Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Monthly Results

I've weaned myself from stepping on the scale every single day but I still want to monitor the weight so I thought maybe once a month would be good. There are other ways to check your progress without or in addition to the scale. How about measurements?

On February 22nd I took my measurements, weighed myself and began using Turbo Jam. They're a great set of workout DVDs that incorporate kickboxing and dancing moves. I wanted to see if Turbo Jam would make a difference in weight/inches lost. Keep in mind that I have also been doing Couch to 5K so that probably helps out.


February 22

Chest 42"
r. arm 13.5"
l. arm 13.5"
waist 40"
hips 48"
r. thigh 24"
l. thigh 23.5"
weight 198

March 22

chest 40.5" (-1.5")
r. arm 13" (-.5")
l. arm 13" (-.5")
waist 36" (-4")
hips 46" (-2")
r. thigh 22.5" (-1.5")
l. thigh 22.5" (-1")
weight 194

Total inches lost: 11
Pounds lost: 4

Notice that I only lost 4 pounds in that month but I lost 11 inches. If I had only been looking at what the scale said I might be a little disappointed. But I went from size 18 to a size 16. My clothes fit better and I feel really good. If the scale is giving you a rough time, you may want to try taking measurements and see that all of that effort really is making a difference.

To date I have lost 56 pounds. It's hard to imagine what that looks like. The good folks at My Pet Fat (yes, you can have your own 1 pound or 5 pound piece of replica fat. You can even name it) show what 5 pounds of fat would like if you decided to keep it in the fridge for a midnight snack. I've lost over 11 of those chunks of fat. My fridge wouldn't even be able to hold that much!
We're going to switch gears here a minute while I brag on my talented 14 year old daughter. It's so hard for me to resist her creations and I usually have a small amount. This has got to be one of my favorite ones that she has made. LOVE IT!! Isn't that awesome?! Such a cute cake. Tasty too! Proud mom moment.
Exercise has stopped for a couple of days. Monday evening I was riding Rachel's bike. It was just a perfect afternoon. I got distracted admiring some beautiful flowers, hit a curb and fell off the bike. To add to the humiliation, the bike had pinned me down and I was fighting to get the thing off and get up. Even more humiliation: I was on the main road in our neighborhood so many people got to see the spectacle. Not one person offered to help. That's probably best now that I think about it. It could have turned in to an awkward moment for all involved. My knees were bruised but my pride had a big rip in it. Still biked for a little over 4 miles.
I was thrilled to find out that I won a couple of blogger awards. You guys are so sweet and always know how to make a girl feel good. THANK YOU!

I received this beauty of an award from my friend at Weight Watcher Wannabe. Thank you so much! I always enjoy your blog and the pictures and recipes. I feel like I know you now. :) You're doing an awesome job as a weight watcher and a mom. Your little boy is just so cute! Keep up the great work. We'll get there!
Here are the rules ...
1. Thank the person who gave you the Sugar Doll award.
2. Write why you were given the award.
3. Pass the award on to 5 bloggers who have made your life a little sweeter and write how they have done it.
4. Notify them of the award.
I hate having to pick folks to give the award to. If you're on my blog roll that means I read your blog whether I comment all the time or not! So this time I used my impartial friend to choose winners for me. :)
1. My Road to Weight Loss Yeah, Darci!! She's such a sweetheart. You can get a feel through her blog that she's just a good person. She's also done great with her weight loss. So proud of you, Darci!
2. Losing It.... Yeah, Connie! Connie has been such a great support to me since I started all of this blogging and weight loss back in the day. Thanks, Connie! Hope you're feeling better and get back to posting soon. :)
3. Healthy Ashley Yeah, Ashley! I've only recently started following this blog but I just love all of her pictures and eats. It's a visual feast at her blog! Great job, Ashley. :)
4. Running Circles Around Turtles Yeah, Robin!! Since I started running (or waddling quickly) I've been in to reading anything about running. Robin's blog gets a lot of my attention. :) She is a daily running inspiration.
5. My Journey to Fit Yeah, Shelley!!!! What can I say about Shelley? She's an amazingly inspirational lady who has not only lost weight but become an athlete. The best part is that I consider her a good friend. She's not only great motivation for me but my running buddy. If it weren't for blogs I may never have met her. ((HUGS))

I was also given this very pretty award from Slowly But Surely. Thank you so much! I recently started following this blog. Again, anything running related has held my attention lately. :) And this chick has signed up for TWO half marathons! I check in with her to channel my inner runner. LOL Yes, I am somewhat of a stalker on her blog but that's ok in blogger world. Right? As she is becoming a runner she is also losing weight. Two things that I love.
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I'm letting do my dirty work for me again. hehe
12. Pudget
7 Things about Me
1. I love birds. For as long as I can remember I have been a bird lover. I have a baby picture of me with a bird mobile over the crib. I have 3 parrots right now and a bird feeder outside. I save any birds I find that need some help.
2. I love to drive fast cars. Chuck has a 1970 Chevelle and when I used it as my work car I would speed like a demon down the road. Love the thrill. :)
3. My place to escape the stresses and tribulations of the world is in the woods. If I am having a tough time with something I love the tranquility of a walk in the woods by a pond. It always restores me.
4. Camping. Can't get enough of it. I have a travel trailer that is my pride and joy but I'll take a tent too. Just love being outdoors.
5. I used to have over 100 chickens and had named them all. I even set up a Christmas tree for them and gave them presents and tea parties. Ah, memories. I even had one that like to sleep in a box in my room. She would knock on the front door at night and then run to my room to get in her box. Mom decided that we shouldn't have chickens and the house and locked her out one night. An opossum got her and I think mom always felt guilty about that.
6. I met my hubby in a stereo shop. He worked there and I liked big speakers in cars. I knew there was something special about him when I walked in the front door and saw him. My hands started to sweat and I got butterflies in my tummy. I would totally lose my composure each time I was around him. After a year of stalking him, his boss finally made him ask me out. Chuck never asked me to marry him. Within a week it was just understood that we would be married.
7. My family has been in Texas before Texas was Texas. The small town of Pattison, TX (my maiden name) is named after my family who had a plantation there. I'm also eligible to be a Daughter of the American Revolution.
That's it for today, peeps. I'm going to start running again if my knees are better from my battle with the bike. I'm ready to finish up my C25k and be a graduate. :)


  1. Four inches off of your waist? Two from your hips? Now THAT'S what I'm talking about - exercise makes incredible changes happen!!! Congratulations - you are melting!!! So glad you are not letting the number on the scale take you hostage.

    Your bike fall sounds awful - and I hate falling - the embarrassment is almost as bad as the physical pain!

    Thanks for the award - you are so sweet (get it, Sugar Doll?) to write what you did. Ditto, back atcha, my sole sister!

  2. Congrats on the Awards Kelly! That's great.
    And 11 inches - the evil scales have nothing on those inches.
    Way to go!
    That TJ will kick your core big time :)

  3. Great job this month! I need to take my measurements & track them.

    PS thanks for the award :)

  4. I really love reading your blog, too. Even if I don't comment on it all the time.

    And, for the record, I still get butterflies when I am near you.

    LOVE Always.

  5. You really do have a great blog...
    Your doing a fantastic job on your goals... Keep on keepin on....:)

  6. Kudos on the fantastic monthly results and awesome before and after pics (well... the after one anyway).

    You're doing great!

  7. Great job on losing all those inches and the 4 pounds. Sorry you got hurt on your bike hope it heals quick!

  8. I'm still shocked with the 4" off the waist! Wow, that's fantastic! So are all the rest of the inches!!

    Sorry you fell off your bike :( It's so rude that people don't stop and help. Things have happened to me and people don't help either. I just can't believe people are that inconsiderate.

    I might just have to get that Turbo Jam!!

  9. Congrats on all the inches & pounds gone!!! You're working hard and it shows!

    I love fast cars too - I had forgotten how much more satisfying it is to drive a stick until I got my little Miata. As one of my rewards I think I am going to go to the race track and do that thing where they let you drive a race car. That's gong to be for when I am officially below 200.

  10. Thanks for the award.

    I can't believe how many inches you lost!! That is absolutely amazing!

    So sorry about your bike fall. I'm proud of you that you got back up and kept riding. :)

  11. Wowie! I really need to start taking measurements and give the middle finger to my scale.

  12. Wow! How encouraging to read about how you lost 4 pounds but SO many inches. Thanks so much for sharing that, it is really eye opening.

    That pet fat thing is kinda gross!! I think I am pretty much done with my 28 pounds forever, I wouldn't want it lurking in my fridge!

  13. Wow your stats are amazing, So many inches lost!

    That is so encouraging.

  14. You look spectacular. Thanks for the award. You are a dear.

    Oh, and I love, love, love the whole fast car thing. If I win the lottery (which is impossible, since I don't play) I would love a 'Cuda. Or a Camaro - 1969.

    Have a wonderful day....

  15. Thank you for the award - and BRAVO!!! on the inches lost. That totally rocks!


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