Saturday, May 1, 2010

Old Bones and New Goals

Yeah! It's finally May. Time to get busy with some goals and kicking into gear. But before all of that, I just have to share our Friday evening with you.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is having an archaeopteryx exhibit. Last night they had a members' event that had refreshments and a special viewing of the exhibit. There were also paleontologist and geologists throughout the exhibit to explain the significance of the fossils. The kids were enthralled. I think I had my mouth hanging open most of the time too. When I grow up, I definitely want to be a paleontologist!

A few of the fossils we saw: (there are so many more pics of turtles, marine lizards, insects, saltwater crocodiles, etc but I couldn't post them all)

Look at the teeth on that pterosaur! One idea is that this kind dove for fish. They also had a very small one that looked like it had the head of a frog and the body of a bat. It was about the size of a small bat. So fascinating!
Holy crap, Rachel! Watch out. There's an archaeopteryx about to get you!
And the star of the show: archaeopteryx. This is one of 10 that have been found. The picture really doesn't do it justice. You could see the feather impressions so clearly. It was amazing. The "wishbone" is at the top middle of the photo. It's considerably small than today's birds and there was no keel which leads scientists to believe that it glided from trees. It also had hollow bones. So many reptile features and bird features. Very interesting.
We were also told that the museum will be getting more fossils for their permanent exhibit hall and will be building a new hall that will be spectacular. One man also mentioned the museum obtaining a triceratops. What floored me is that he mentioned that there is some speculation that they might have had quills or feathers! And even t-rex may have had protofeathers. He told us that fossilized DNA had been found and that its closest match is the modern day chicken. Weird stuff! The paleontologist told me to look up a picture of microraptor when I got home. Another feathered dinosaur! Amazing. Just amazing. I love this stuff.
I also want to mention that the Sugar Land division of the museum will have Leonardo the dinosaur mummy on an extended exhibit starting sometime this month.
May 1st.
It's time. **cue Rocky music** It's time to get down and dirty with this whole fitness lifestyle. It's time to get serious. It's time to make goals and stick to them no matter what.
Summer is upon us. What will you do with this time? Will you be in the same shape, worse shape or better shape by August? Let's not worry about August. Instead, let's just focus on 1 month. Four weeks. May. What can you do in one month? A lot! You could lose inches. You could run that mile. You could lose pounds. Or you could backslide. We each get to make the decision each and every day where we want to go. I am choosing to run that 5 miles and lose weight. I want to track my food and calories. May is going to be stellar for me because I am choosing to make it that way. Forget about April. It's over.
May goals:
  • run 3x a week
  • reach 5 mile goal
  • track all food
  • keep a deficit each and every day (even my birthday)
  • cross train at least twice a week (swim, strength, spin, walk, etc)
  • lose 5 pounds (more would be wonderful)
  • drink my water every day
  • look for one new experience

Last month I did not achieve my goals. I got a little lazy. I did have new experiences though: camped at a new campground and did a 6k with my family.

For some motivation I bought a training journal and a daily motivational book:
Please join me this month in sticking to goals. Misery loves company and I'd love to know that I'm not the only one out here getting down and dirty in the fitness department. :)

I've got my bodybugg on and I'm ready to hit the trails and burn up some calories. I should mention that I now have a lovely striped tan around my arm where the bodybugg sits. LOL I'll have to share a photo in a future post.

Have a lovely weekend.

*EDIT: If you saw Biggest Loser and the 5K last week then you may be interested to read the blog of someone who ran in it.*


  1. Those are all great goals!

    I'm going to think about some goals for myself, too :)

  2. Wait, run 5 miles all at once?!? I better get busy!

    I am so in for this month - let's make it a good one so we can show great progress by June 1!

    P.S. I'm sending you a surprise - well, that kinda spoiled it - look for something fun in the mail next week!

    P.S.S. Your museum visit was really interesting - love those fossils!

  3. Unreal looking creatures, eh?
    If I can show up on the sidelines and cheer you on, I will!
    June 1st, here we come!
    I have also dedicated this month to getting it all the butt-kicking department.

  4. Very interesting stuff from the museum.

    That's pretty funny about your tan line! I always wear a t-shirt when being active outside and I've found I've a bit of a farmer's tan! But hey, they're signs that we're getting more fit, right? :)

  5. @ Shelley: lol. too funny.

    Great pics! Thanks for the smiles and a great start to my week. Hugs, Kirsten

  6. Kelly, I'm totally with you on rockin out May!! I'm ready to shed some lbs and get some good milage in this month!!

    Lets keep each other accountable!!

  7. That looks like a really cool museum.

    You can totally rock 5miles.

  8. Long time lurker here! I see you home school, I don't but I am a teacher and have a "recipe" for making fossils with the kids.
    1cup flour
    1/2 cup salt
    1 cup coffee grinds
    1/2 cup cold coffee
    Mix until blended, knead on floured surface until dough smooth

    Roll until about 1/2 inch thick, shape slab of dough(sides), Press shells, sticks etc into dough tomake fossil print, let dryto harden. The dough really looks like a sandy dirt fossil. Just be careful they can be fragile depending on the thickness. Enjoy!


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