Monday, March 1, 2010

I've Got Some Good News and Some Bad News

First, the good news. I did fairly well on my February goals.

*Lose 5 pounds DONE (even before I stopped weighing myself halfway through February)
*Track all food DONE (actually, I did miss one day of tracking while in San Antonio)
*Have at least 500 calorie deficit per day (didn't do that for a couple of days but it did average out ok)
*Do 30 Day Shred 5x a week (nope. I got tired of doing it over and over. I stopped)
*Do C25K program 3x a week DONE
*On days I don't Shred, do SparkPeople Cardio Blast DVD exercises for at least 10 minutes (nope, didn't even open it once. But I did get cardio in at least 5x a week)
*Do something for me each day DONE
*Try something new DONE (went to a fondue restaurant. I'd never even had fondue before)

It's March so time to set new goals for me:

* Track food each day
* eat between 1400-1700 calories per day
* Cardio 5x a week
* Graduate from C25K program this month
* Begin strength training program from New Rules of Lifting for Women
* Avoid the scale and measure inches instead of pounds this month
* Do something for me each day
* Try something new

And now the bad news.

Chuck has a kidney stone. It has really been hurting him. At first he thought he had hurt his back but then he passed a stone (he's done this before and knows what it feels like) and can feel another stone moving from time to time. I'd like for him to go to the doctor to make sure that nothing is being blocked. We'll see if he actually listens. I hate to see him hurting.

My ex-sister in law died last night. She was only 30. She had been in a wheel chair for a few years following a bad accident and recently had been going to the hospital quite often. Yesterday she went and her heart stopped 3 times. She had internal bleeding that the doctors were trying to locate but she died. Please keep my niece and nephew in your thoughts/prayers. It was pretty tough on them even though she wasn't always the nicest mom. It's a long twisted story that would make for a good novel but the short story is that the kids live with my mom and dad but visited their mom according to the court papers. Their mom could be very cruel at times. Needless to say, the kids have mixed emotions that they are trying to deal with.

Chuck's sweet uncle is in the hospital. Unfortunately, it's the VA hospital. He has double pneumonia and diabetes. The doctors have put him in a coma because he was not getting over the pneumonia. He's been there for a while now. And they say he has an infection in his blood. (?) He's such a sweet man. I hope he gets better soon and gets to go home.

I hate to leave a post on such a downer! Let's see....well, I did C25K Week6 Day2 yesterday and it was easier than day 1! That's two 10 minute run sessions with a 3 minute walk session break.

I get to meet Shelley and her hubby this Friday and run together on Sunday.

Enjoy every single day of your life. It's so important.


  1. Bless your sweet heart.
    And all the sweet people in your life!

  2. Oh Kelly, I'm so sorry for all of the bad news! And I sure hope Chuck feels better soon - I hear kidney stones are pretty awful.

    Congrats on meeting so many of your goals for February! I'm with you on ignoring what the scale says and going by measurements for March!

    Oh, and you will graduate from you C25K program on Sunday - how cool is that?!? BTW, you know Jenny, who ran with me Friday night? She had only ran 3 miles one time before that...about 2 weeks ago. You so can do this!!!

  3. Sorry about all your bad news Kelly! That sucks. I've never had to deal with kidney stones myself (nor do I personally know anyone) but I heard they are extremely painful. Hopefully he will get it looked at.

    Good job on your Feb goals. March will be much better. Don't blame you for not wanting to do the 30D Shred day after day - I couldn't do it either - 3x week maybe but not day after day. And good thing you are focussing on measurement and not the scale (me too). With the extra running, strength training that is where you are really going to see the difference.

  4. Great job on your goals, Kelly!

    So sorry about all that bad news :( Saying a prayer that all troubles ease up for everyone.

  5. im so sorry
    ill be praying for you and your family

  6. That was a lot of good news, followed by a lot of bad news :( I hope everything will get better for you guys soon. And hopefully Chuck gets in to see that doctor and stop being such a MAN about it :P

    You're still the rock star, FYI.

  7. So sorry to hear all that sad news Kelly. And I hope Chuck gets to feeling better soon. i've heard those stones are NO fun at all!!

    but also congrats to you on your're going to do great in your 5K!!!

  8. You and your family are in my prayers Kelly.

    Congrats on all your success too!

  9. So sorry to hear about all that is going on for you right now. You're in my thoughts.

  10. wow - when it rains it often pours. I will keep these family memebers in my prayers. CONGRATS on doing so well on your Feb goals!!!

  11. sorry to hear this. I hope your husband feels better-I will keep your family in my prayers.

    Your goals are inspiring to say the least. So happy for you!

    Someday I will catch up with you...maybe even run on over...okay okay, maybe I shouldn't tell such wild tales lol. But you never know? Plus you're only a few hours from me so it's not like it's totally IMPOSSIBLE! Forrest Gump did it?!

    *HUGS* and best wishes!


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