Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Post, Thy Name is Randomness

A lot of random stuff here today. Enjoy. :)

Charlie had been feeling bad for a couple of days but as soon as he felt better this weekend we headed out the door. It was just too beautiful to stay indoors.

We headed to one of our favorite places: Brazos Bend State Park.

The alligators were out getting some sunshine. These guys have become accustomed to people. This big girl was just laying around while people took pictures. She fell asleep while we were watching her. That's my Charlie in the lower right of the picture. And that is one BIG gator!
The gators were not interested in us. They just wanted to get out and get a good tan.
This one looks like it's laughing. It's really just cooling off and sleeping. They open their mouths to cool off much like a dog pants. It's when they hiss that you've come to close. Or when they bite your leg off. That's another good sign that you've gotten a little too close.
Along a trail my phone said that we were close to a geocache. Cool! Nice find. :)
There were hundreds of these beautiful ducks everywhere on one lake.
The Jesus bird...it walks on water.
Be careful where you walk. You never know what's in the grass by the trails.
This smaller gator just wanted to take a nap. That's as close as I would get!
We ended up walking 4 miles. It was a slow easy stroll.
Oh my Cod!
These cod fillets are super delicious with a side of mac n cheese. mmmmmm.
Yesterday's exercise was Turbo Jam. I wasn't feeling the exercise vibes but I did it anyway. Good 48 minute workout but I didn't burn as many calories as usual because I just wasn't that in to it.
Rachel made this beautiful cake last night. So far I have resisted. Is it rude not to eat a piece of cake that your daughter made? I think so! I'll have one tonight while watching Biggest Loser. Irony.

Today (Tuesday) I finished my Couch to 5K week 8 Day 2. I had to go to the Y because it was raining outside. For some reason I was a lot slower today. I also got kind of bored on the treadmill but I'm done and I worked up a great sweat. Nice job, Me!
And to further add to the randomness of this post:

Monday's stats:
Calories Burned: 2746
Calorie Intake: 1371
Deficit: -1375


  1. just pictures of reptiles that big makes me nervous!

  2. great pics
    great randomness
    go to http://www.sportsmansparadiseonline.com/Live_Owl_Nest_Box_Cam.html
    its a live barn owl its pretty cool

  3. wow...you guys were so close to those gators! i have no intention of visiting any of those while i'm in FL!! ;)

    PS I can't believe you've never had cottage cheese...as you can tell, it's a staple in my diet! :)

  4. Those gator pics are incredible...I would NEVER have the nerve to get so close to them! LOVE the "laughing" one - that is a really cool picture.

    Rachel's cake is so pretty, but now I have that "Ebony and Ivory" song going through my head - "Irony and Jillian, go together in perfect harmony..." ok, I'll stop now. :)

  5. I'm so amazed at how well Rachel has progressed in her cake decorating. She is doing so well. That would certainly be tempting to have those yummy cakes all around!

  6. "Or when they bite your leg off. That's another good sign that you've gotten a little too close."

    That made me snort-laugh. Thanks! :)

  7. Those Doritos..they shall be mine.

  8. Great pics!! I used to see gators a lot in Georgia, but Missouri is a bit cold for them and it's odd, but I kind of miss them.

  9. What big alligators you have, my dear!
    Oh, hells, yeah!
    The better to randomly bite your extremity off with, my dear!

  10. Great gator pics!! Actually, all the pics are pretty great!

  11. lol'd at the Doritos, and can't believe you can get that close to the gators w/o getting bitten!!! Great post! :)

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  13. There's been a tiny gator by our pond, sunning all day. When it starts to get slightly dark outside, he slips back in the water. I finally found my zoom lens, so I'll have to take a photo now. I refuse to go close to gators. When I was a kid, I was fearless. I remember many a day swimming in the bayou with my friends and seeing gators just pass us by. But when I was twelve, this big monstrous gator chased me and a friend, hissing wildly. Ever since that day, I've been terrified. Luckily, we were on bikes!


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