Monday, March 15, 2010

Ouch! I was Bitten!

It started out innocently enough. I was just out trying to burn off some calories. No big deal, right? I guess somewhere along the way a bug bit me. I didn't even notice at first! I think it's one of those things like when you are shaving your legs with a sharp razor and you cut yourself but you don't know it until it starts bleeding. And then after you see the blood it starts to sting. You didn't even notice when the cut happened but then you see the effects. It was the same with my bug bite.

After burning some calories with my outdoor activities I felt great. I didn't realize that I had been bitten. I guess I would say that I started recognizing there was a problem last Sunday. I started to feel a little different. Hard to explain really. I felt confident and I was all like "I can do anything!" A few days later I was buying books on running half marathons. I knew then that the running bug had bitten me.

A while back Mizfit announced that she was going to run in the Disney Half Marathon. My first reaction was, "That's great! I wish I could do that." Then while increasing speed and distance with the C25K program I thought "There's no way I'd want to do a half marathon. Probably not even a 10k!"

Then two things happened at once. I ran a 5K (almost ran the whole darn thing) and several bloggers ran the Disney Half Marathon...on the same day! I got my super awesome tee shirt and they got a fancy, shiny medal made of solid gold. OK, I exaggerate. It looks like it's made of solid gold to me. It's some serious bling.

The 5K made me feel so good and happy and full of myself. Combine that with some medal envy and you have a bad case of running fever caused by the running bug.

And so (I can't believe I'm even saying hands are sweaty and my heart's beating fast) I'm announcing that I am going to start training for a half marathon. Crazy, no? I plan to sign up for a Galloway Training Team in May and work with them. I think the run-walk-run is the only way that I will be able to finish at this point with a smile on my face and able to cross the finish line on my own two feet.

The plan is to run in the San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon in November. If I don't feel that I am ready by the end of the summer then I will not register. At least my running will have improved by then!

It's scary thought. I hate to fail! I know no one likes to fail but I have a failing phobia. As in, I won't try some things at all if there is a chance I'll fail.

I've got two weeks of C25K left before I start "officially" training for the half. I did Week 8 Day 1 yesterday. It was 85 degrees when I finally got outside to run and the heat really does a number on you. I took things way slower, if that's even possible, and just took my time. I could feel each step and my legs are a little sore this morning. But I did 3 miles in the 38 minutes, which included 10 minutes of walking, so not too terribly bad. At least not for a penguin runner like me. :)

If you are planning to be at the SA RnR Half or full Marathon let me know. It would be great to meet some fellow bloggers there. Plus SA is so much fun to visit.

I'm off to tread where I dared not even imagined treading before. Any one want to try training for a half with me? Any one?


  1. Congrats, that sounds like a great plan! I look forward to reading about your training! We'll be training around the same time, I plan to start in July for my 1/2 in October!

  2. HOORAY!!! Kelly I'm SO excited for you and this new adventure you signed yourself up for!! I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!! You are a determined & very strong person!

    PS I'm going to start training for a 20K when I get home FL next week. My race is in May though, but I also plan to run another 1/2 in I'd love to train with you!

  3. Good for you Kelly. I can understand your desire to move on to a half marathon. I so wanted to be able to run but my hip/back have prevented me. Maybe one day, after I've strengthed that area and can take up the C25K, I will do it. I'm so happy for you! It will be a great experience.

  4. wow u are an inpiration truely doing amazing things girly

  5. wow u are an inpiration truely doing amazing things girly

  6. Please make me love running too.. Hopefully I will get the running bug too....

  7. I really thought you got bit by a bug and started to swell up really bad, rushed to ER, etc! lol. Really I did!

    Congrats on the running. I run the Rock N Roll Half in Chicago. You can do it! You've been doing awesome. And check online, sometimes they have running groups in your area that you can train with. Or there are training schedules online.

    I actually made a goal and would love to do a half in as many states as possible, but Texas is too far right now for me! lol

    Good luck, watch out for those bugs!

  8. That's so exciting! That's one of my goals someday too. So excited to hear about your training process! :) Good luck!

  9. How awesome for you!! Best of luck!! Myself, not a runner yet but thinking about starting with a 5K to see if I can do that without dying. LOL!

  10. LOL - I did the same exact thing that you did! Damn the Disney Princesses, they can talk me into anything!

    I just ran my first real 5k yesterday, and have signed up for a half marathon on 10-10-10. I'd love to be your bloggy training partner!

    Keep up the awesome work! :)

  11. That's awesome, Kelly!

    I'm seriously considering running one, too. I'm just finishing up reading Running by Jeff Galloway. It's the "getting started" guide, so it's a little elementary for me since I've been running for a year, but I like how comprehensive it is. I really should have read this before I jumped into running! I think it's great that you're going to train with a Galloway team. I'm excited to hear all about it!

  12. I just love that you are a running fool now - it IS fun, suck runs notwithstanding, lol! I ran 3/4 of a mile this morning on the treadmill and felt like my old self again. Of course you know I am up for the half in November...let me know when you are signing up and I will, too. Oh, yeah, and that training. I'll do that as well!

  13. Do you have any training plans in mind for doing the 1/2?

    Congrats on setting the bar for yourself!

  14. Lori, I do have the Galloway book Half Marathon: You can do it! I'm also going to join a Galloway Training Team in Houston on May 1st that will help me set up my pace, etc.

    Do you have any recommendations?
    I hope to be able to do a tri one day. I think that would be the coolest thing ever! :)

  15. That's awesome! I am trying to get up courage to sign up for a 5K.

    You are doing so great. I had to come see what my fellow TExan what up to!!

    Stop by for a visit..
    Keelie @REAL FAT

  16. Woohoo! How exciting!!

    You are doing an amazing job!!!! :)

  17. Good luck! Sounds like a great adventure.
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