Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How To Know You Are Losing Weight Without a Scale

What if there was a terrible tragedy and all of the scales in the world were destroyed by terrorists?!!! How would we know if we're losing weight or not?

You may not have this problem but every time I walk past my scale I have the sudden urge to step on it. Why is that? I see my kids' toys on the floor and don't ever feel like stepping on them! But the scale calls to me. It says, "step on me and I'll tell you your fortune."

I let that darn machine dictate my moods even! A lower number=good mood. Higher number=bad mood. But the worst part about it is that it would fluctuate every single day! I think it likes messing with my mind.

As a gift to myself, I gave up weighing on the scale after the second week of February and throughout March. It's not a permanent thing. I just told the scale that I think we both need to start seeing other people. It's not him, it's me. But we can still be friends. It's just a short separation.

The feeling has been liberating! Yes, I missed my scale-friend at first. I wanted him back. I wanted to step on him and let him tell me the things I've always wanted to hear. But I resisted for the good of our relationship.

So how do I know if I'm losing weight?

  • My pants literally slide off without me un-buttoning them! Size 18s. Think I'm ready to try *gasp* 16s!
  • My Bodybugg slid down my arm the other day when I extended it. I had to tighten the band on it! I've already gone through a size large and now am on a size medium!
  • I measured my hips and waist yesterday. I've lost an inch in both since starting Turbo Jam one WEEK ago!! WOW!
  • My husband hugs me and says, "You are really losing weight! It's so neat to watch you shrink like this." Ah, it's like music to my ears.

I really don't know if the scale would show a big weight loss or not at this point. I have some hormone issues going on with Mother Nature (wish I could break up with her for a while!) so I know the scale would show my weight being up. Plus I just had a big glass of water and ate breakfast. That would show up as well. So the number on that scale doesn't always represent reality. Clothes falling off, inches disappearing, compliments from family-those things tell me I'm losing weight and winning the battle. And it's a great feeling!


  1. Great post, Kelly. I had already decided to forgo my weigh-ins in March because I've been transitioning to weight training and it plays havoc with my numbers, even when my eating is in line. Like you say, there's plenty of ways to gauge progress without resorting to standing on a scale.

    And we need to be prepared just in case the terrorists develop scale-smashing technology anyways...

  2. Scales and terrorists go together because they both TERRORIZE!
    I know bloggers who base their self-worth on what that number says. They know better, but they do it everyday.
    It might be water weight. It might be muscle. It might be gravity or the pull of the moon.
    And it might be they are *gasp* up one ounce!
    Deep down, we all know when we look our best, feel good, and do the right things r/t diet and work-out. Regardless of the numbers.
    Deep down, we all know when we cheat ourselves as well.
    Another great post!

  3. wow great nsvs
    can i have your hubbby lol
    mine could care less after 80 some pounds its not important to him and actually thats ok with me because he never cared when i was 265 pounds so why should he care at 185 but that would be nice to hear
    i rely on my momther for nice comments like that lol

    have a great day

  4. WOOHOOO! I need to tell my scale the same thing... we need to see other people!!! That scale calls my name everyday! grr! Way to go on the pants! I'm going through the same thing right now, pants on the ground!Hehe
    Keep up the good work!

  5. Awesome post! Can you send the scale terrorist over to my house and take out my scale?!? LOL!

  6. Wow, terrific!! I agree about the scale too! It's sad when we let it control us like that!

  7. You are so right. I'm pretty upset that I didn't lose weight this week- but I can see the changes so I shouldn't be so down about it!

  8. That is fantastic, congratulations. sometimes the best way to determine if you lost weight is based on the clothes you own, it is the greatest feeling to see a pair of jeans that were normally so tight just fit you perfectly.

  9. Great post! I answered the question of your lead-in before reading the post. It was my pants need suspenders soon.

    But you mentioned that. Glad things are progressing so well.

  10. It so does *not* matter what the scale says when you are showing success in so many other ways!

    Go 16s!!


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