Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How about a 6K? (and a new recipe)

Last night I signed my family (even my 9 year old son) up for the Dow Live Earth Run for Water 6K. Why a 6K? Glad you asked. 6K represents the distance that women and children have to walk each day to get water in developing countries.

On April 18th, cities across the globe will be walking or running a 6K to raise money to help these countries build water projects.

"Sign up for your local Run for Water with Promotional code “HAITI” - Live Earth will donate to Haiti water projects for
earthquake survivors on your behalf! The Dow Live Earth Run for Water will take
place in cities around the world on April 18, 2010 - find the event closest to
you at The 6 KM run/walks represent the average
distance women and children in the developing world walk every day for water.
For each person who registers using Promotional Code “HAITI” Live Earth will
make a special extra donation to Global Water Challenge (10% of all entry fees
already go to support water projects worldwide – we’ll add $1 for Haiti
relief).The special donation will go to Catholic Relief Services, CARE,
Population Services International, and UNICEF to implement safe drinking water
programs on the ground in Haiti for earthquake survivors. "

Why don't you sign up and join us? It's for a good cause and you get a tee shirt. :)

In other news, I have been so sleepy lately. I don't know what the deal is. Do you ever get like that? Just dragging around for a couple of days.

I had to force myself to exercise. I was going to run but I had to get the kids from my mom and go grocery shopping plus I had the whole "I'm so tired I think I need to hibernate" thing going on.

I did do Turbo Sculpt. Turbo Jam attitude with weights. It was actually a lot of fun. I need heavier weights. The 5 pound ones just don't cut it any more, which is good! I did find out that my legs are my weakest area. Seriously, just how many squats and lunges do we need to do in one exercise session? I felt the burn, baby!

I'm going to give a full review of Turbo Jam after I've used it for a full month (March 22nd). Hope to see some inches lost.

I'm not really worried so much about the scale anymore. I won't sit here and lie to you and tell you that the number is not important to me because it is. I want to be able to say I lost xx pounds. I want my little chick on the ticker to get its fluffy butt on over to the right side. Let's just say I'm not obsessing so much about the scale. I know I'll get there. It's just going to take time.

Are y'all ready to try something easy and yummy? Here ya go: Slowcooker Southwest Chicken from SparkPeople Recipes.
I shredded my chicken and served over quinoa.

Slowcooker Southwest Chicken
1 1/2 lb of boneless skinless chicken breast cut into large pieces
2 cans corn, drained
1 can black beans rinsed and drained
16oz salsa (I blended mine because I don't like tomato/onion chunks)

Add corn, black beans, and 4 oz of salsa to slow cooker. Add chicken and pour remaining salsa on top. Cooks for 3-4 hours on high or 6 hours on low.Number of Servings: 5

Leftovers are great wrapped in a tortilla for lunch.

Servings Per Recipe: 5
Amount Per Serving
Calories: 291.3
Total Fat: 2.9 g
Cholesterol: 72.3 mg
Sodium: 711.7 mg
Total Carbs: 32.4 g
Dietary Fiber: 7.1 g
Protein: 36.1 g

I'm on week 7 of Couch to 5K. I really never thought I'd make it this far. If you look through some of my posts just a while back you'll see that I was complaining that I couldn't run a mile. And now I'm working on running 2.5 miles! Big change in a little time.

If someone who couldn't even run 12 seconds can do it, so can you. It's ok if it takes a little longer than 9 weeks but you can do it. Repeat weeks if you need to. But do give it a try. I can't wait to graduate from the program. I wonder if there is a tee shirt for that......

Oh! Check this out! This company called i declare makes charms to commemorate your races! I love it! You could probably put your time on the charm too. I'd love to get one made for my Armadillo Dash. Their motto in the ad: "...because you can't wear your medal to work." LOL Love it. :)

Tuesday stats:
Calories Burned: 2412
Calorie Intake: 1051
Deficit: -1361
I know my calorie intake is low but I just wasn't that hungry.


  1. the i declare website is too fun!! i might have to get one of those!!

    and your Southwest Chicken looks VERY good!!!

    we all get in those sluggish slumps! don't'll come out of it, we all do! :)

  2. Your cooking is awesome, as well!
    I am going to blend those chinky little tomatoes like you did.
    I wish you could wear your medal to work.
    That would rock!

  3. great workout
    and awesome job signing up for the 6k for a great cause

  4. I'll be checking out that 6K. Thanks for the info!
    The recipe posted looks YUMMY!

    and good job on getting the workout done! 5 LB weights. Good JOB! I have 3 LBS now and NOT ready for 5 lb ones.. Keep on rocking it girl!

  5. I'm glad you posted that recipe - Jeff was asking me about it.

    We just made our hotel reservation for the night of the 17th (LaQuinta off of the 290) and I am going to sign up for the 6K!!! Should be fun!!!

  6. You certainly can do the running! When you start seriously working your legs with weights, that will help your endurance for running, too!

    That race sounds so cool - going to check the website.


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