Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pickin' and Grinnin'

Wednesday, after my morning run, I took the kids to pick some of these in some woods near our neighborhood:

We walked there so everyone would get their daily quota of torture exercise.

It's so much fun finding free food within walking distance of your home. My minions working for me. Pick faster!Not only did we find blackberries but pretty flowers and:It was a hot day so on the way back home we stopped by the "lake" to rest.While resting we had a ladybug visitor.The bounty:
The results:So delicious! Served with a little Blue Bell Vanilla Bean ice cream while it's still warm from the oven. mmmmm. Can't be beat.

This is a great cobbler. You can get the recipe here. I only used 3 Tbs. of melted light stick butter. Also added a sprinkle or two of cinnamon and a little vanilla.


Today is my "off" day from running but I am still supposed to take a walk per my schedule. The kids had a class at the Museum of Natural Science in Houston so while they were busy in there I took a walk around Hermann Park. Enjoyed the day and watched families have picnics while squirrels and birds tried to steal their food. Also found a couple of geocaches hidden in the park.

Pretty views.Setting up for some fancy shmancy affair complete with elegantly set tables, a stage, fans, and a full bar. Why wasn't I invited?!Time to head back to the museum to get the kids. It was so nice that I hated to leave.
Picked up the kiddos from class and headed to the ticket booth to get our parking pass. Members only pay $5 but when I reached for my wallet it was gone!! I must have left it at home. I found a credit card in my purse. What do you mean it's declined???!!! Expired. Crap!

Went to the van and scraped up all of the loose change I could find. Just barely over $3. Where would I get the extra money?! No money. No ID. No debit card.

We were about to start searching through water fountains and/or begging for money when I found an old gift debit card from our utility company. I quickly got on my phone and found that the balance was $2.05. Disaster averted! Whew!

After paying for parking and making our way home, we had some lunch. Sure, I had gotten my exercise in for the day but the kids hadn't so off we went to a nearby nature park for a walk.

Got a couple of geocaches while out there (found one with a geocoin from Belgium!)and made some new friends: (wooly bear caterpillar) Charlie got to see a dragonfly up close and a wooly bear. Other than the drama, it was a good day.

The calorie burns have been fantastic. Despite keeping a deficit my stupid (*#$*&@^ scale said I was up 3 pounds this morning. I refuse to believe that. I'm exercising, eating about 1500 calories, burning up a LOT of calories, drinking my water. Sodium perhaps? I'm going to try to avoid that terrible machine until Sunday. Then I'll check the weight again. The good thing is that my clothes are fitting better (actually falling off) and Chuck thinks I look great. :) Plus I'm having a blast getting the kids involved in a healthy, active lifestyle.


  1. The berries look good. I can't wait to pick berries this weekend.

  2. I went foraging for free berries yesterday too. I noticed a mulberry tree on an empty lot on my bike ride home from work. So I grabbed the hubby when I got home, adn we walked back to pick some. Thanks to his long arms, we were able to get a quart of them. And they're mine, all mine, b/c he doesn't like mulberries. But that's okay because I love them. And they're even better since I foraged them!

  3. Yummy berries and wow, that grass is green. We are just starting to turn green - still yucky brown in my back yard... might have something to do with the dog though :)

    I love how you are getting your kids active - it makes exercising fun and so good for your relationship with them.

    I like going for walks with my daughter but she is just about 30 and I wished I had done it when they were younger.... maybe we both wouldn't have been were we are today if I had started this earlier.
    Mind you - my son - hasn't an ounce of fat on him.... he obviously doesn't take after his momma :) hee hee...

    When I was 11, we had this bush outside our house that was covered in the yellow/black catepillers - one day I put lots of them on my legs/arms and let them crawl all over me. Well that night, they felt like they were still on me and I couldn't sleep. I had to sleep with the light on so that each time I got the little tickle, I could just open my eyes and see there was nothing there.... it was not a good experience. :) Oh the things I did as a kid.

  4. Oh man, I just know that the carmelized corners of the cobbler are the best part!

  5. Oh the blackberries look great as well as the yummy pudding.

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  7. I can't spell. :P So what I was saying...There is nothing like Blue Bell and cobbler! My favorite! Other states don't know what they're missing!

  8. No Blue Bell in Las Vegas! I couldn't believe it when I moved here! Still can't, actually...

  9. That is so cool to pick wild blackberries! And by baking the cobbler, you can trick, uh, convince your kids to go pickin' again!

  10. Pick faster - haha - were they eating them as fast as they were picking them....or am I projecting again?

  11. Those blackberries look fabulous. I would have eaten them all before even getting home!

  12. Eh, screw the scale. :) If your clothes are falling off and your hubby thinks you look great, then it's all good! Great job on all the exercise...and blackberry cobbler, oh my...mmmmmm. :)

  13. Kelly those berries are beautiful!!

    Thanks for the shout out about the giveaway. The 2nd and 3rd are up on my blog now!

  14. I am coveting your berries. MMM. And I laughed out loud when you called then your minions. You are a rockstar of awesomeness. :) Thanks the for the smiles.
    Hugs, Kirsten

  15. Those berries and the cobbler look soo good.. **Mouth watering**

    You always take such good pics and I always enjoy your posts.

  16. Your cobbler looks pretty awesome! All of the photos are amazing.
    Path to Health


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