Thursday, May 27, 2010


I am so guilty of taking things for granted sometimes. When we went through Hurricane Ike and lost power and the ability to get fresh groceries I learned that I took for granted things like ice, water, air conditioning, gasoline, mobility, communication, housing, computers, food (!), electricity, etc.

When my kids (usually Charlie) has a medical scare I realize that I take them for granted too. If I can't reach Chuck and start to worry that maybe he got in a wreck or something, I realize that I take him for granted.

I wake up each morning. I expect to wake up each morning as healthy (or better) than when I went to sleep. Then sometimes something happens to remind us of how precious each day really is. It reminds us how fortunate we are to have our families. Yesterday, I had one of those reminders.

Wednesday promised to be another packed day of activities. I planned to run early but by the time I got myself awake and together it was already reaching the temperature of Hades. I got the kids fed and started school. Almost as soon as we started it was time to go to a special 4H meeting where we would learn about chickens. I love chickens. :)

On the way to the chicken place, we passed through a neighborhood where a lady lived who had taught me about raw foods. Can we have a little flashback here? *cue foggy flashback memories*

As a fluffy girl, I've tried just about all of the weight loss gimmicks out there. One that I was introduced to a few years ago was raw foods. The idea is that you eat fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds in their raw form so that you get their enzymes which heat destroys. You will lose weight, feel great, and look years younger. Right?

A sweet lady named Anna Tipps taught a class for us and some friends and showed us how to do this. I got to know Anna through emails, phone calls, and talking to her in person. She was a busy mom of 4 and lived at a beautiful home in the country. Eventually she started a raw foods magazine called Purely Delicious. Not only did she do all of this but she was a photographer. Anna is just someone you love. She always has a smile. Unfortunately, raw foods did not help me lose weight and I craved cooked foods all of the time. But I did feel pretty fabulous eating raw foods! And I collected a variety of gadgets for preparing raw goodies. Eventually Anna and I lost contact.

*Flash forward to yesterday* While driving near Anna's neighborhood I thought about her. We hadn't talked in about 3 or 4 years so I decided to check in on her web site and see what she was up to. That's when I got the big reminder that life is so precious. Anna had passed away January 31, 2010 after a battle with breast cancer. I had no idea. It hit me pretty hard. She left behind a hudband and four young children. She tried so hard to eat only organic, raw foods and tried to make the healthiest choices but in the end she still got breast cancer. It sucks!

I did take it pretty hard last night. If any good can come out of something so tragic it's that I look at my family and my own life in a different light. Every single day is so precious and a chance to learn more and experience more. And each day I get to hug my kids and my sweet hubby and tell them how much I love them.

Anna was such a sweet, loving lady. I wish you could have met her.


  1. Such a shock. Cancer sucks so much. What a loss. :(

  2. So sad :( Sorry to hear about this, Kelly.

  3. sorry for all of our collective loss... sounds like an amazing woman.

  4. Sad post. But a realistic post.

    Live life fully. And fully respect her. She can be a cruel mistress, but should still be enjoyed.


  5. wow, such a loss to her sweet family. Thank you for helping us all remember not to take a single day for granted.

  6. It's raining and pouring all over your sweet head.
    Chin up....after the tears dry....
    Every day is a gift!

  7. I am so sorry! It does remind us to not take things for granted. Thank you for sharing.

  8. So sad. Things like that really put things in perspective quick.

  9. Beautiful post even though the subject was sad. Sorry to hear about the loss and thank you for the reminder to live life while we have it.

  10. Kelly, how sad!! Very to sorry to hear that!!

    PS Yes I'm coming to Texas. Austin to be exact. Email if you will be in the area

    bangert dot darci at gmail dot com

  11. Oh that's terrible! I hate cancer! Several family members have had it.

  12. Hey Kelly...can you email me plz?? I have some questions about the body bugg. Thanks!!

  13. never is too late to wish a very nice life, with success and hapiness. Happy Birthday! Happy days!


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