Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mountain Climbing

Climb The Mountain
I tried to climb the mountain today. As I inched my way up the path, I felt out of breath and had to turn back.
I tried to climb the mountain today. But, It was so hot outside, I thought I had better stay in my nice air-conditioned house and rest up for tomorrow's attempt.
I tried to climb the mountain today. On my journey, darkness started to fall and I was full of fear, so I had to return to a safe place.
I was ready to climb the mountain today. But I had so may other things to do, so instead of climbing the mountain I took care of the much more important tasks; I washed my car, mowed the grass and watched the big game. Today the mountain will have to wait.
I was going to climb the mountain today. But as I stared at the mountain in all it's majestic beauty, I knew I had no chance of making it to the top, so I figured why even begin trying.
I had forgotten about climbing the mountain today, until an old friend came by and asked what I was up to lately. I told him about all my plans to climb that mountain someday. I went on and on about how I was going to accomplish the task.
He stopped me and said, "I just got back from climbing that mountain. For the longest time I told myself I was going to try to climb it but never made any progress. I almost let the dream of making it to the top die. I came up with every excuse of why I could not make it up the mountain, but never once did I give myself a reason why I could. One day as I stared at the mountain and pondered, I realized that if I didn't make an attempt at this dream all my dreams would eventually die.
"The next morning, I started my climb. It was not easy, and at times I wanted to quit. But no matter what I faced, I placed one foot in front of the other, keeping a steady pace. When the wind tried to blow me over the edge, I kept walking. When the voices inside my head screamed, stop! I focused on my goal, never letting it out of sight. I kept moving forward. I could not quit because I knew I had come too far to stop now. Time and time again, I reassured myself that I was going to finish this journey. I struggled mightily to make it to the top, but I CLIMBED THE MOUNTAIN."
"I have to be going," my friend said. "Tomorrow is a new day to accomplish more dreams. By the way what are you going to do tomorrow?"
I looked at him, with intensity and confidence in my eyes, and said, "I HAVE A MOUNTAIN TO CLIMB."
-by Gary Barnes
Meet some mountain climbers:

Phil Packer's lower spine was severely injured during a rocket attack in Iraq in February 2008. He was only 36 years old and was in a hospital for four months without bladder or bowel control. He had no feeling or motor control in his legs.

While in the hospital did he spiral into a depression? Did he have a pity party and say "Why me?" No, he decided to raise money for a charity called Help for Heroes that supports wounded British veterans.

Phil walked the London Marathon last year and raised money for charity. It wasn't easy for him. He could only travel 2 miles per day on his crutches. Thirteen days later he crossed that finish line. He did it!

Phil Packer is a mountain climber.

Bob Wieland lost both of his legs in a blast in Vietnam. He can "run" a mile in one hour by pushing himself with his knuckles.

Bob signed up for the New York City Marathon in 1986. There were almost 20,000 runners in the race. Bob spent 4 days, 2 hours, 47 minutes pushing himself along the route until he crossed that finish line. Yes, he was last. Do you think he cared? No, he had climbed a mountain that most people with two legs wouldn't dare attempt. But he did it! You can't change your circumstances but you can change what you do about them.
Bob Wieland is a mountain climber.

Natalie du Toit was riding her scooter home when she was hit by a car and lost her leg. She was determined and didn't let the injury stop her from competing in swimming and winning 4 gold medals in the 2004 Paralympic games. She wasn't finished yet! She qualified and competed in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and became the first female amputee to ever compete in the Olympics.

Natalie is a mountain climber.

Peter Gray was a young boy when he slipped and his arm got caught in a tractor's spokes. His arm had to be amputated above the elbow. But that didn't stop him from playing baseball. He learned how to catch a ball and drop his glove while transferring the ball to his other hand. All in one motion! He signed with the St Louis Browns in 1945 and became the only one-armed major league player. He played 77 games and batted .218. He visited army hospitals and talked to amputees and reassured them that they could lead productive lives.

His glove is located in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Peter Gray was a mountain climber.

There are so many stories like these out there. This is just a small sampling. The point is that we can't let fears or disabilities keep us from achieving our dreams.

Your mountain may be different than my mountain. But you still can't just look at it and quit.

Do you have a mountain of weight to lose? Then get busy! You already know what you need to do. Do it!

Goals to conquer in athletics? Dreams to achieve? Then go for it! If you truly want it you will find a way. It won't be easy but neither is completing a marathon without legs. I have two good legs!

Sometimes we're our own worst enemies. We think we can't do something so we don't even try. What would you accomplish if you knew you could not fail? Then go for it! You are the only one who can do it for you.


  1. Really AWESOME post.

    I love you.
    Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for helping me climb the mountains.

  2. Really inspiring post Kelly.

  3. thanks for sharing this Kelly!! sometimes hearing those amazing stories makes us realize how strong we are and that we really can accomplish our goals...we just have to DO IT!!!

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  5. Wow, this was JUST the push I needed today! I was only going to do my minimum workout because "I'm tired". But you know what? Yesterday was my rest day, and today I need to get back to it and push and work for it!

    Thanks for sharing this great post!

  6. great post are so right, our obticals are never as big as someone elses...we must keep climbing!

  7. You are such a good cheerleader! Great post; I liked reading about these athletes. Thanks for spreading their stories!

  8. I needed this today. Thank you!!

  9. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring post... XOXO

  10. Okay this was just amazing and so powerful.

    Thanks for sharing the inspiration to be a better me.

  11. You are "on fire" with motivation.
    Sparking everyone all around.
    Excellent post, my Fellow Texan!
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  12. Phil Packer is starting the Paisley 10k road race, we have photos of Phil and the 10k, You can also find out more about Paisley right here on


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