Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am so guilty of taking things for granted sometimes. When we went through Hurricane Ike and lost power and the ability to get fresh groceries I learned that I took for granted things like ice, water, air conditioning, gasoline, mobility, communication, housing, computers, food (!), electricity, etc.

When my kids (usually Charlie) has a medical scare I realize that I take them for granted too. If I can't reach Chuck and start to worry that maybe he got in a wreck or something, I realize that I take him for granted.

I wake up each morning. I expect to wake up each morning as healthy (or better) than when I went to sleep. Then sometimes something happens to remind us of how precious each day really is. It reminds us how fortunate we are to have our families. Yesterday, I had one of those reminders.

Wednesday promised to be another packed day of activities. I planned to run early but by the time I got myself awake and together it was already reaching the temperature of Hades. I got the kids fed and started school. Almost as soon as we started it was time to go to a special 4H meeting where we would learn about chickens. I love chickens. :)

On the way to the chicken place, we passed through a neighborhood where a lady lived who had taught me about raw foods. Can we have a little flashback here? *cue foggy flashback memories*

As a fluffy girl, I've tried just about all of the weight loss gimmicks out there. One that I was introduced to a few years ago was raw foods. The idea is that you eat fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds in their raw form so that you get their enzymes which heat destroys. You will lose weight, feel great, and look years younger. Right?

A sweet lady named Anna Tipps taught a class for us and some friends and showed us how to do this. I got to know Anna through emails, phone calls, and talking to her in person. She was a busy mom of 4 and lived at a beautiful home in the country. Eventually she started a raw foods magazine called Purely Delicious. Not only did she do all of this but she was a photographer. Anna is just someone you love. She always has a smile. Unfortunately, raw foods did not help me lose weight and I craved cooked foods all of the time. But I did feel pretty fabulous eating raw foods! And I collected a variety of gadgets for preparing raw goodies. Eventually Anna and I lost contact.

*Flash forward to yesterday* While driving near Anna's neighborhood I thought about her. We hadn't talked in about 3 or 4 years so I decided to check in on her web site and see what she was up to. That's when I got the big reminder that life is so precious. Anna had passed away January 31, 2010 after a battle with breast cancer. I had no idea. It hit me pretty hard. She left behind a hudband and four young children. She tried so hard to eat only organic, raw foods and tried to make the healthiest choices but in the end she still got breast cancer. It sucks!

I did take it pretty hard last night. If any good can come out of something so tragic it's that I look at my family and my own life in a different light. Every single day is so precious and a chance to learn more and experience more. And each day I get to hug my kids and my sweet hubby and tell them how much I love them.

Anna was such a sweet, loving lady. I wish you could have met her.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mean People Suck

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! So where have I been? It's kind of a long story but I'll try to make it as short as possible.

My mom came for a visit on May 14th. While we were talking she told me that while she was cutting my grandmother's hair (her MIL), the old coot reached over with a finger and poked her belly fat then shook her head in disgust. Then she asked my mom if I had gained weight too. My mom said, "No. She runs a lot and runs 5Ks." Then my grandmother says, "But is she fat?"

I haven't seen my grandmother in years. She has never been my biggest fan and it used to bother me as a kid. She would do things to make sure I knew that she didn't like me. For instance, at Christmas she would give all of the grandkids some money but leave me out. On purpose! She would also make comments from time to time. And it hurt.

What's weird is that her other granddaughter (my half sister) is overweight but that's ok. She likes her.

Mean people suck!!!

The whole thing messed with my head a little and brought back a grab bag of emotions and insecurities. I stopped wearing my bodybugg, stopped counting calories, stopped running and stopped caring for about a week. I was in my own little depression.

Chuck, my biggest support, made a comment before we went to sleep one night and it really brought me back around: "Please don't give up." Something about the way he said it. It kind of snapped me out of my little funk and helped me come back to myself.

I'm glad I took that time off from running now because the back of my knee is no longer hurting. Yeah! At least some good did come out of it. :)

I'm back to wearing the bodybugg and running now. Sorry for the little disappearing act and little pity party episode. Why are relatives so good at messing with our minds?

Here are a few things that have happened since I last posted:

*Mother and niece and nephew came for a weekend visit
*Rachel baked a birthday cake for niece with a shih tzu on it
*started the Houston Nature Challenge at the kickoff at Discovery Green on a rainy Saturday
*went on a road trip to Lake Texana for a geocaching challenge
*Charlie laughed so hard on that road trip that chocolate malt came out of his nose
*had two different snakes come into my backyard. Both yellow bellied water snakes.
*pet a baby alligator
*ate a bacon and cheese flavored cricket
*took a class to volunteer feeding baby birds at the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition
*went mother/daughter geocaching
*taught the kids about ancient Greece then took them to see Clash of the Titans in 3D (it was not 3D and I don't think it was historically accurate)
*Ran 5 miles (1:1 ratio of walk/run)
Even though I was in a little funk, I stayed pretty busy. :)
My birthday is this Friday. May 28th. Chuck is taking me on our first overnight canoe trip. We will be sleeping on a sandbar without electricity! I'm a little nervous and very excited. This week I'll be getting ready for that but still finding time for exercise and teaching the kids.
I'd like to say a big THANKS to Shelley for checking in on me. It's nice to have people who worry about you when you disappear. :)
**EDIT: 1 (1.4 gram) box of crickets is 9 calories, 1 gram of fat, .2g carbs and .5 g protein.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pickin' and Grinnin'

Wednesday, after my morning run, I took the kids to pick some of these in some woods near our neighborhood:

We walked there so everyone would get their daily quota of torture exercise.

It's so much fun finding free food within walking distance of your home. My minions working for me. Pick faster!Not only did we find blackberries but pretty flowers and:It was a hot day so on the way back home we stopped by the "lake" to rest.While resting we had a ladybug visitor.The bounty:
The results:So delicious! Served with a little Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream while it's still warm from the oven. mmmmm. Can't be beat.

This is a great cobbler. You can get the recipe here. I only used 3 Tbs. of melted light stick butter. Also added a sprinkle or two of cinnamon and a little vanilla.


Today is my "off" day from running but I am still supposed to take a walk per my schedule. The kids had a class at the Museum of Natural Science in Houston so while they were busy in there I took a walk around Hermann Park. Enjoyed the day and watched families have picnics while squirrels and birds tried to steal their food. Also found a couple of geocaches hidden in the park.

Pretty views.Setting up for some fancy shmancy affair complete with elegantly set tables, a stage, fans, and a full bar. Why wasn't I invited?!Time to head back to the museum to get the kids. It was so nice that I hated to leave.
Picked up the kiddos from class and headed to the ticket booth to get our parking pass. Members only pay $5 but when I reached for my wallet it was gone!! I must have left it at home. I found a credit card in my purse. What do you mean it's declined???!!! Expired. Crap!

Went to the van and scraped up all of the loose change I could find. Just barely over $3. Where would I get the extra money?! No money. No ID. No debit card.

We were about to start searching through water fountains and/or begging for money when I found an old gift debit card from our utility company. I quickly got on my phone and found that the balance was $2.05. Disaster averted! Whew!

After paying for parking and making our way home, we had some lunch. Sure, I had gotten my exercise in for the day but the kids hadn't so off we went to a nearby nature park for a walk.

Got a couple of geocaches while out there (found one with a geocoin from Belgium!)and made some new friends: (wooly bear caterpillar) Charlie got to see a dragonfly up close and a wooly bear. Other than the drama, it was a good day.

The calorie burns have been fantastic. Despite keeping a deficit my stupid (*#$*&@^ scale said I was up 3 pounds this morning. I refuse to believe that. I'm exercising, eating about 1500 calories, burning up a LOT of calories, drinking my water. Sodium perhaps? I'm going to try to avoid that terrible machine until Sunday. Then I'll check the weight again. The good thing is that my clothes are fitting better (actually falling off) and Chuck thinks I look great. :) Plus I'm having a blast getting the kids involved in a healthy, active lifestyle.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let's Work it Out

The best kind of exercise is when you're having so much fun that you don't even realize you're burning off calories. You're not worried about calories and speed and distance. Just having a good time.

Tuesday Rachel had her last chemistry class which lasts 2 hours. I needed to get some exercise so I took Charlie walking through the neighborhood by the class. There were geocaches all along the route and he had a great time spotting them. We laughed and talked and the time flew by. At our 9th cache I looked at my watch and realized I only had 30 minutes before I had to get Rachel. Oh no!!!

We walked really fast on the way back and that's when the whining started. Exercise isn't exercise when you're having fun but as soon as the fun ends the whining starts. Charlie acted like he was about to die but as soon as we got within sight of the van he miraculously was alive again and started running towards the car. Kids. :-/

In all we did 3.78 miles in 1 hour 43 minutes. The best part is that I got to take a lovely walk with my son.

I had a great calorie burn for the day: 2565 My deficit was -1310!! And my weight is down to 187. It feels good to be dropping this weight.

Wednesday is my run day according to my handy dandy notebook. I once again dragged Rachel along for the fun. During our warm up walk we were talking about her goal race (the Galveston Seawall 10K) and I was trying to get her excited about it. She shared that she is afraid of the race. I understand completely. I'm pretty scared of the half marathon. But that's why we train now. Our training will prepare us for our goals. Right now we'd have a tough time finishing either race. I'm not saying it would be impossible but it would be difficult, to say the least.

Monday we ran a 2:1 ratio (2 minutes running, 1 minute walking) for 30 minutes. There was weeping and gnashing of teeth. Today I thought we would try a 30:30 ratio (run 30 seconds, walk 30 seconds) for 30 minutes to see how it went. There was still general complaining but I did not hear "I can't" once from her. Yeah! Small victories. There was a little drama when a side stitch decided to show up on the scene but we discussed that side stitches are really harmless though painful. Deep breaths should be taken, not shallow little gasps. And we worked through it.

The last 30 second interval I asked her to give it all she had and I was going to do the same. It's ok if we have different ideas of what that might be. Just run your butt off for those 30 seconds. We both did it! 2.16 miles in 31.20 minutes

I got another high five and "I did it" from her. Want to end the runs on an encouraging note. :)

I must say that I felt freakin' terrific after those intervals. I could have kept going and going. I still had energy after it was all over. And I'm so thankful for my Garmin Forerunner so I don't have to watch the time. It beeps when it's time to run and when it's time to walk and does a little digital victory "song" when the whole thing is over. Love me some gadgets.

I don't mean to sound impatient but I'm so ready to be out of this whole weight loss mindset and into maintenance. I'm ready to be at goal and wearing the cutest of clothes. I'm ready for this huge belly roll to be history. It takes time, I know, but sometimes I get a little bit sick of the day to day struggles.

It can take me an hour to burn 400 calories but only 5 minutes to take in 400 calories. It can take a week for me to burn off 3500 calories but only a meal or two to take in 3500 calories. That's why it's so difficult to lose this stuff but so easy to gain weight.

The struggle continues. I am happy to say that I've been enjoying the journey to fit. There have been so many new experiences and more in the plans. I'd like to make it as much like my walk with Charlie as possible: I'm having so much fun along the way that I don't even realize that I'm working towards my goal.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Training 101

My goal training schedule looks like this:

Monday: run 30 minutes at whatever pace
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: run 30 minutes at whatever pace
Thursday: walk
Friday: off
Saturday: long run
Sunday: off

I try to stay pretty active on the weekends so even my off days have a decent calorie burn.

It's great that I'm working so hard to get in shape but what about my kids? Even though I may be setting a good example for them they haven't wanted to jump on the exercise bandwagon. What's a mom to do?

Here's how you go from being a great mom to worst mom in the world in less than 30 minutes: tell your 14 year old daughter that she is going to start running with you. I tell her it's part of her PE credit. She has to do it.

6 pm Monday

We start off with a gentle 5 minute walk to warm up the muscles. Then it's time to run. I don't expect her to go fast and I don't expect this to be easy so I go at even slower pace. It actually felt quite good! I didn't even get winded. Rachel, on the other hand, thought for sure that she was going to die. I kept asking her if she could talk and if she couldn't we would slow it down even more. Then she decided (less than a mile into this) that she couldn't do it.

Rachel: I can't do it. I can't do it!

Me: But you are doing it. Look at you go.

Rachel: It's too hard. I can't do it.

Me: If it were easy you would see everyone in this neighborhood out doing it. But you don't. You are doing it though.

Rachel: How is that supposed to help me?

(continue with run 2 minutes walk 1 minute a couple of times)

Rachel: I think my shoes are too tight. I can't do it.

Me: Really? Sorry, sweety. We're too far away from the house for me to do anything about it now. Besides, I haven't heard you complain about those shoes before.

(continue run/walk/run intervals a couple of times)

Rachel: I can't breathe. *gasp* I can't breathe.

Me: Then slow the pace until you can breathe. It can be your walking pace if you need it to be. Just don't stop. Barely lift those feet. You can do it.

Rachel: I can't breathe.

Me: But you are breathing!

(run a little more)

Rachel: I can't feel my ankles!

Me: OK. Enough excuses. You're going to finish this.

Rachel: But I hate running!

Me: Join the club.

My favorite is when she'd slow the pace so much that she would get behind me and just walk. Like I didn't know what she was doing! So I had to force her to stay beside me.

Seriously, it was like taking a dog on its first walk on the leash. You know how they flip around and twist and flop on the ground? Then you end up dragging them sometimes. That was Rachel.

In 30 minutes we covered 2.11 miles at the lightning pace of 14:13 pace. LOL

At the end we gave each other a high five and she said, "I did it!!!" She did do it. I think I worked just as hard at running as I did trying to make her run.

Before I'm handed Meanest Mom Blogger in the World award, let me share something. Rachel wants to do 5K races. She wants the shirts. She wants the swag. But she doesn't want to work for it. She feels like she is going to die every time she goes to a race (which isn't often) and then feels bad that her time is so slow. I want to help her feel better. I want to help her get in great shape and reach her potential. She complains that she isn't in good shape (I won't let her use words like fat...working on positive self image) but just doesn't want to do the work. Not any more. She'll be able to run any race she wants and feel terrific. I'm trying to give her wings to fly.

I'm going to have her do the two 30 minute runs with me during the week and I'll stay at her pace to make sure she is actually running encourage her along the way. On the longer weekend runs she can continue her 30 minute runs until she feels stronger and can go further. Don't want to push her too much.

Time to officially announce my training goal. I'm training for the Galveston Seawall Half Marathon on November 20th!

It sounds like a lot of fun and a great race for a first half marathon. Being the detail freak that I am, I emailed the race director with a few questions and told him that this would be my first race and I'm nervous and want all of the details. He reminded me that this is supposed to be fun. In other words, chillax.

I have 190 days to train before the race. If I can stay injury free it should not be a problem. I'm hoping that Rachel will be ready to do the 10K and earn a medal. I think it would be great for her self confidence.

This weekend will be my first "long" run at 4 miles. I also need to start working to find my pace for the half. It was suggested in the Galloway book that I run my marathon pace for the first 10 miles and then I can go at whatever pace I want during the last 3 miles. I can run the whole thing at the end or just crawl. ;-)


Yesterday I mentioned that I had gone geocaching and a couple of you wanted to know what that was.

Geocaching is like a high tech treasure hunt. You use GPS to locate hidden caches all over the world. I bet there are some right down the road from you that you've passed a bunch of times and never knew it. I had one in my own neighborhood!

People hide a small container (like a film canister or toothpick holder) or larger container (like a locking side type tupperware or ammo can) and place a log book and some trinkets inside (like costume jewelry, little toys, etc). The caches are logged in a database at where you can search for caches anywhere in the world. You do need an account at the web site but they are free unless you want a premium membership (which you certainly don't need to find caches).

After you find a cache near you on the web site, use your GPS to help you locate it. Then sign the log. You can also exchange trinkets. Later, log your visit at the web site.

Droid and iphone have apps for it so it's really easy to find the caches. I have a droid and Chuck has the iphone. The free app for the Droid is much better than the free app for the iphone, in my opinion.

It's a lot of fun and the caches often take you to locations that you never knew existed. Go to the web site to see a short video about what geocaching is and how to get started.

That's it for today folks. It's going to be a busy day so I have to get this party started.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Summer Kick Off 5k and Mother's Day

Saturday was the last Summer Kick Off 5K run. They've had this race for 19 years in honor of James Glenn who died when he was 19 years old from a heart condition.

Chuck was supposed to race with Rachel and I but he was too sick. I hated leaving him at home. This is the first time he was not able to go to one of the races as my pit crew.

We left the house that morning at 6:30am which is waaaay too early for a night owl like me. I put on my beautiful necklace that Shelley had given to me. (Thanks, Shelley. I love it!!!) It was so sweet of her to send this. I really needed that little boost.
We arrived at the race shortly after they started handing out packets. Even though there were so many people here they were efficient and we didn't have to wait in line at all.

Charlie's race was first at 7:30am. I only had my cell phone so the pics are not great. Look at all of those kids!!!
Charlie on the way to the finish line. Go!!! Go!! Go!!!I gave Charlie my car keys and cell phone and had him sit on a curb near the start/finish line. I was a little freaked out leaving him there while I ran but there really wasn't another way. People at these events seem to watch out for each other. So he held my stuff and played his Nintendo DSi.
Before the race started my stomach started cramping. Great! I do not need this before the race even starts. Fortunately there were no port-o-potties. We had the real thing here. I've never run a race with stomach problems. I've read about people who have though. I'm telling you that this is one experience that you do not want to have. But the show must go on.
There were so many people that it took Rachel and I a few seconds to cross the start line after the race started. Then we were off. For the first quarter mile it was so crowded that you had to really go slow. Slower than usual for me which is really slow. Then the crowd started to disperse and we were on our way.
Rachel hung in there with me for the first half mile then had to take a walk break. At mile one I always start wondering the same thing that I always do at races: why am I doing this? I hate running. Can I get out of it right now? I swear I'm never doing this again. Bad attitude, right? Please keep in mind that my stomach was hurting pretty badly, my knee was getting little shots of pain from time to time, one foot was bothering me (time for new shoes I think) and the humidity was 200% (which is really lame of humidity since the law of mathematics says it can only be 100% but it rarely obeys the law in Texas).
The last time I struggled so mightily with a race was my first one in 2008 when I ran a 53 minute 5K. I use the term "ran" very loosely here. This one seemed just as tough. Even though it was only 3.1 miles it felt like an endurance race.
At one point I asked a policeman if he would give me a ride to the finish line. Of course, I said it half jokingly. We laughed it off and I kept going. "Hahahaha. No, really. Can I have a ride back?"
Finally that finish line was within sight. No more walk breaks. I had to get there. I passed a teenage girl puking in some bushes. One old lady passed me running in sandals and denim shorts!! Really? Nice.
I slogged all the way in and even had a "cheerleader" comment on my smile. I said, "Yes! I can see the finish line!!!"
At the finish there were bubbles blowing and we were each given a cold, wet towel to refresh us. Then there was a water station and we were sent to the post race party. I found Charlie right were I left him and we waited to cheer in Rachel.
She told me after she crossed the finish line that after the first water station she almost hurled. She drank the whole cup of water. Not good. Her tummy did not like it and she struggled the rest of the way of the race. But she finished.
The post race party had two long lines of tables filled with bagels, cream cheese, cinnamon rolls, Subway sandwiches, cut oranges and bananas. Then there was an ice chest filled to the top with Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches. To the side there were large buckets filled with various bottles of soda and other refreshments. There were door prizes and a band.
We didn't have time for the door prizes. We grabbed some goodies and sat on a curb and talked about the race. This is the point where we start to forget about the pain of the race and begin to talk about future races. We were refreshed and the energy of the race kind of sweeps you up. Love it! Even though all of our run times were worse than usual, we had a great time. Do you really want to know my time? Please have mercy. Remember that I had some terrible problems going on. 41:48. Ugh.
I should also mention that I can no longer get an XL tee shirt for races. They are just too big. Time to go for L. Yeah!
I had to rush to take Rachel to Sims Bayou Urban Nature Center where she volunteered for a spring festival. She brought a change of clothes. Poor kid. We got there right before 10am and she changed and had to work until 3pm.
I went home and showered and stayed with my sick hubby. Then we all went to pick Rachel up. Got her home and cleaned up then it was time to meet Chuck's family for dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
After dinner we stopped and picked up a geocache at a local park. My Rachel slipped on some rocks and got some nasty cuts. Then it was off to the in-laws' house to visit for a while. Yep, it was a busy day and we all slept very soundly that night.
I'd also like to mention that I am so glad I got a running log. I use it for other things than running like what we did on certain days and what my calorie deficits were each day.
Sunday: Mother's Day
What a great day! Chuck got up and made us breakfast. He's feeling better. He and the kids had signed a beautiful card for me. Charlie gave me a couple of erasers, a card and a butterfly. Rachel made a cute bracelet with glass chili peppers and beads. I love my family. :)

After breakfast we went out geocaching for the day. I wanted nothing more than to spend the day with my family.
So much fun to find hidden treasures along the roads and in parks. The kids are getting really good at finding these. We found 10!
And we got to see pretty trails along the way.
We stopped for a picnic at Brazos Bend State Park. Cold pizza and soda. LOL mmmm....terrible. We had a good time laughing at Charlie who seemed to keep getting spiders on him. They would crawl right on him and he would start jumping around. Chuck thought it was so funny that Dr Pepper almost came out of his nose once. :)
We hiked all over the place out there. The GPS was not working right and we kept heading in different directions. At one point we blazed our own trail through tall weeds. Kind of spooky.
I will say that we worked up a sweat out there. I burned some major calories that day. I wish I would have worn my Garmin to tell me how many miles we walked.
We were all over the place. We ended up at Stephen F Austin State Park outside of Sealy. It was getting late so we grabbed that cache quickly and left. But there was one more cache outside of the park so we stopped for, what we thought would be, a quick cache. This was rough terrain. It was near the Brazos River which must flood sometimes and change the landscape of these woods. We climbed steep hills covered in brush, trees and thorn bushes. I found a pocketknife! Bonus. I think we all ended up with some bad cuts. We finally decided to give up and found a dead owl on the way out. But Chuck wanted to give it one more try so we headed back into the thick brush. Rachel found the cache at the top of a steep hill! yeah! And she found a tick on her. :(
We were a sweaty mess. No going inside a restaurant for us. Instead we went to a Wendy's drive thru and I got a spicy chicken sandwich combo. I haven't had one in a while and these are so good. They also happened to be giving out a free junior frosty with every combo. So we got our victuals and sat in the van under a tree in the parking lot and ate our dinner. Even though it may not sound too great to most, it was a wonderful and memorable Mother's Day for me.
And believe it or not, I actually had a decent calorie deficit each day!
Some weigh in news:
Finally the scale is moving again. I'm 188 pounds now!!!! I haven't seen the 180s in a long time. It feels good.
Hope your weekend was as great as mine. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweatin': The Good Times and the Bad

There are times when exercise feels like a chore. And then there are times when exercise happens and you don't even realize you are burning off calories because you're having so much fun. So far this week I have experience both.

Monday: Took the kids to San Jacinto Battleground to do some geocaching. Texas Parks & Wildlife is having a geocache challenge and has hidden caches at 10 "area" Houston state parks. I guess the Houston area now includes drives 3-4 hours away.

Got to the park and were told we couldn't access the trail we needed because there were a gazillion school kids on a field trip. We were told of a trail that goes around the back of the park but to beware because wild hogs are out there and can be dangerous. Even though I am a pistol packing momma, I don't want to deal with wild anythings today.

We wait until most of the school groups leave and hit our trail. We find the cache in the woods but we also found a swarm of mosquitoes. You had to be careful breathing because you might inhale some. I haven't seen them that thick in a while. I simply can not begin to imagine how terrible it must have been for Sam Houston and his army camping out there.

Rode the very tiny Lynchburg Ferry across the water and headed to Sheldon Lake State Park. It was quite a hike across a prairie to the cache location. Rachel found it without any trouble.
We did notice a small pond nearby that had a young alligator watching us. Creepy.

Tuesday: Mother Nature can be a real beach. That's all I want to say on that topic. I took a rest day.

Wednesday: I haven't mentioned this but ever since the last Saturday of April I have had knee pain on my left leg. It runs from behind my knee down the side of my leg to my ankle. I tried running on the beach last week but it hurt so badly that I was mostly limping. Today I decided to give it a test run.

I got my gear on (Garmin and bodybugg) and headed out the door. I really need to find some other places to run nearby. I'm getting bored with my neighborhood. I need excitement! Adventure!

After a 5 minute walking warm up I started my run at 8:40am. Felt ok on the knee. I was going to go extra slow (if it's possible to go slower than my usual pace) and not overdo it. After a mile I took a 1 minute walk break then started up again. Let me tell you: it is HOT at 9am now! I was sweating like crazy and was sure that any moment I would drop from a heat stroke. Ah, a little drama in the morning. :)

All in all, I did 2.55 miles in 35 minutes. I did have to take a few walk breaks for the sake of my knee.

I love having a log book where I can write about my runs and walks. Do you have a log book? Do you record your exercise anywhere?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Old Bones and New Goals

Yeah! It's finally May. Time to get busy with some goals and kicking into gear. But before all of that, I just have to share our Friday evening with you.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is having an archaeopteryx exhibit. Last night they had a members' event that had refreshments and a special viewing of the exhibit. There were also paleontologist and geologists throughout the exhibit to explain the significance of the fossils. The kids were enthralled. I think I had my mouth hanging open most of the time too. When I grow up, I definitely want to be a paleontologist!

A few of the fossils we saw: (there are so many more pics of turtles, marine lizards, insects, saltwater crocodiles, etc but I couldn't post them all)

Look at the teeth on that pterosaur! One idea is that this kind dove for fish. They also had a very small one that looked like it had the head of a frog and the body of a bat. It was about the size of a small bat. So fascinating!
Holy crap, Rachel! Watch out. There's an archaeopteryx about to get you!
And the star of the show: archaeopteryx. This is one of 10 that have been found. The picture really doesn't do it justice. You could see the feather impressions so clearly. It was amazing. The "wishbone" is at the top middle of the photo. It's considerably small than today's birds and there was no keel which leads scientists to believe that it glided from trees. It also had hollow bones. So many reptile features and bird features. Very interesting.
We were also told that the museum will be getting more fossils for their permanent exhibit hall and will be building a new hall that will be spectacular. One man also mentioned the museum obtaining a triceratops. What floored me is that he mentioned that there is some speculation that they might have had quills or feathers! And even t-rex may have had protofeathers. He told us that fossilized DNA had been found and that its closest match is the modern day chicken. Weird stuff! The paleontologist told me to look up a picture of microraptor when I got home. Another feathered dinosaur! Amazing. Just amazing. I love this stuff.
I also want to mention that the Sugar Land division of the museum will have Leonardo the dinosaur mummy on an extended exhibit starting sometime this month.
May 1st.
It's time. **cue Rocky music** It's time to get down and dirty with this whole fitness lifestyle. It's time to get serious. It's time to make goals and stick to them no matter what.
Summer is upon us. What will you do with this time? Will you be in the same shape, worse shape or better shape by August? Let's not worry about August. Instead, let's just focus on 1 month. Four weeks. May. What can you do in one month? A lot! You could lose inches. You could run that mile. You could lose pounds. Or you could backslide. We each get to make the decision each and every day where we want to go. I am choosing to run that 5 miles and lose weight. I want to track my food and calories. May is going to be stellar for me because I am choosing to make it that way. Forget about April. It's over.
May goals:
  • run 3x a week
  • reach 5 mile goal
  • track all food
  • keep a deficit each and every day (even my birthday)
  • cross train at least twice a week (swim, strength, spin, walk, etc)
  • lose 5 pounds (more would be wonderful)
  • drink my water every day
  • look for one new experience

Last month I did not achieve my goals. I got a little lazy. I did have new experiences though: camped at a new campground and did a 6k with my family.

For some motivation I bought a training journal and a daily motivational book:
Please join me this month in sticking to goals. Misery loves company and I'd love to know that I'm not the only one out here getting down and dirty in the fitness department. :)

I've got my bodybugg on and I'm ready to hit the trails and burn up some calories. I should mention that I now have a lovely striped tan around my arm where the bodybugg sits. LOL I'll have to share a photo in a future post.

Have a lovely weekend.

*EDIT: If you saw Biggest Loser and the 5K last week then you may be interested to read the blog of someone who ran in it.*