Monday, March 22, 2010

Before and During Pictures

I haven't taken progress photos in a while. I had decided to take them every 5 pounds lost and since I've reached 195 pounds (194 now) it was time for an update.
Before (250)

During (March 2010; 194 pounds)

Sometimes I don't feel like there is such a big difference. Sometimes I still get a little down and feel discouraged.

Yesterday I was really feeling funky. "Why am I still overweight? Why can't I run faster? Why is running so difficult for me? Why do I still have such a huge belly roll? Why can't I just be happy with my accomplishments?"

That sort of day. I hate feeling like that because I'm generally an optimistic person. Guess we all feel a little down from time to time.

Some good news: I tried on a pair of size 16 jeans and I could zip them up without doing yoga poses or lying flat on my back! I could zip those babies up just standing there and not even sucking in my belly. Woohoo! Small victory!

This weekend my eating was not wonderful. Made some great choices but also made some bad ones. We ate out way more than we should have. Yesterday Rachel had a teen get together at the movies and afterwards we all went to a place called McAlister's Deli. I thought I would be good and order a turkey club with orange cranberry sauce. Chuck ordered a beef dip sandwich. Later I found out that the turkey club had 900 calories and his beef dip had 433! Doh! I chose poorly. Oh well. We're staying in this week and I've got some healthy dinners planned.

I took off from exercise on Sunday. Just needed that day off. My calves and hips were sore from the exertion of the 5K on Saturday. Trying to learn to listen to the body. I think it was screaming "shoot me" yesterday but I could be wrong.

And now, on to losing another 5 pounds! :)

What's your biggest weight loss challenge?


  1. I totally have those "down moments" too. Your doing so well. My biggest struggle is eating out. I don't want to "punish" my family by never agreeing to eat out...but unless I've seen the nutrition info prior to selecting my meal I always worry about my choices.

  2. Kelly, you are doing so good. Look at those before/during pictures when you feel down - they should perk you right up. You are looking fantastic.
    My huge issue with weightloss is the social things - like eating out, camping, vacations. I cave and make the wrong choices more often than not. It is something I really need to work on.

  3. You look wonderful!
    I can't say it enough. There is such a dramatic difference in your before and during photos.

    I am enjoying the ride. The destination is important, but the directions we take in getting there should be fun. I am having fun with you. It's really inspiring to be along with you for the ride.


  4. I'm behind on blog commenting so congrats on the 5k!!!! Very proud of your son, too...that is so awesome. Your progress photos are amazing. I wonder if I'll look that good after losing another 40-50 lbs...I think the smaller you get, the more you can tell. You commented about my calves, lol, and learning to run. That was my dream at first...til my dad killed it for me, lol.

    I have a weird right knee. I was starting to learn to jog...started the 5k, and my knee starts popping when I do it...not just when I jog, but all day long for a day or 2 afterwards. It causes me a lot of pain and was pissing me off, so I complained about it to my dad. He said although I've lost a lot from where I was at 340 lbs...I'm still not "small" (he has no problem with honesty)...and then started warning me about total knee replacement if I keep ignoring the pain and trying to jog/run anyway. As much as I want to do it and the freedom you feel when jogging/running, surgery just scares the hell out of me. Unfortunately, I don't know it's something I'll ever be able to do. However, when I get closer to goal weight (170 lbs), I'm going to test out the jogging again and see if my knee will allow it. Maybe there's still hope! :)

  5. Fitting into a smaller size is no small victory. Congrats, and you look fabulous!

  6. You look amazing! The difference between your before and after pictures is fantastic.

    After running a 5k your body was right to demand a day off. You deserved it.

    Congrats on getting into the smaller jeans to! That's not a small victory it's a big win!

  7. I love you guys. Really. You're my own personal support group. :)


  8. Well after those before and after pictures, you KNOW you lost tons of weight! Great job! You look fantastic. That other picture doesn't even look like you! Who took that before pic anyway??? They should be shot! lol, it's not a flattering pose, you know!

    And great job on the run. no water at the finish line? That just seems wrong!

  9. I'm totally having one of those "fat days" today. Your progress picture is wonderful. What a difference!

  10. Wow what a difference in your photos. You look great! It is amazing how much weight you lost. You go girl!

  11. You look amazing. Hard to believe it's the same person.

    Sometimes, we need to feel the funk to remind us of the journey we're on. I find if I get to comfortable and start feeling like a super model, that's when I lose focus.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. Your pictures are amazing! I know it's hard, but don't get discouraged. You have come so far and you will get where you want to be - just 5 pounds at a time!!

  13. You look so great! What a transformation. You're inspiring me. :) Great job!

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  15. You look fantastic... Hubba Hubba...p.s I gave you an award on my blog.. :)

  16. Wow, there is a big difference, girl! Looking at it from my end - night and day. You look terrific!

  17. Oh wow, I thought I had already commented on this post...sorry for the lateness!

    You really look great adn I can totally see a huge difference - you have cheekbones now! You just look so fresh, fit, healthy and happy, and with all of your running, it's only going to get better and better!

    I've had some booboos at McAlisters as well - I know for me, I do best, diet-wise, when I don't eat out very much. Too many variables there!

    Nice job getting into the 16's - you are really doing great, Kelly!

  18. wow you are doing a wonderful job and you look great! we all have those days where we feel down..we just have to pick ourself back up and keep kelli too..hope you have a wonderful day! kelli

  19. You look AMAZING lady! You really are an inspiration to me :)

  20. WOOT WOOT!! SO PROUD OF YOU and your decision to do a half marathon. You will NOT regret it, I promise. It is such a huge accomplishment that you will never forget.

    WOW, look how far you have come. Simply AMAZING!! Be proud of that and know that we all have our down days but you gotta dig deep and keep on keeping on and those after pictures will continue to get smaller and smaller.

  21. I think I will always have those "fat" days where I just don't feel thin. It passes though and I don't understand it.

    Your transformation is awesome and those pictures are a great reminder of how far you have come.

  22. You look *amazing* - there is totally a difference, I promise! (I put on a pair of jeans this morning that were too tight to wear comfortably, but I had to do the Elaine dance to get 'em on!)

  23. Oh my goodness - you have come SO FAR! You should be incredibly proud of your progress and you look amazing!

    By the way, I just gave you an award - check it out:

  24. WOOOOZZAA! You look fabulous! I can for sure see a difference but can also relate to those 'down days'!

    You are doing a great job!!! Keep it up chicka! Thank you for the blog award also! :)


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