Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Goal Post

New month, new goals. And time to revisit the goals for March to see how I did.

March goals:

*Lose 5 pounds (though more would be fantastic!) DONE! I lost 6 pounds
*track all of my food No. There were some rough days this month and I did not track them.
*have at least 500 calorie deficit per day Most days I had more. Sometimes I did not.
*Do 30 Day Shred: 3x the 1st week; 4x the 2nd week; 5x the 3rd and 4th weeks Grew tired of the Shred quickly and stopped.
*do C25K program 3x a week DONE! I'm a graduate now!
*on days that I don't do Shred, do SparkPeople 10 minute cardio video No. I started doing Turbo Jam.
*do something for ME each day Semi-done. There were a couple of rough days this month when I did not take care of me.

New Year's Goal: Try something new each month.
January: Got eyelash extensions (they're gone now) and tried Zumba.
February: Go on a ghost tour and ate at a fondue restaurant. Ran my first mile. Great feeling!
March: ran in the rain. Loved it! Made me feel like a kid again. Also got to meet blogger friend Shelley in person!

  • lose 5 pounds (more would be better)
  • run 5 miles
  • run 3x a week
  • strength train at least twice a week
  • track food
  • keep at least 500 calorie deficit
  • try something new
  • keep better schedule with kids' school
  • get on a schedule for cleaning house (I hate cleaning! but I love a clean house)

That should keep me busy!

Have a great weekend. I'll catch up with blogs when I get back from camping. :)


  1. You had a great March - I am exhausted just reading about everything that you accomplished!

    I would like to join you in running 3 times a week in April. Accountability - I need it, especially with the crazy races that are coming up (especially that one in November!).

    P.S. Love your punny title.

    P.S.S. Thank you very much for your sweet comments today.

  2. I will be taking jogging 3 days a week so I can do that for April too!

  3. Yes, yes, and yes!
    You are an "accomplisher" for sure.
    I love a clean place too - they don't clean themselves though, do they!?
    I like having you as my blogging buddy.
    When you dome to Dallas, or I go to Houston, lets' have coffee! By that, I mean Rock Star/Monster, of course!

  4. Hey Kelly - You had a great March!! Good job on the loss!! And you have officially reminded me that I NEED to get my April goals set!!

    Have a fun camping weekend!

  5. I love the idea of trying something new each month. I should do that!

  6. right there with ya on the shred! i almost made it 30 days..

    Great progress and I wish I kept track of my goals like this.. I should definitely start!!!

    Great March.. and here's to a GREAT April! :)

  7. are kind of AH-MAZING!!! Your fitness goals are HUGE and you just. keep. succeeding! I'm so impressed. I wanna grow up 'n be just like you!LOL RUN 5 miles?!! WHOOP! Get 'er done!


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