Monday, April 5, 2010

Camping Lake Somerville

Our first trip to Lake Somerville near Brenham was definitely a success. We arrived Thursday and came home on Sunday.

Our camp site. #58 Definitely a good spot with a view of the lake. The hill was covered in wildflowers and we got a nice breeze off the water.
So many trails to hike! There is a 26 mile round trip trail to the other unit of the state park on the other side of the lake. We walked a very small portion of it.
And a water fight broke out somewhere along the way.

Wildflowers were everywhere! So many different colors.
Lots of photo ops.

Bluebonnets as far as you can see. They looked like blue oceans of flowers.
We just took our time and enjoyed every moment. That could mean sitting in the shade or climbing a tree.

Flowers in blue, red, purples, whites, yellows. It was gorgeous!
Having fun can be tiring. Time to relax in the hammock with Brisbie.
Rusty, Rachel's spoiled rotten dog, does not like camping at all.
Charlie is all boy. He discovered that there were millipedes in the ground and spent a good deal of time digging them up.
There was a strong wind blowing most of the time. The kids had a lot of fun running by the lake.
Charlie got a flat in his tire and thought it was great fun to ride Rachel's bike which is much too big for him.
We really had a great time. Friday I hiked 8.13 miles. Some of that included running as I chased kids or was being chased. Got in over 20000 steps that day and burned 3640 calories!

Saturday we explored the other state park. We hiked a small portion of the 26 mile (round trip) trailway then the kids were ready to relax for a while so Chuck and I took the opportunity to do a hike together (3 miles). That night we sat around the campfire and made up ghost stories. Someone would start it and then the next person had to add to it and keep taking turns. Some seriously lame stories were made up that night and we had fun laughing about them.

Sunday we really weren't ready to come home. I made some Fiber One blueberry muffins from my pile of loot from Tricia (thanks!). Charlie tried one and said, "These are better than you'd think!" LOL I think that was a compliment? Slowly we started to pack up and finally we had to hook up the trailer and leave.

We were all pretty tired when we finally got home and unpacked so we headed to T-Bone Tom's in Kemah for some dinner. I had half of a chicken fried steak sandwich, a few fries and 2 St Arnold beers. Great ending to a great weekend.


  1. It looks like y'all had a great time - and wow, the wildflowers are gorgeous!!!

    P.s. Love your shirt ;)

  2. Pretty flowers :) Looks like a great camping spot, you calorie-burner, you! I'm glad the muffins weren't as horrible as anticipated, haha.

  3. OMG - I wish I were there to see the pretty flowers.
    You look great, sitting there amongst them all.
    So glad you had a good time, Kelly!

  4. Love the pictures of the flowers Kelly - I love springtime when all the color blooms. I envy you your camping trip :( I so want to get out there but it's not quite nice enough here. I still have to "de-mouse" my trailer and get it cleaned and sanitized. I hate doing that.... but the rewards are great (I LOVE camping).

  5. Fantastic pictures ... Glad you had a great time....

  6. wow! I wanna hang out with your family! :)

  7. what a great time!!!
    love the pics! seeing the bluebonnets makes me homesick...
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. What gorgeous pics...thanks for sharing them with us!! That camping trip sounds perfect (Dwayne doesn't camp, lol, so it's been a long time since I've been on a trip like that)...wish I were there with you!! You look fantastic, by the way. :)

  9. Looked like a divine time...hiking is really my favorite fitness many great things to see and do.

    You could have done a Go RVing commercial!


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