Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pink Door Legacy 5K Recap/Results

Saturday was to be my week 9 day 1 of Couch to 5K. Instead of just running around my neighborhood I decided to run the Pink Door Legacy 5K. At least I'd get a new tee shirt with my run. :)

The shirt and goodie bag contents
Got up Saturday morning around 6:15. Had a sugar free Rock Star and part of an apple with almond butter. Then all of a sudden it was 7:15! OMG! My race starts at 8am and the brochure said to get there early. Mapquest said it was going to take about 30 minutes to get there. Commence panic attack.

Chuck was driving like a NASCAR driver and we made it in great time. Visited the ladies' room and got ready at the starting line. 58 degrees and cloudy. Supposed to be a pretty bad storm today with a nasty cold front.

I position myself towards the back of the pack. The gun goes off and we're on our way. Woohoo! Adrenaline rush. Or is that a caffeine rush from the Rock Star? Either way I'm running.

It's a small race. All the runners have plenty of space and the course is marked very well. Every now and then there are people on the side to cheer us on which is always appreciated. I'm starting to think this race does not have mile markers. So I'm probably at 2 miles already. WRONG! I come up to mile marker 1. Time was right at 12 minutes. You mean I'm only 1/3rd finished???

After running for a while longer I start to think that there must only be a mile marker for the first mile and then we're on our own. Wrong again! LOL I finally reach mile 2. Why is the mile from mile 1 to mile 2 the longest mile ever?

When I reached mile 2 I was on the home stretch. Just 1 more mile to go! I was really struggling and just not feeling fast or the running vibes. Don't get me wrong, I was having a lot of fun but I was having a difficult time running. Maybe I overdid it last week? I don't know but the whole race was a struggle.

I reach mile 3 and see that finish line and hear the music pumping and start slogging (slow jogging) to that beautiful finish line and my loving family who were cheering me on.

Almost there! So close.

YES! I did it!
39:22 time. I know the timer says something different but the timer starts when the gun goes off. I didn't cross the start line for a few seconds because I was in the back.

I placed 7th in my age group and 86 overall. There were over 250 people but I'm not sure how many. Notice the cool number I got? #2!

I cooled off. Where is the water for the runners? Well, they are also having a health expo at the same time. You had to go inside and through the health expo to the runner's party to get water. I really could have gone for some water at that finish line but oh well. No complaints.

At 9:15 it was Charlie's turn to run. His was a 1k. He did great! He was really struggling at the end but his sister ran in with him during the final stretch and encouraged him along. It was such a great moment. :) Yeah, I'm a proud mom.We went to the after-race party inside. It was fantastic! Chocolate dipped strawberries, cupcakes, coffee, water, breakfast burritos, lots of goodies, edible arrangements samples. Wow!

Lots of munching then time for the awards ceremony. All of the kids got a medal and Charlie was so happy. Again, another proud mom moment. :) He loves that medal.
We all had a great time and beat the nasty weather. I think Chuck and Rachel got into the racing spirit and may even start running. Yeah!

This running chick would like to wish you all a Happy First Day of Spring!


  1. I don't know which is cuter... your picture with your arms up or Charlie's!! It's a toss up. Great job to you both! :)

  2. Wow congrats on the 5K. I couldn't even do a 5K right now even if I wanted to. Good job!!!

  3. Great job at the 5k!!! I agree about the mile markers...they seem SO FAR apart! My first 5k I just assumed they didn't have them and when I saw one for mile 1 (thought I had gone much further!) I was like...are you kidding? lol...

  4. You did great - and I so relate to wondering where in the heck those mile markers are! Totally agree that the distance from one to two is way more than a mile!!!

    Nice number! You got some good swag,a cute t-shirt and the satisfaction of running another 5K - what a way to start off your weekend! Congratulations!

  5. You both look great crossing the finish line!!! congrats on doing such a great job!

    Love the chick too. :-)

  6. That's awesome! Great job. Great job Charlie!

  7. That is such a great story! Great job on that race!! That's really awesome that your son is running too! :)

  8. Loved reading this Kelly! So cool. Like both pictures of you and your son... that's way cool!

  9. Yay, so proud of you! You look great! And awesome for Charlie too!

  10. Wow Kelly, another 5K, your are on a roll!!! Great job!!

    And I love that Charlie did a run too, how fun!!

  11. Congrats on the 5k - You did great!! I love the pictures


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