Thursday, April 22, 2010

An Overdue Post: Dow Live Earth Run For Water 5K Recap

I am so late on posting my little 6K recap. Better late than never, right? :)

April 18, 2010
Got the kids up before the crack o' dawn. Every one looked like walking zombies around the house. I had every one set out their clothes the night before so all they would have to do is slip them on. No thinking required.

I was expecting parking to be a nightmare downtown but it wasn't bad at all! We parked right around the corner from the starting line. Shelley had been there for a while already. I think she was expecting some parking hazards as well. She and her hubby came in the night before and stayed in a hotel. It was so good to see her again!

We got our race "packet" which turned out to be our shirt and a number. What? No goodie bag? I know this may seem a little childish but part of the fun of a race is getting to dig through the goodie bag. I look forward to it. I only pouted for a little while though.

Visited the restrooms before the race. No port-o-potties here. We're talking real bathrooms!

Then it was time to line up at the start line. As you can see we were pretty far in the back.

I had signed us up to walk the race, therefore we weren't being timed. So we walked some and ran some. Shelley, being the runner that she is, took off with the crowd. I stayed behind with the family. Not really so sure I could have kept up with her anyway.
We just took our time and enjoyed the race. Charlie and Rachel weren't too thrilled with it at first. Rachel's pants are obviously too loose now and they kept slipping down. Charlie decided somewhere along the way that the race was actually a lot of fun! Rachel never reached the same conclusion.
This was Chuck's first time to be involved in a road race. This was a 6k. Why a 6K?? Because this race was to raise money for people in Haiti who typically have to walk 6K just to get fresh water.
I took pictures and just had a good time with the family. We even stopped to get a pose under a bridge.Chuck got Rachel running from one light post to another and then walking from one light post to another. She was not a happy runner.
Somewhere along the way Shelley passed us on the way back to the finish line. Go, Shelley!!! Look at that girl run!
We did get to see some lovely views of the city. I waved at people sitting at traffic lights below us on the overpasses. Waved at some cops. Yeah, I was really enjoying myself and feeling great.
Chuck and Rachel running again.
Here we were coming around a bend and I was telling Charlie that the finish line was just up ahead. He had been acting like he was dying until this point. All of a sudden he was ready to go. I told him to go ahead and give it all he's got.
And he did. (Thanks to Shelley's husband, Jeff, for taking the picture)
And then Chuck, Rachel and I were almost to the finish line. (thanks again to Jeff)
Crossing the finish line with a last burst of energy. And be sure to take a gander at that time! Woohoo! How's that for a lightning fast 6K? LOL Hey, at least I had fun with the family and got to see my blogger buddy.
Post race picture with red faces.
We sat around listening to door prizes being given away. I swear they called out every number around Shelley's bib number but missed her every time. It was kind of comical.
We missed the post race fruit but they did have some lukewarm Pepsi cans in a wading pool available and some cold Jack in the Box greasy tacos and cold chicken sandwiches. Gross!!! I know there is a lot that goes into planning an event like this. I get that. But a goodie bag and some post race refreshments would have been nice.
We went home to get showered and cleaned up then met Shelley and Jeff at Pappasito's Mexican Cantina for some victuals.
The cleaned up blogger buddies.
I had an awesome fajita burrito. It was huge! I had maybe half.
After we left the restaurant Chuck realized that he left the expensive Canon camera at the table hanging on the back of his chair. We rushed back to the restaurant as quick as my mini van would take us. I think we were on two wheels turning a corner once. Fortunately, the camera was still there. Heart attack avoided.
It was great to see Shelley and Jeff again and to spend a morning with my family on the streets. I hope the running bug catches on with Chuck, Charlie and Rachel. It would be fun to run more races together.
This week has been on track with food and exercise again. Yeah!
I'm trying to burn 2500 calories per day and eat 1500. So far, so good.
Wednesday I did 52 minutes of Just Dance on the Wii. Love that game! And you really do burn a decent amount of calories.
Thursday (today) I went for a run before the kids even woke up. This was one of those runs where I question why I even do this. You know what I mean? It was just sucky from the very beginning. I was gasping for air like I just started running again. I hated the entire time. But I did it. That's what matters. 30 minutes of running 2:1 intervals took me to 2.32 miles. When I ran I was at 6.4 mph each time! I know I'll get to where I want to be. Just have to keep working at it.
On an unrelated note, there was a huge cottonmouth snake in our back yard today. I thought it might just be a non-venomous water snake at first but it wasn't. Cottonmouths stink and this one was putting off a smell to try to get my collie to leave it alone. I stuck a board up to it to make it strike to see if it were indeed a cottonmouth and when it struck I knew. Not sure where it is now. Sure hope it left and won't come back. They give me the creeps.
This weekend is going to be a fun and busy one. My mom comes tomorrow to spend the weekend. Then I take Rachel to 4H. Saturday we are planning on going to see the reenactment of the Battle of San Jacinto where Texas won her freedom. Should be fun. Sunday Rachel has a teen gathering at the mall and I have my long run. My niece is going to spend next week with us.
So if you don't hear from me for a couple of days you know why.
And I'd like to close by saying that my bathroom scale is a dirty, rotten liar! Hate it. That's all. :)


  1. What a great family outing! I love that you are getting everyone involved!

    I like race "goody bags" too...the last one I just did promised goody bags but it turned out just to be a t-shirt and a reusable goodies, lol!

  2. More awesomeness from Houston!
    Kelly - you are really great.
    Love these racing posts.
    And the scale - fuggit-about-it!

  3. Thanks for the smiles! I learned about your blog on Shelley's and am so glad to have it to read too. Congrats on the great achievement! I posted a link to your blog on mine. Stop by and say hi sometime! :) Hugs, Kirsten


  4. Wait, there were people below us? Man, I missed a lot during that race! It's fun to read your recap and see the race from another set of eyes!

    Oh, and I have to put in a disclaimer for that picture of us at the restaurant - I forgot to pack my hairspray, and boy was my hair flat! Can't live in Texas with out my big hair, dontcha know?!?

    Love your line about the scale - so true!

  5. Looks like a good time! I'll definitely have to meet up with you gals next time I'm in town visiting my dysfunctional family :)

  6. First of all, I hate snakes! Ugh.

    I'm glad you had fun at the 6K! I can't wait to have a family to run one with. For now, my hubby and I should get into it!

    Lastly, my scale sucks too. He's not nice at all!!

  7. I love that you all did the run as a family! And good job for Rachel for doing it and not wanting too.

    When I get my tax return, I'm buying Wii Dance thing. You are always raving about it!

  8. Awesome post!! Great job on the family race!! I love that! I'm gearing up to race my first 5K. I'm sooo excited. You are one of my inspirations.. Thank you !!! :)

  9. What a great thing to do together as a family!!

    And what a bummer they didn't have goodie bags!!

    hey are you very close to Austin, TX?

  10. Congrats on the 5k! You truly are an inspiration! Thanks for the award, and it's posted on my blog! Hey, I'm gonna be doing two giveaways this week, so give me a shout out so people know I'm back...want everyone to get a chance to win! Thanks lady, and have a great nite!

  11. How old is your scale? It may need to be calibrated.


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