Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Running Post

First, a little announcement: I have now lost 60 pounds!!!! woohoo! *high five* "Only" 40 pounds before I reach my goal of losing 100 pounds. Soooo many times I thought I'd never make it. This journey has literally been filled with blood, sweat and tears. But mostly sweat and tears. Some days more of one than the other. :)

Chuck surprised me a week ago by ordering a Garmin Forerunner 305. Holy mother-of-all-running gadgets, Batman! This thing does everything but make you coffee in the morning. I still haven't even learned what all it can do. I know it will do laps, splits, intervals, customized workouts based on speed, distance or heart rate. There's really so much. The darn thing will even race you against a previous workout. It's really quite amazing. It also comes with a heartrate monitor.
(look at the size of that monster! like wearing a small laptop strapped to your wrist)

Wednesday I needed to get out there for my C25K Week 9 day 2 run. It was supposed to rain later in the day so I figured I better get out there. Plus I had my new toy to play with. I'm one of those people who would prefer to just figure it out than read the directions. I usually end up frustrated and in the arms of the directions anyway.

I figured out just enough for it to tell me my time and pace and distance. Beyond that I was clueless.

Got my warm up done and started running. Half a mile into it I started feeling some raindrops. This thing is water resistant right? Sure wouldn't want that bad boy shorting out on my arm.

The sprinkles of rain turned into something a little more substantial within a couple of minutes. Picture raindrops hitting your eyeballs like shards from the sky. Yeah, something along those lines. But I was committed.

Actually, the whole experience had me feeling like a running bad ass. "That's right, folks in the cars driving by. This is your chance to see a real athlete train in the rain. Just look at those raindrops flying off my hair! Look at that big mofo of a gadget strapped to my arm. I'm so elite that I have to track every single step. What's that?? I'm having trouble hearing you over how awesome I am." LOL We must build ourselves up when we are really penguin runners waddling in the rain. :)

While slogging down the street I noticed a man standing in his garage. He says, "Whew! You're one dedicated walker." Darn it!! Can't you see I'm running here!!??! Way to deflate the whole Olympic athlete imagery going on here, mister! Walker. I'll show you walker! Just ticked me off a little bit. Think it's time to pick up the speed a wee bit.

It was a lot of fun to do a run in the rain. The worst part (besides an insulting comment from an obvious non-runner) was the rain/sweat mixture running in to my eye. It only seemed to want to run in one eye which made me close it because of the sting. The result was a cyclops running slowly in the rain effect. Whatever. I did it!

Couch to 5K week 9 day 2 done. 2.98 miles in 40 minutes. LOL Yeah, it was slow. 4.5 mph or 13.25 pace. I had fun and felt terrific afterwards. I don't think I'll ever be a fast runner. That's ok. I just want to be able to earn some tee shirts, maybe a medal or two, and have fun.

One more day of C25K then I graduate. Yeah!!!


  1. as a Seattle runner/waddler - a normal dorktastic terry cloth headband is FANTASTIC for keeping sky moisture out of your eyes. Dorky looking, but effective!
    Congrats on 40 pounds gone - that's amazing!

  2. Holy guano, Batman!
    You are one funny lady.

    You have come such a long way. I've really enjoyed watching you meet your accomplishments. Not too long from now, you will have arrived, and it will all be because of your hard work.

    Keep it up, bad ass.


  3. OOo the garmin...I'm jealous! I hope to take my runs outside soon now that it's nicer/warmer out!

    Congrats on 60 lbs! I'm so happy for you!

    I only rain in the rain once when I was training for the half marathon last year (figured there was no guarantee for good weather that day so I better be prepared!) and after the first 5 minutes, I didn't mind it so much...I mean, you can only get so wet after awhile!

  4. Whoohoo on the scale victory! And another whoohoo on running in the rain. That's happened to me a couple of times too. Love the bad ass mental picture in my head!

    I'm going to cross-blog this next comment with Marisa at Trim the Fat. I thought you would both be interested. I read an article about a guy in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (where I live) and he has run every day for the last 9,000 days. That's almost 25 years of running every day. I think it said he is now 71. He used to run an average of 10 miles a day or something but now he only runs like 4-5 miles a day! lol. He keeps track on his Excel Spreadshet. He is CRAZY! Thought you would be interested!

  5. WOW you have a wonderful hubby for getting your that awesome Garmin. I am so jealous. I want one, but haven't shelled out the big bucks yet for a nice one. Congrats on your upcoming graduation from C25K!!! Rachel should make a cake of a runnning shoe or stop-watch or something fun!

  6. Congrats on the 60 lb. weight loss!! Woo-Hoo!!

  7. Good job, cyclops!

    Seriously, I love your dedication to running...and yes, you most definitely were a badass to be out running in the rain (what did that old guy know, anyway...walking? Pffft).

    It's so awesome that you hit 60 pounds! You are doing GREAT, my friend!

  8. That Garmin makes for one good-looking arm ornament. Good job on the running!

  9. 60 pounds?? That's so awesome, Kelly! Haha, that walker dude story made me laugh. You shoulda got up in his grill.

    That thing is wicked huge. Can I check my Facebook on there?

  10. Kelly - this post had me lol!!! :) That guy didn't know what he was talking about!!

    Oh and I have that Garmin too...LOVE IT!!!

    Oh and I forgot...CONGRATS on your reaching 40lbs lost!! VERY awesome!!!

  11. Hey it's not about how fast you get there, just that you get there at all :)
    4.5 is a great speed you know...
    And 60 lbs - Wow, that's great! You are doing such a great job.
    I love the Garmin. I have the 405 and it took me some time to figure out how it worked. Now I never leave home without it.

  12. Great job!! I think you'll find that as you get closer to your goal weight your pace will increase. But you really aren't all that slow to begin with. Congrats on everything you've accomplished!

  13. Wowie, you've gone all science fiction with your fitness. Oh, and congrats on 60 pounds loss. That is a big, big deal!

  14. Kelly, I just LOVE YOU!! You crack me up!

    I am so proud of you for losing 60 POUNDS and for kicking butt out there in the rain!

    I feel the same as you about never being a fast runner. It's all about the distance and endurance for me now. PENGUINS ROCK! And probably ROLL, too ;)

  15. Yay for graduating...keep up the running.

  16. Congratulations on your weight loss! You are doing amazing. Keep up the good work!

    Director of Blogger Networks

  17. I have been lurking for quite awhile, but had to let you know that this post made me LOL...

    Congratulations on your 60lb. loss!

  18. Your comment to the cars driving by had me reading it out loud and cracking up! I think that, too! Sometimes when I am running and Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back' comes on, and I'm like, that's right, bringin' it back, that's me, look at me, woo hoo... and then I start laughing and usually trip or something equally smooooth. Thanks for making me laugh!!!


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