Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Workouts

Friday I may have gone a little overboard in the exercise department. At least for me. It was my last day of week 7 for C25K program. Yeah!!! Got up before the kids and laced up my shoes. It was incredibly beautiful. It's that time of year in Texas when the weather is just right. High 50s to mid 60s. Gorgeous. Not too windy. We'll probably have about a month of this before temperatures reach levels of lava. So we relish each day like this.

I felt great today! The 25 minute run was wonderful and I hit my stride early. I'm still slow (2.03 miles in 25 minutes; 12.18 mile pace) but enjoying it more. As it gets easier the joy increases but I am definitely going to have to find some new places with new views.

Only two more weeks of C25K. I'm still shocked that I've made it this far.

All of this running has made me start thinking about what I consider "the impossible." I'll admit that I have some serious medal envy after seeing that fancy Disney Princess Half Marathon medal. I covet one. So many people are sporting pics of them on their blogs. I want a medal!! And after finishing a 5K I got this feeling that I can do anything. Grand pictures of me running the marathon in the Olympics crossed my mind. An entire wall of medals decorates my house in my little fantasy. I have those gorgeous runner's legs. The cute hot pink runner's skirt. I can do anything. I run like a Kenyan. Reality is always different than my daydreams. Reality: I wear compression pants so my tummy doesn't flap around too much, sweat drips in my eyes, my nose runs, I've only run 2 miles straight so far, etc. A girl can dream though, right?

Shelley was telling me about the San Antonio Rock n Roll half marathon. I googled a picture of the medal. It's in the shape of Texas! And there are bands and a big party? It got me thinking. And more googling. And thinking more. And emailing a lady with a Galloway Training Team in Houston. And thinking some more. And daydreaming. And visiting Barnes and Noble to pick up two books on running (one of them being about Half Marathons).

I finally told Chuck about my ponderings. Of course, he thinks I can do anything and told me to go for it. And the lady from the training team said I could do it. And Chuck gave me the go ahead to pay the fee to join the team which kicks off May 1st. Soooo.......the wheels in my head are still turning. Can I do it? The thought of trying a half marathon scares me to death. I hate to fail. We'll see if I join up. Right now I'm just thinking about it.

So after my great run I ate and rested for a while. Then it was time for my Turbo Jam session. I really want to keep on schedule with this to see what results I achieve after a month and can give an honest review of what I think.

I had Rachel do Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3. It was 50 minutes of some pretty intense workout! I haven't sweat that much in a long time and by the end of the DVD I was truly exhausted.

By the end of the day I had burned 3002 calories! And even after going out to Red Robin for a Bleu Ribbon Burger with Bocca patty (I'm not a huge fan of ground beef) I still had a deficit of 907!

Sunday: Armadillo Dash 5K

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Turbo Sculpt strength training

Wednesday: C25K W7 D2; Turbo Jam 20 min.; Turbo Abs

Thursday: Turbo Jam 3T strength training; 2.76 mile walk

Friday: C25K W7 D3 (week 7 finished! on to week 8); Turbo Jam Cardio Party 3

Saturday: off


  1. Just yesterday, I posted that it was my dream to have gorgeous runner's legs too! Great minds, I tell ya!

  2. wow
    thats one heck of a workout

  3. You can do anything you set your mind to! I totally want to do the Princess half next year, it looked like so much fun!

  4. Love that you had such a great run yesterday - it's the best feeling, right?!?

    Those medals are calling....

    Which books did you get?

  5. I agree with the others you can do anything you set your mind to.You should go for it join your team n training and do it!

  6. I am geared up for the Disney Princess Half-Marathon for next year. I am giving myself one year of preparation and I figure that it will work itself out if I train properly. You can totally do it!!!!

  7. I have no doubt that you can run a half marathon. Already sounds like you want start training girl!!! :)

  8. You made me smile. I have visions of being an olympic runner too. I love your reality picture though, it sounds just like me! hehe :)

    I KNOW you can do this half marathon! Go for it!!

  9. You can do it. There is no reason to not go ahead and start training for it. You can always change your mind. That's the great thing about running, you can find the distance and pace that is right for *you* and it will be different that anyone elses!

  10. Kelly - love your dreams...and you know what, they are TOTALLY possible!! Esp running a 1/2!! Race medals make great decor!! ;)

    Oh and I enjoyed reading your post about your goodies in the mail & time w/your kids!! :)


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