Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweatin': The Good Times and the Bad

There are times when exercise feels like a chore. And then there are times when exercise happens and you don't even realize you are burning off calories because you're having so much fun. So far this week I have experience both.

Monday: Took the kids to San Jacinto Battleground to do some geocaching. Texas Parks & Wildlife is having a geocache challenge and has hidden caches at 10 "area" Houston state parks. I guess the Houston area now includes drives 3-4 hours away.

Got to the park and were told we couldn't access the trail we needed because there were a gazillion school kids on a field trip. We were told of a trail that goes around the back of the park but to beware because wild hogs are out there and can be dangerous. Even though I am a pistol packing momma, I don't want to deal with wild anythings today.

We wait until most of the school groups leave and hit our trail. We find the cache in the woods but we also found a swarm of mosquitoes. You had to be careful breathing because you might inhale some. I haven't seen them that thick in a while. I simply can not begin to imagine how terrible it must have been for Sam Houston and his army camping out there.

Rode the very tiny Lynchburg Ferry across the water and headed to Sheldon Lake State Park. It was quite a hike across a prairie to the cache location. Rachel found it without any trouble.
We did notice a small pond nearby that had a young alligator watching us. Creepy.

Tuesday: Mother Nature can be a real beach. That's all I want to say on that topic. I took a rest day.

Wednesday: I haven't mentioned this but ever since the last Saturday of April I have had knee pain on my left leg. It runs from behind my knee down the side of my leg to my ankle. I tried running on the beach last week but it hurt so badly that I was mostly limping. Today I decided to give it a test run.

I got my gear on (Garmin and bodybugg) and headed out the door. I really need to find some other places to run nearby. I'm getting bored with my neighborhood. I need excitement! Adventure!

After a 5 minute walking warm up I started my run at 8:40am. Felt ok on the knee. I was going to go extra slow (if it's possible to go slower than my usual pace) and not overdo it. After a mile I took a 1 minute walk break then started up again. Let me tell you: it is HOT at 9am now! I was sweating like crazy and was sure that any moment I would drop from a heat stroke. Ah, a little drama in the morning. :)

All in all, I did 2.55 miles in 35 minutes. I did have to take a few walk breaks for the sake of my knee.

I love having a log book where I can write about my runs and walks. Do you have a log book? Do you record your exercise anywhere?


  1. I think that hiking is great and having an objective like geocaching can make it even more entertaining. My wife is a botanist so we like the hiking just to see what plans we can find...we also like other critters we are always looking out for.

    I'm not good with exercise for exercise sake...I like it to support a more enjoyable activity.

    Its great how you get your kids out to do this stuff....super mom!

  2. What?!? You mean you don't want to be like our governor and shoot something on the trail? ;)

    Sorry about the knee/leg pain. No idea what it could be - glad you were able to run on it this morning. Wonder if a doctor's visit is in order?

    Did your mail come yet today???????

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  4. i could log my exercise book on the back of a hole-punch remnant. tsk tsk on me. but i'm getting closer...

    hugs, kirsten

  5. I do keep a exercise log nothing to formal just date/year weight and what exercises I did that day.

    If the rest,ice,compress, elevate method doesn't work within a week I would get that knee checked out. I have arthritis in my left knee and have to quit running every so often and ice & rest it up then I can run again but I know because I had a MRI that is what is "wrong"

    Bottome line: Don't run with knee pain get it checked out!

  6. The 'gator was there to provide running motivation!

  7. I do record my workouts & runs on daily mile & on my blog! it's nice to have a record. It holds me accountable.

  8. Alligators? That sure as heck would motivate /me/ to run!

  9. I love any "exercise" that does not have the word "exercise" associated with it like intensive deep clean housework or gardening, but for my age I also do a MSRO class with some yoga mixed in.

    I enjoy the people in the class.

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