It's still small and barely visible but it's there. Thanks, running. :)

In other news, there is no other news. Yesterday I was exhausted from the weekend and did nothing. Well, I did finish my Non-Runner's Marathon Guide book (not that I am even considering a marathon) and changed 3 messy bird cages.

While changing cages, Frio, my blue and gold macaw did something so cute. I was on the floor and she took an empty almond shell and dropped it in front of me and just stared at me. I was out of almonds for her and said, "Sorry, sweety. I have to get some more. Almond?" Every time I said "almond" her pupils would shrink. It's called pinpointing. It's a sign that she is very interested in what I am saying. I just thought it was cool that she was trying to show me she wanted another.

Yep. That's really it for the day. Unless you want to hear how I unloaded the dishwasher, ate dandan noodles from PeiWei and watched 24 last night. I didn't think so. :) Hopefully tomorrow will have something a little more exciting.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Weekend: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Finished up C25K (yay!) and took the kids to 4H. That lasted until 3pm. Drove home (it's an hour drive each way) and packed up for my weekend away with Chuck. Not as romantic as it sounds. You see Chuck was taking a tactical shooting class on Saturday and Sunday. I would see him in the evenings but during the day I was on my own.

Took the kids to the in-laws' house and then headed to Waller, TX.

It had been a long week. There were family tensions going on and it just made the week drag by. Time for a much needed date night with my hubby. He took me to Carabba's. We haven't been in months and months. We had a couple of bellinis, salad and our entrees. I had one of my favorites: mezzaluna. It's pasta filled with a chicken, spinach, ricotta mixture topped with a tomato basil cream sauce. Yum! I could not finish it all and we didn't even have dessert this time.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped by the pharmacy for some bottled water & razors. Then came the emergency situation. My stomach said, "Oh no. Something's not right here. Everybody & everything out. Now!" I did not see a public restroom anywhere. I broke out in a cold sweat. I told Chuck, "I need to get back to the hotel right this minute."

Things turned very bad at this point. I had been touched by food poisoning. The rest of the night was spent getting to know the bathroom area on an intimate basis. Between that and the rock hard bed, little sleep was had.

The hotel had free breakfast so we got up early to partake. I got an english muffin with some egg on top, a yogurt and a cinnamon roll. Filled a cup with orange juice. On the way to the table my flip flop caught on the carpet and I tripped and stumbled all.the.friggin'.way to the table spilling orange juice all over the place. I kid you not. At least I didn't fall flat on my face.

Breakfast was really good. Raced back to the hotel room to deal with the food poisoning further. Took Chuck to his shooting class. This place was out in the middle of nowhere. It's down a small road and there are no signs. This is someone's cow pasture. Chuck unlocks the gate and we drive my miniature van through potholes the size of the Grand Canyon. Big ones! I maneuver like the driving pro I am and we finally make it back to the class and shooting area. There are bunkers and old cars and a bus. I think they either shoot at or shoot from these cars. I drop Chuck off and get the hell out of there. It really looks like something you'd see in an Talliban training video. Fortunately the guy teaching this class is Houston P.D. and level headed. As level headed as you can be to enjoy shooting at and from cars and then teach others how to do it for 8 hours a day on a weekend.
I get to the gate and realize I don't have a man to get out and open it for me. The dirt road is muddy and I have on flip flops. Ick!

Rush back to the hotel and just spend most of the day fighting off food poison and trying to keep hydrated. I did manage to go to a nearby (30 minutes away) Barnes and Noble and pick up The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide for Women (hilarious book!!) and Running for Mortals. Then I raced back to the hotel to go to battle with the food poisoning again.

The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide book is so funny. It's written by a woman who ran a marathon and hates running. She complains most of the time about every aspect of it but does offer good advice. I can't say that this book will inspire you to run but it will make you laugh if you already run.
Haven't started the Running for Mortals yet.

Saturday night Chuck and I drive in to Brenham to eat at BT Longhorn Saloon and Steakhouse. We both order a St Arnold's Spring Bock beer and a burger. Both of us only ate half of our burgers but they were so darn good! Worth the trip. And afterwards I raced back to the hotel. :)

I did sleep better Saturday night just because of the exhaustion from no sleep on Friday and fighting stomach issues all day on Saturday.

Breakfast again at the hotel. It was quite good and I didn't even spill my orange juice. I was also feeling much better.

On the way to drop Chuck off at redneck camp (just joking, sweety), we passed a bike race. How cool! I've never seen one before. Those guys do some serious mileage! Makes me want a bike. I need some sort of transformer bike so I can ride the roads and the trails. Wonder if they have one.

Going back to the hotel my stomach started to rumble. Then my low fuel light came on. Hmmm....which do I listen to? I decided it would be very bad to run out of gas so I stop for gas and just deal with the stomach cramps. Fill up the tank and fly to the hotel. Darn it! I thought I was through with the food poisoning episode!

I had to check out of the hotel by myself. Load everything up on the cart. The whole deal. I'm only mentioning this because, you see, I got married when I was 19 to Chucky-baby. I've never had to do much on my own. He does all the man stuff like loading the luggage and stuff like that. I've been a kept woman and I like it that way. I've never fought one of those luggage carts on an elevator or had to do things like that. I was pretty proud of myself for doing it all on my own. Sad, no?

The bad part is that check out time was noon and Chuck didn't get out of class until almost 5pm. So I had a lot of time on my hands. No trusty bathroom nearby. And I checked out at 10:30.

I went to a park about 20 miles away and decided to go for a run. The wind was really bad. So bad that gusts would push on the van while I was driving. S0 maybe there would be trees at the park to shield me from the wind? Sadly, no. But there were bathrooms! Bonus!

I strap on my heart rate monitor and my big ole Garmin and start walking. I forgot to bring a pony tail holder so my mane was wild and free in the wind. It was kind of chilly with the wind blowing the way it was but it felt nice. There was actually a track of sorts. I use the word track loosely because it was not even and had a few pot holes. You had to watch where you stepped or risk a twisted ankle.

I start running after a 5 minute warm up walk. You must admit, I've reached super running bad ass status now. I've not only done this in the rain but in strong winds after fighting food poisoning.

The run was one of the best I've had to date. I was super slow. I had to fight against the wind. Birds were laughing at me. You may say they were singing but I'm telling you they were laughing! I kept inhaling my hair as I tried to breathe. But I felt terrific. It was one of those very rare times when I actually enjoyed running and felt like I could keep going for miles and miles. After 35 minutes I decided to stop (wind really was getting annoying) and do my 5 minute cool down walk. 3.26 miles.

Started making my way to the min van. I had tucked my keys into the side of my sport bra so I wouldn't lose them. My lovely spandex pants have no pockets and I hate wearing my fanny pack. My fanny has enough problems without me adding some more bulk to bounce around on it. I pushed the button to unlock my doors and nothing happens. Push it again. Nothing. Huh. Maybe this is the wrong van. I look inside. Nope. It's definitely mine. I start blowing on the key thinking maybe there's sweat in it. Then I sit on the curb in front of the car thinking about what I can do.

My key is a weird key. It's not like a normal metal key. It's a weird piece of plastic thing. This is exactly what it looks like. How the hell am I going to get in my car?! How was I supposed to know that my boobs are kryptonite to electronic devices?! Then I remember that there is a real key tucked inside the plastic thing so that I can unlock the door! Woohoo! I was worried that the car wouldn't start since everything else wasn't working now but it did! So now I'm worried that it has one of those auto-shut-off devices that makes it stop running if it's been stolen. I drive 1 mile. Then 5 miles. Then 10 miles and it keeps working. Whew! Relief.

Where do you runner people put your keys?! Is there some secret runner gadget that holds keys that I should know about? Please don't say fanny pack. :)

So relieved to get in to my car. Eat a banana and head over to Stephen F Austin state park. Hey, I've got time on my hands. Stop to get some peanut butter crackers for lunch (it just sounded good) and get to the park after driving for an hour on small country back roads.

I park in the shade, open a mojito and crackers and listen to Glen Miller on the radio while a breeze comes through window. Ahhhhh. Yes. This is nice.

I don't have a map but I decide to hit the trails and just see where they take me.
The Brazos River is really high right now.
Saw a cute green tree frog. Can you spot him?
Went back to the river and found an old log to sit on along the bank. I carved my initials and Chuck's. I wonder where that log will end up. Somewhere floating to the Gulf of Mexico maybe. It was right beside the river. It won't be there for long.
After wondering many, many trails in the solitude of the woods, I went back to the car. Just then Chuck called and said to start heading his way. Yeah!
Picked him up and took him back to the state park. We walked for a while in the woods. I walked a total of 5.3 miles through the woods. That's a total of 8.5 miles on Sunday!
Picked up the kids and got home. It felt so good to get home. Time to relax. You know you've had a good day running when you have to ice something. I sat with an ice pack on my left ankle. It was a good day.
It was a tiring weekend. I'm glad to be home and back to "normal."
If you have made it this far through my weekend recap, you deserve a sticker. :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Cue Pomp & Circumstance, There's a Graduate in the House

I actually did it. I graduated from the Couch to 5K program today. There were a couple of walks due to an evil side cramp at mile 2.20. I had to stop and dry heave when the pain got really bad. Sorry about all of the info but running can be pretty nasty. (click the link only if you have a strong stomach)

I can't type much because I have to take the kids to 4H but I wanted to share my accomplishment with my buddies in bloggerville. :) Thanks for all of your support along the way.

It was a nice run today except for the side pain. A couple of times I think I really hit my zone. The running became less labored and I hit a sort of Zen feeling. Hard to explain. I think I found the right pace and form a couple of times.

40 minutes (includes warm up and cool down) 3.05 miles for a 13.06 pace.

My fastest pace hit was 7.2 miles per hour. Woohoo!

I'm am a very Happy Texan right now.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Running Post

First, a little announcement: I have now lost 60 pounds!!!! woohoo! *high five* "Only" 40 pounds before I reach my goal of losing 100 pounds. Soooo many times I thought I'd never make it. This journey has literally been filled with blood, sweat and tears. But mostly sweat and tears. Some days more of one than the other. :)

Chuck surprised me a week ago by ordering a Garmin Forerunner 305. Holy mother-of-all-running gadgets, Batman! This thing does everything but make you coffee in the morning. I still haven't even learned what all it can do. I know it will do laps, splits, intervals, customized workouts based on speed, distance or heart rate. There's really so much. The darn thing will even race you against a previous workout. It's really quite amazing. It also comes with a heartrate monitor.
(look at the size of that monster! like wearing a small laptop strapped to your wrist)

Wednesday I needed to get out there for my C25K Week 9 day 2 run. It was supposed to rain later in the day so I figured I better get out there. Plus I had my new toy to play with. I'm one of those people who would prefer to just figure it out than read the directions. I usually end up frustrated and in the arms of the directions anyway.

I figured out just enough for it to tell me my time and pace and distance. Beyond that I was clueless.

Got my warm up done and started running. Half a mile into it I started feeling some raindrops. This thing is water resistant right? Sure wouldn't want that bad boy shorting out on my arm.

The sprinkles of rain turned into something a little more substantial within a couple of minutes. Picture raindrops hitting your eyeballs like shards from the sky. Yeah, something along those lines. But I was committed.

Actually, the whole experience had me feeling like a running bad ass. "That's right, folks in the cars driving by. This is your chance to see a real athlete train in the rain. Just look at those raindrops flying off my hair! Look at that big mofo of a gadget strapped to my arm. I'm so elite that I have to track every single step. What's that?? I'm having trouble hearing you over how awesome I am." LOL We must build ourselves up when we are really penguin runners waddling in the rain. :)

While slogging down the street I noticed a man standing in his garage. He says, "Whew! You're one dedicated walker." Darn it!! Can't you see I'm running here!!??! Way to deflate the whole Olympic athlete imagery going on here, mister! Walker. I'll show you walker! Just ticked me off a little bit. Think it's time to pick up the speed a wee bit.

It was a lot of fun to do a run in the rain. The worst part (besides an insulting comment from an obvious non-runner) was the rain/sweat mixture running in to my eye. It only seemed to want to run in one eye which made me close it because of the sting. The result was a cyclops running slowly in the rain effect. Whatever. I did it!

Couch to 5K week 9 day 2 done. 2.98 miles in 40 minutes. LOL Yeah, it was slow. 4.5 mph or 13.25 pace. I had fun and felt terrific afterwards. I don't think I'll ever be a fast runner. That's ok. I just want to be able to earn some tee shirts, maybe a medal or two, and have fun.

One more day of C25K then I graduate. Yeah!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Monthly Results

I've weaned myself from stepping on the scale every single day but I still want to monitor the weight so I thought maybe once a month would be good. There are other ways to check your progress without or in addition to the scale. How about measurements?

On February 22nd I took my measurements, weighed myself and began using Turbo Jam. They're a great set of workout DVDs that incorporate kickboxing and dancing moves. I wanted to see if Turbo Jam would make a difference in weight/inches lost. Keep in mind that I have also been doing Couch to 5K so that probably helps out.


February 22

Chest 42"
r. arm 13.5"
l. arm 13.5"
waist 40"
hips 48"
r. thigh 24"
l. thigh 23.5"
weight 198

March 22

chest 40.5" (-1.5")
r. arm 13" (-.5")
l. arm 13" (-.5")
waist 36" (-4")
hips 46" (-2")
r. thigh 22.5" (-1.5")
l. thigh 22.5" (-1")
weight 194

Total inches lost: 11
Pounds lost: 4

Notice that I only lost 4 pounds in that month but I lost 11 inches. If I had only been looking at what the scale said I might be a little disappointed. But I went from size 18 to a size 16. My clothes fit better and I feel really good. If the scale is giving you a rough time, you may want to try taking measurements and see that all of that effort really is making a difference.

To date I have lost 56 pounds. It's hard to imagine what that looks like. The good folks at My Pet Fat (yes, you can have your own 1 pound or 5 pound piece of replica fat. You can even name it) show what 5 pounds of fat would like if you decided to keep it in the fridge for a midnight snack. I've lost over 11 of those chunks of fat. My fridge wouldn't even be able to hold that much!
We're going to switch gears here a minute while I brag on my talented 14 year old daughter. It's so hard for me to resist her creations and I usually have a small amount. This has got to be one of my favorite ones that she has made. LOVE IT!! Isn't that awesome?! Such a cute cake. Tasty too! Proud mom moment.
Exercise has stopped for a couple of days. Monday evening I was riding Rachel's bike. It was just a perfect afternoon. I got distracted admiring some beautiful flowers, hit a curb and fell off the bike. To add to the humiliation, the bike had pinned me down and I was fighting to get the thing off and get up. Even more humiliation: I was on the main road in our neighborhood so many people got to see the spectacle. Not one person offered to help. That's probably best now that I think about it. It could have turned in to an awkward moment for all involved. My knees were bruised but my pride had a big rip in it. Still biked for a little over 4 miles.
I was thrilled to find out that I won a couple of blogger awards. You guys are so sweet and always know how to make a girl feel good. THANK YOU!

I received this beauty of an award from my friend at Weight Watcher Wannabe. Thank you so much! I always enjoy your blog and the pictures and recipes. I feel like I know you now. :) You're doing an awesome job as a weight watcher and a mom. Your little boy is just so cute! Keep up the great work. We'll get there!
Here are the rules ...
1. Thank the person who gave you the Sugar Doll award.
2. Write why you were given the award.
3. Pass the award on to 5 bloggers who have made your life a little sweeter and write how they have done it.
4. Notify them of the award.
I hate having to pick folks to give the award to. If you're on my blog roll that means I read your blog whether I comment all the time or not! So this time I used my impartial friend to choose winners for me. :)
1. My Road to Weight Loss Yeah, Darci!! She's such a sweetheart. You can get a feel through her blog that she's just a good person. She's also done great with her weight loss. So proud of you, Darci!
2. Losing It.... Yeah, Connie! Connie has been such a great support to me since I started all of this blogging and weight loss back in the day. Thanks, Connie! Hope you're feeling better and get back to posting soon. :)
3. Healthy Ashley Yeah, Ashley! I've only recently started following this blog but I just love all of her pictures and eats. It's a visual feast at her blog! Great job, Ashley. :)
4. Running Circles Around Turtles Yeah, Robin!! Since I started running (or waddling quickly) I've been in to reading anything about running. Robin's blog gets a lot of my attention. :) She is a daily running inspiration.
5. My Journey to Fit Yeah, Shelley!!!! What can I say about Shelley? She's an amazingly inspirational lady who has not only lost weight but become an athlete. The best part is that I consider her a good friend. She's not only great motivation for me but my running buddy. If it weren't for blogs I may never have met her. ((HUGS))

I was also given this very pretty award from Slowly But Surely. Thank you so much! I recently started following this blog. Again, anything running related has held my attention lately. :) And this chick has signed up for TWO half marathons! I check in with her to channel my inner runner. LOL Yes, I am somewhat of a stalker on her blog but that's ok in blogger world. Right? As she is becoming a runner she is also losing weight. Two things that I love.
* Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.
* Pass this award on to 15 fantastic bloggers you’ve recently discovered.
* Contact said Blogs and let them know they’ve won.
* State 7 things about yourself.
I'm letting do my dirty work for me again. hehe
12. Pudget
7 Things about Me
1. I love birds. For as long as I can remember I have been a bird lover. I have a baby picture of me with a bird mobile over the crib. I have 3 parrots right now and a bird feeder outside. I save any birds I find that need some help.
2. I love to drive fast cars. Chuck has a 1970 Chevelle and when I used it as my work car I would speed like a demon down the road. Love the thrill. :)
3. My place to escape the stresses and tribulations of the world is in the woods. If I am having a tough time with something I love the tranquility of a walk in the woods by a pond. It always restores me.
4. Camping. Can't get enough of it. I have a travel trailer that is my pride and joy but I'll take a tent too. Just love being outdoors.
5. I used to have over 100 chickens and had named them all. I even set up a Christmas tree for them and gave them presents and tea parties. Ah, memories. I even had one that like to sleep in a box in my room. She would knock on the front door at night and then run to my room to get in her box. Mom decided that we shouldn't have chickens and the house and locked her out one night. An opossum got her and I think mom always felt guilty about that.
6. I met my hubby in a stereo shop. He worked there and I liked big speakers in cars. I knew there was something special about him when I walked in the front door and saw him. My hands started to sweat and I got butterflies in my tummy. I would totally lose my composure each time I was around him. After a year of stalking him, his boss finally made him ask me out. Chuck never asked me to marry him. Within a week it was just understood that we would be married.
7. My family has been in Texas before Texas was Texas. The small town of Pattison, TX (my maiden name) is named after my family who had a plantation there. I'm also eligible to be a Daughter of the American Revolution.
That's it for today, peeps. I'm going to start running again if my knees are better from my battle with the bike. I'm ready to finish up my C25k and be a graduate. :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Before and During Pictures

I haven't taken progress photos in a while. I had decided to take them every 5 pounds lost and since I've reached 195 pounds (194 now) it was time for an update.
Before (250)

During (March 2010; 194 pounds)

Sometimes I don't feel like there is such a big difference. Sometimes I still get a little down and feel discouraged.

Yesterday I was really feeling funky. "Why am I still overweight? Why can't I run faster? Why is running so difficult for me? Why do I still have such a huge belly roll? Why can't I just be happy with my accomplishments?"

That sort of day. I hate feeling like that because I'm generally an optimistic person. Guess we all feel a little down from time to time.

Some good news: I tried on a pair of size 16 jeans and I could zip them up without doing yoga poses or lying flat on my back! I could zip those babies up just standing there and not even sucking in my belly. Woohoo! Small victory!

This weekend my eating was not wonderful. Made some great choices but also made some bad ones. We ate out way more than we should have. Yesterday Rachel had a teen get together at the movies and afterwards we all went to a place called McAlister's Deli. I thought I would be good and order a turkey club with orange cranberry sauce. Chuck ordered a beef dip sandwich. Later I found out that the turkey club had 900 calories and his beef dip had 433! Doh! I chose poorly. Oh well. We're staying in this week and I've got some healthy dinners planned.

I took off from exercise on Sunday. Just needed that day off. My calves and hips were sore from the exertion of the 5K on Saturday. Trying to learn to listen to the body. I think it was screaming "shoot me" yesterday but I could be wrong.

And now, on to losing another 5 pounds! :)

What's your biggest weight loss challenge?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pink Door Legacy 5K Recap/Results

Saturday was to be my week 9 day 1 of Couch to 5K. Instead of just running around my neighborhood I decided to run the Pink Door Legacy 5K. At least I'd get a new tee shirt with my run. :)

The shirt and goodie bag contents
Got up Saturday morning around 6:15. Had a sugar free Rock Star and part of an apple with almond butter. Then all of a sudden it was 7:15! OMG! My race starts at 8am and the brochure said to get there early. Mapquest said it was going to take about 30 minutes to get there. Commence panic attack.

Chuck was driving like a NASCAR driver and we made it in great time. Visited the ladies' room and got ready at the starting line. 58 degrees and cloudy. Supposed to be a pretty bad storm today with a nasty cold front.

I position myself towards the back of the pack. The gun goes off and we're on our way. Woohoo! Adrenaline rush. Or is that a caffeine rush from the Rock Star? Either way I'm running.

It's a small race. All the runners have plenty of space and the course is marked very well. Every now and then there are people on the side to cheer us on which is always appreciated. I'm starting to think this race does not have mile markers. So I'm probably at 2 miles already. WRONG! I come up to mile marker 1. Time was right at 12 minutes. You mean I'm only 1/3rd finished???

After running for a while longer I start to think that there must only be a mile marker for the first mile and then we're on our own. Wrong again! LOL I finally reach mile 2. Why is the mile from mile 1 to mile 2 the longest mile ever?

When I reached mile 2 I was on the home stretch. Just 1 more mile to go! I was really struggling and just not feeling fast or the running vibes. Don't get me wrong, I was having a lot of fun but I was having a difficult time running. Maybe I overdid it last week? I don't know but the whole race was a struggle.

I reach mile 3 and see that finish line and hear the music pumping and start slogging (slow jogging) to that beautiful finish line and my loving family who were cheering me on.

Almost there! So close.

YES! I did it!
39:22 time. I know the timer says something different but the timer starts when the gun goes off. I didn't cross the start line for a few seconds because I was in the back.

I placed 7th in my age group and 86 overall. There were over 250 people but I'm not sure how many. Notice the cool number I got? #2!

I cooled off. Where is the water for the runners? Well, they are also having a health expo at the same time. You had to go inside and through the health expo to the runner's party to get water. I really could have gone for some water at that finish line but oh well. No complaints.

At 9:15 it was Charlie's turn to run. His was a 1k. He did great! He was really struggling at the end but his sister ran in with him during the final stretch and encouraged him along. It was such a great moment. :) Yeah, I'm a proud mom.We went to the after-race party inside. It was fantastic! Chocolate dipped strawberries, cupcakes, coffee, water, breakfast burritos, lots of goodies, edible arrangements samples. Wow!

Lots of munching then time for the awards ceremony. All of the kids got a medal and Charlie was so happy. Again, another proud mom moment. :) He loves that medal.
We all had a great time and beat the nasty weather. I think Chuck and Rachel got into the racing spirit and may even start running. Yeah!

This running chick would like to wish you all a Happy First Day of Spring!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Running My *ss Off

(pictures taken with cell phone. Sorry for the quality or lack thereof.)

Since I first started running to lose weight (not to get an addiction to 5K tee shirts) I thought I would call my running posts "Running My *ss Off." That way you can skip reading it all together if you care nothing about running or reading about running. See? I care about you and your reading enjoyment. :D

Today was week 8 Day 3 of Couch to 5K program. I had my sugar free Rock Star and was ready for a run with a caffeine buzz. Woohoo!

Gorgeous day. If there were only more days that started out this great.....well, it would be nice.

The view down my street as I started my warm up walk. No, we do not believe in trees in this neighborhood. Trees bad. Actually they just haven't grown yet. By the time I'm 90 they should be beautiful oaks.
The goal: warm up 5 minutes, run 28 minutes, cool down walk 5 minutes. My view of the fountain as I come up to 1/2 mile finished.
This is the bench that I could have stopped to sit on and rest but I ran right past. Yes, I did take that picture while running. Impressive, no?
This is also the bench I sat on while trying to walk a half marathon last year and failed.
I love this part of the neighborhood. There were two ducks on the "lake" and the sun was shining and the air was cool. Perfect. And I was feeling terrific!
I did experiment with a couple of walk breaks to see if the whole run-walk-run method really does help with energy levels in a run. Guess what. It does! I felt like I could have kept going! I'm looking forward to training like that.
Total time including 5 minute warm up walk, 5 minute cool down walk and run: 38 minutes
Distance: 3.04 miles
Pace: 12:30 or 4.8 mph (but that does include the two 5 minute walks at the beginning and end)
Exciting news!! At least for me. :) Hubby surprised me by ordering a Garmin Forerunner 305 as a weigh loss reward gift. Hehe! I'm so excited. I am a lover of all gadgets. I'm going to look like Robo-Cop when I go running with my mp3 player, sleeve for my cell phone to be worn on arm, bodybugg and watch, and Garmin. Love it. Should be here next Friday!
More news: I signed up for a 5K this Saturday. There's also a free health expo. Woohoo! Bonus! Unfortunately I did not check the weather before signing up and it's an 80% chance of rain. Not just rain but thunderstorms. Either way, I'm running that baby. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Terrific CrockPot Roast Recipe and the Daily exercise

This is an awesome recipe for pot roast that's super easy to make.

4# eye of round roast
1 can healthy request cream of celery (could use cream of whatever you like)
1 package Lipton Onion Soup mix
1/4 cup water

Place roast in crockpot. Pour soup over then sprinkle soup mix over that. Pour water all over. Put lid on crockpot and cook for 8-10 hours on low or shorter amount of time on high. I just cook it until it falls apart with a spoon.

4 oz serving with 1/12 of gravy: Calories 272.1; Fat 11.7g; Sodium 537 mg; Carbs 5.8g; Fiber .2g
Serve over rice or mashed taters.

And I had to have a piece of Rachel's cake. It was 3 oz (yes, I am that way with measuring and tracking calories) and I scraped off the icing. I didn't let her know that. shhhhhh. Very good! I haven't had full fat cake in a long time.

Today was my "off" day from C25K but I wanted to do something active. Turbo Jam didn't sound too good when it was so gorgeous outside. So we headed to Brazos Bend State Park for a "short" hike. At least that's what I told the kids they were in for. I actually had a longer hike planned. :) Evil mom, I am.

We saw a bunch of baby gators. So cute!

This guy was napping in the sun. Just look at that pose! He was sound asleep.
Even the turtles were out getting a tan in the sun.
This snowy egret was fishing for lunch. He would take his left leg and stomp it around in the muddy water then go after the fish and critters it stirred up. Beautiful bird!
And this cardinal was singing such a pretty song. I just love spring!
We walked 6.2 miles today. A 10K!
After having dinner, Chuck and I went out for a nice stroll around the neighborhood for a 1.5 mile walk. Every one is coming out of hibernation and working in yards, grilling and riding bikes. Such a great time of year. And our neighbors just had their first baby! A little boy. Poor guys. They're so nervous. :)
A very nice day. Walked 7.7 miles total.
Don't you just love spring?!

Mountain Climbing

Climb The Mountain
I tried to climb the mountain today. As I inched my way up the path, I felt out of breath and had to turn back.
I tried to climb the mountain today. But, It was so hot outside, I thought I had better stay in my nice air-conditioned house and rest up for tomorrow's attempt.
I tried to climb the mountain today. On my journey, darkness started to fall and I was full of fear, so I had to return to a safe place.
I was ready to climb the mountain today. But I had so may other things to do, so instead of climbing the mountain I took care of the much more important tasks; I washed my car, mowed the grass and watched the big game. Today the mountain will have to wait.
I was going to climb the mountain today. But as I stared at the mountain in all it's majestic beauty, I knew I had no chance of making it to the top, so I figured why even begin trying.
I had forgotten about climbing the mountain today, until an old friend came by and asked what I was up to lately. I told him about all my plans to climb that mountain someday. I went on and on about how I was going to accomplish the task.
He stopped me and said, "I just got back from climbing that mountain. For the longest time I told myself I was going to try to climb it but never made any progress. I almost let the dream of making it to the top die. I came up with every excuse of why I could not make it up the mountain, but never once did I give myself a reason why I could. One day as I stared at the mountain and pondered, I realized that if I didn't make an attempt at this dream all my dreams would eventually die.
"The next morning, I started my climb. It was not easy, and at times I wanted to quit. But no matter what I faced, I placed one foot in front of the other, keeping a steady pace. When the wind tried to blow me over the edge, I kept walking. When the voices inside my head screamed, stop! I focused on my goal, never letting it out of sight. I kept moving forward. I could not quit because I knew I had come too far to stop now. Time and time again, I reassured myself that I was going to finish this journey. I struggled mightily to make it to the top, but I CLIMBED THE MOUNTAIN."
"I have to be going," my friend said. "Tomorrow is a new day to accomplish more dreams. By the way what are you going to do tomorrow?"
I looked at him, with intensity and confidence in my eyes, and said, "I HAVE A MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB."
-by Gary Barnes
Meet some mountain climbers:

Phil Packer's lower spine was severely injured during a rocket attack in Iraq in February 2008. He was only 36 years old and was in a hospital for four months without bladder or bowel control. He had no feeling or motor control in his legs.

While in the hospital did he spiral into a depression? Did he have a pity party and say "Why me?" No, he decided to raise money for a charity called Help for Heroes that supports wounded British veterans.

Phil walked the London Marathon last year and raised money for charity. It wasn't easy for him. He could only travel 2 miles per day on his crutches. Thirteen days later he crossed that finish line. He did it!

Phil Packer is a mountain climber.

Bob Wieland lost both of his legs in a blast in Vietnam. He can "run" a mile in one hour by pushing himself with his knuckles.

Bob signed up for the New York City Marathon in 1986. There were almost 20,000 runners in the race. Bob spent 4 days, 2 hours, 47 minutes pushing himself along the route until he crossed that finish line. Yes, he was last. Do you think he cared? No, he had climbed a mountain that most people with two legs wouldn't dare attempt. But he did it! You can't change your circumstances but you can change what you do about them.
Bob Wieland is a mountain climber.

Natalie du Toit was riding her scooter home when she was hit by a car and lost her leg. She was determined and didn't let the injury stop her from competing in swimming and winning 4 gold medals in the 2004 Paralympic games. She wasn't finished yet! She qualified and competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and became the first female amputee to ever compete in the Olympics.

Natalie is a mountain climber.

Peter Gray was a young boy when he slipped and his arm got caught in a tractor's spokes. His arm had to be amputated above the elbow. But that didn't stop him from playing baseball. He learned how to catch a ball and drop his glove while transferring the ball to his other hand. All in one motion! He signed with the St Louis Browns in 1945 and became the only one-armed major league player. He played 77 games and batted .218. He visited army hospitals and talked to amputees and reassured them that they could lead productive lives.

His glove is located in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Peter Gray was a mountain climber.

There are so many stories like these out there. This is just a small sampling. The point is that we can't let fears or disabilities keep us from achieving our dreams.

Your mountain may be different than my mountain. But you still can't just look at it and quit.

Do you have a mountain of weight to lose? Then get busy! You already know what you need to do. Do it!

Goals to conquer in athletics? Dreams to achieve? Then go for it! If you truly want it you will find a way. It won't be easy but neither is completing a marathon without legs. I have two good legs!

Sometimes we're our own worst enemies. We think we can't do something so we don't even try. What would you accomplish if you knew you could not fail? Then go for it! You are the only one who can do it for you.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Post, Thy Name is Randomness

A lot of random stuff here today. Enjoy. :)

Charlie had been feeling bad for a couple of days but as soon as he felt better this weekend we headed out the door. It was just too beautiful to stay indoors.

We headed to one of our favorite places: Brazos Bend State Park.

The alligators were out getting some sunshine. These guys have become accustomed to people. This big girl was just laying around while people took pictures. She fell asleep while we were watching her. That's my Charlie in the lower right of the picture. And that is one BIG gator!
The gators were not interested in us. They just wanted to get out and get a good tan.
This one looks like it's laughing. It's really just cooling off and sleeping. They open their mouths to cool off much like a dog pants. It's when they hiss that you've come to close. Or when they bite your leg off. That's another good sign that you've gotten a little too close.
Along a trail my phone said that we were close to a geocache. Cool! Nice find. :)
There were hundreds of these beautiful ducks everywhere on one lake.
The Jesus walks on water.
Be careful where you walk. You never know what's in the grass by the trails.
This smaller gator just wanted to take a nap. That's as close as I would get!
We ended up walking 4 miles. It was a slow easy stroll.
Oh my Cod!
These cod fillets are super delicious with a side of mac n cheese. mmmmmm.
Yesterday's exercise was Turbo Jam. I wasn't feeling the exercise vibes but I did it anyway. Good 48 minute workout but I didn't burn as many calories as usual because I just wasn't that in to it.
Rachel made this beautiful cake last night. So far I have resisted. Is it rude not to eat a piece of cake that your daughter made? I think so! I'll have one tonight while watching Biggest Loser. Irony.

Today (Tuesday) I finished my Couch to 5K week 8 Day 2. I had to go to the Y because it was raining outside. For some reason I was a lot slower today. I also got kind of bored on the treadmill but I'm done and I worked up a great sweat. Nice job, Me!
And to further add to the randomness of this post:

Monday's stats:
Calories Burned: 2746
Calorie Intake: 1371
Deficit: -1375

Monday, March 15, 2010

Ouch! I was Bitten!

It started out innocently enough. I was just out trying to burn off some calories. No big deal, right? I guess somewhere along the way a bug bit me. I didn't even notice at first! I think it's one of those things like when you are shaving your legs with a sharp razor and you cut yourself but you don't know it until it starts bleeding. And then after you see the blood it starts to sting. You didn't even notice when the cut happened but then you see the effects. It was the same with my bug bite.

After burning some calories with my outdoor activities I felt great. I didn't realize that I had been bitten. I guess I would say that I started recognizing there was a problem last Sunday. I started to feel a little different. Hard to explain really. I felt confident and I was all like "I can do anything!" A few days later I was buying books on running half marathons. I knew then that the running bug had bitten me.

A while back Mizfit announced that she was going to run in the Disney Half Marathon. My first reaction was, "That's great! I wish I could do that." Then while increasing speed and distance with the C25K program I thought "There's no way I'd want to do a half marathon. Probably not even a 10k!"

Then two things happened at once. I ran a 5K (almost ran the whole darn thing) and several bloggers ran the Disney Half Marathon...on the same day! I got my super awesome tee shirt and they got a fancy, shiny medal made of solid gold. OK, I exaggerate. It looks like it's made of solid gold to me. It's some serious bling.

The 5K made me feel so good and happy and full of myself. Combine that with some medal envy and you have a bad case of running fever caused by the running bug.

And so (I can't believe I'm even saying hands are sweaty and my heart's beating fast) I'm announcing that I am going to start training for a half marathon. Crazy, no? I plan to sign up for a Galloway Training Team in May and work with them. I think the run-walk-run is the only way that I will be able to finish at this point with a smile on my face and able to cross the finish line on my own two feet.

The plan is to run in the San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon in November. If I don't feel that I am ready by the end of the summer then I will not register. At least my running will have improved by then!

It's scary thought. I hate to fail! I know no one likes to fail but I have a failing phobia. As in, I won't try some things at all if there is a chance I'll fail.

I've got two weeks of C25K left before I start "officially" training for the half. I did Week 8 Day 1 yesterday. It was 85 degrees when I finally got outside to run and the heat really does a number on you. I took things way slower, if that's even possible, and just took my time. I could feel each step and my legs are a little sore this morning. But I did 3 miles in the 38 minutes, which included 10 minutes of walking, so not too terribly bad. At least not for a penguin runner like me. :)

If you are planning to be at the SA RnR Half or full Marathon let me know. It would be great to meet some fellow bloggers there. Plus SA is so much fun to visit.

I'm off to tread where I dared not even imagined treading before. Any one want to try training for a half with me? Any one?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Workouts

Friday I may have gone a little overboard in the exercise department. At least for me. It was my last day of week 7 for C25K program. Yeah!!! Got up before the kids and laced up my shoes. It was incredibly beautiful. It's that time of year in Texas when the weather is just right. High 50s to mid 60s. Gorgeous. Not too windy. We'll probably have about a month of this before temperatures reach levels of lava. So we relish each day like this.

I felt great today! The 25 minute run was wonderful and I hit my stride early. I'm still slow (2.03 miles in 25 minutes; 12.18 mile pace) but enjoying it more. As it gets easier the joy increases but I am definitely going to have to find some new places with new views.

Only two more weeks of C25K. I'm still shocked that I've made it this far.

All of this running has made me start thinking about what I consider "the impossible." I'll admit that I have some serious medal envy after seeing that fancy Disney Princess Half Marathon medal. I covet one. So many people are sporting pics of them on their blogs. I want a medal!! And after finishing a 5K I got this feeling that I can do anything. Grand pictures of me running the marathon in the Olympics crossed my mind. An entire wall of medals decorates my house in my little fantasy. I have those gorgeous runner's legs. The cute hot pink runner's skirt. I can do anything. I run like a Kenyan. Reality is always different than my daydreams. Reality: I wear compression pants so my tummy doesn't flap around too much, sweat drips in my eyes, my nose runs, I've only run 2 miles straight so far, etc. A girl can dream though, right?

Shelley was telling me about the San Antonio Rock n Roll half marathon. I googled a picture of the medal. It's in the shape of Texas! And there are bands and a big party? It got me thinking. And more googling. And thinking more. And emailing a lady with a Galloway Training Team in Houston. And thinking some more. And daydreaming. And visiting Barnes and Noble to pick up two books on running (one of them being about Half Marathons).

I finally told Chuck about my ponderings. Of course, he thinks I can do anything and told me to go for it. And the lady from the training team said I could do it. And Chuck gave me the go ahead to pay the fee to join the team which kicks off May 1st. Soooo.......the wheels in my head are still turning. Can I do it? The thought of trying a half marathon scares me to death. I hate to fail. We'll see if I join up. Right now I'm just thinking about it.

So after my great run I ate and rested for a while. Then it was time for my Turbo Jam session. I really want to keep on schedule with this to see what results I achieve after a month and can give an honest review of what I think.

I had Rachel do Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3. It was 50 minutes of some pretty intense workout! I haven't sweat that much in a long time and by the end of the DVD I was truly exhausted.

By the end of the day I had burned 3002 calories! And even after going out to Red Robin for a Bleu Ribbon Burger with Bocca patty (I'm not a huge fan of ground beef) I still had a deficit of 907!

Sunday: Armadillo Dash 5K

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Turbo Sculpt strength training

Wednesday: C25K W7 D2; Turbo Jam 20 min.; Turbo Abs

Thursday: Turbo Jam 3T strength training; 2.76 mile walk

Friday: C25K W7 D3 (week 7 finished! on to week 8); Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3

Saturday: off

Friday, March 12, 2010

Check out My Loot!

I was so excited to win Tricia's giveaway but even more excited when it arrived yesterday. Seriously! Check out all of these goodies!
The kids were pretty darn impressed too. Charlie wanted to know what I had to do to win all of this. I told him I was voted Coolest Mom in The Universe. It's more impressive than saying I left a comment and was randomly chosen. :)
If you haven't checked out Tricia's blog Fight Fat Phobia you must go there and read it. She is an amazing writer and you can't help but like her. I wish she lived closer to Houston. She's just someone you'd love to hang out with because she is funny, quick witted, and genuine. She doesn't put on false fronts and you can relate to her. Her writing talents are being wasted at a bank job. She should be writing for magazines or SNL. I wish her the very best in her weight loss journey. She will succeed. :)
Thanks, Tricia, for all of the goodies. I've enjoyed the almonds and popcorn so far. Charlie broke into the gum. And I totally love my Fit n Fresh bowl! Coolest thing since sliced bread.
Exercise: Turbo Jam 3T. I think it stands for Totally Tubular Jam but I'm too lazy to go in the other room to check right now. LOL It's a strength training DVD that you can use with a tube resistance band or weights. You can really increase the resistance on the band by stepping wide on it. My muscles were literally quivering after workout. And it felt good. Maybe I'm a masochist and didn't know it.
Later in the day I took the kids for a walk to the neighborhood park. Charlie played with some kids there and Rachel and I sat on a bench.
Me: Know how to do a tricep dip? Watch this. (demonstrates dip) Ouch! It burns!
Rachel: OK. My turn. Ouch!!!! It burns!
Me: Good job! Ok, one more time. OW!!!!!
Rachel: I'll do it one more time. Ouch ouch ouch.
LOL this went on for about 5 dips and we quit.
Me: Wanna see how to do a modified pushup?
Rachel: No.
And so it ended.
Walked to the front of the neighborhood . Good place to sit on a rock and think about how mean your mom is for making you walk more than you wanted to. Coolest Mom in the Universe my @ss!
Rachel takes a more zen approach to the experience.
"Mom's butt used to be this wide! Now it's much smaller."
And the happy family on the way back from a 2.76 mile walk. For some reason, Charlie thought he was going to die. Toughen up, boy. :)
Very good day. Stayed within calorie goal and tortured my kids AND got a ton of goodies.
Calories Burned: 2604
Calorie Intake: 1600
Deficit: -1004
Have a great weekend!!