Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Training 101

My goal training schedule looks like this:

Monday: run 30 minutes at whatever pace
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: run 30 minutes at whatever pace
Thursday: walk
Friday: off
Saturday: long run
Sunday: off

I try to stay pretty active on the weekends so even my off days have a decent calorie burn.

It's great that I'm working so hard to get in shape but what about my kids? Even though I may be setting a good example for them they haven't wanted to jump on the exercise bandwagon. What's a mom to do?

Here's how you go from being a great mom to worst mom in the world in less than 30 minutes: tell your 14 year old daughter that she is going to start running with you. I tell her it's part of her PE credit. She has to do it.

6 pm Monday

We start off with a gentle 5 minute walk to warm up the muscles. Then it's time to run. I don't expect her to go fast and I don't expect this to be easy so I go at even slower pace. It actually felt quite good! I didn't even get winded. Rachel, on the other hand, thought for sure that she was going to die. I kept asking her if she could talk and if she couldn't we would slow it down even more. Then she decided (less than a mile into this) that she couldn't do it.

Rachel: I can't do it. I can't do it!

Me: But you are doing it. Look at you go.

Rachel: It's too hard. I can't do it.

Me: If it were easy you would see everyone in this neighborhood out doing it. But you don't. You are doing it though.

Rachel: How is that supposed to help me?

(continue with run 2 minutes walk 1 minute a couple of times)

Rachel: I think my shoes are too tight. I can't do it.

Me: Really? Sorry, sweety. We're too far away from the house for me to do anything about it now. Besides, I haven't heard you complain about those shoes before.

(continue run/walk/run intervals a couple of times)

Rachel: I can't breathe. *gasp* I can't breathe.

Me: Then slow the pace until you can breathe. It can be your walking pace if you need it to be. Just don't stop. Barely lift those feet. You can do it.

Rachel: I can't breathe.

Me: But you are breathing!

(run a little more)

Rachel: I can't feel my ankles!

Me: OK. Enough excuses. You're going to finish this.

Rachel: But I hate running!

Me: Join the club.

My favorite is when she'd slow the pace so much that she would get behind me and just walk. Like I didn't know what she was doing! So I had to force her to stay beside me.

Seriously, it was like taking a dog on its first walk on the leash. You know how they flip around and twist and flop on the ground? Then you end up dragging them sometimes. That was Rachel.

In 30 minutes we covered 2.11 miles at the lightning pace of 14:13 pace. LOL

At the end we gave each other a high five and she said, "I did it!!!" She did do it. I think I worked just as hard at running as I did trying to make her run.

Before I'm handed Meanest Mom Blogger in the World award, let me share something. Rachel wants to do 5K races. She wants the shirts. She wants the swag. But she doesn't want to work for it. She feels like she is going to die every time she goes to a race (which isn't often) and then feels bad that her time is so slow. I want to help her feel better. I want to help her get in great shape and reach her potential. She complains that she isn't in good shape (I won't let her use words like fat...working on positive self image) but just doesn't want to do the work. Not any more. She'll be able to run any race she wants and feel terrific. I'm trying to give her wings to fly.

I'm going to have her do the two 30 minute runs with me during the week and I'll stay at her pace to make sure she is actually running encourage her along the way. On the longer weekend runs she can continue her 30 minute runs until she feels stronger and can go further. Don't want to push her too much.

Time to officially announce my training goal. I'm training for the Galveston Seawall Half Marathon on November 20th!

It sounds like a lot of fun and a great race for a first half marathon. Being the detail freak that I am, I emailed the race director with a few questions and told him that this would be my first race and I'm nervous and want all of the details. He reminded me that this is supposed to be fun. In other words, chillax.

I have 190 days to train before the race. If I can stay injury free it should not be a problem. I'm hoping that Rachel will be ready to do the 10K and earn a medal. I think it would be great for her self confidence.

This weekend will be my first "long" run at 4 miles. I also need to start working to find my pace for the half. It was suggested in the Galloway book that I run my marathon pace for the first 10 miles and then I can go at whatever pace I want during the last 3 miles. I can run the whole thing at the end or just crawl. ;-)


Yesterday I mentioned that I had gone geocaching and a couple of you wanted to know what that was.

Geocaching is like a high tech treasure hunt. You use GPS to locate hidden caches all over the world. I bet there are some right down the road from you that you've passed a bunch of times and never knew it. I had one in my own neighborhood!

People hide a small container (like a film canister or toothpick holder) or larger container (like a locking side type tupperware or ammo can) and place a log book and some trinkets inside (like costume jewelry, little toys, etc). The caches are logged in a database at geocaching.com where you can search for caches anywhere in the world. You do need an account at the web site but they are free unless you want a premium membership (which you certainly don't need to find caches).

After you find a cache near you on the web site, use your GPS to help you locate it. Then sign the log. You can also exchange trinkets. Later, log your visit at the web site.

Droid and iphone have apps for it so it's really easy to find the caches. I have a droid and Chuck has the iphone. The free app for the Droid is much better than the free app for the iphone, in my opinion.

It's a lot of fun and the caches often take you to locations that you never knew existed. Go to the web site to see a short video about what geocaching is and how to get started.

That's it for today folks. It's going to be a busy day so I have to get this party started.


  1. Congratulations to Rachel. Rachel, you are on your way to a healthier you, and a healthier mind set.
    Keep up the hard work! It is worth it.

    Congrats to mom for putting in the effort. This really shows what you are made of. It's not about the suffering inflicted, but the lifestyle inflicted. This, too, is worth the investment!

    Go Schus!

  2. You could really sub the name Sheryl for Rachel in the entire conversation. I really would like to run and respect those that do, but I just don't give myself the chance and spend my time whining about it. Wish you lived closer to push me on.....

  3. good luck with your training!

  4. You ARE the worst mom! lol. J/K.

    I'm torn about this running thing with Rachel. I understand that you want her to live up to her potential and that she even WANTS to do 5ks herself. But maybe you should start out with shorter runs and every week, increase it a little bit. Maybe 30 mins is too much for her to just jump right in. Maybe start with 10 mins 3 days a week or 15 mins.

    And then if she complains, tell her SHE is the one that wants to run the races. Tell her if she doesn't want to do the work, then she won't be able to do it.

    I don't know, just my thoughts. I tried to help my nephew run when he was younger (we all lived together). He wanted to do it b/c he was such a bad runner in baseball. And I just started with 2 blocks one way, 2 blocks back. 1/2 mile. He was a little younger than Rachel at the time. He was probably 10 years old.
    Interesting about the geochaching. I'll have to check that out. I heard about it before from other people and never knew what it was! Thanks!

    Oh and good luck training for the half! I wish I could do it with you!

  5. Good for Rachel! You're being a good mom, but I bet she was giving you some prize looks while you were cheering her on :P

    That geocaching stuff sounds so fun! I wonder if the nephews would be interested?

  6. Good luck at training for the half marathon. My hubby and I love to go geocaching too!

  7. Great job on encouraging your daughter to run with you. Pretty soon she'll get used to it and maybe even start enjoying it!

  8. I don't think pushing kids to do something outside of their comfort zone makes you a bad mom. Anything worth having takes work and effort. It's a good life lesson.

  9. I remember being Rachel's age (really, I do...) and HATING P.E. and having to run around the track at school. So she's just responding the way most of us (and forgive me if I'm generalizing) probably did when forced to exercise. But it's so good for her and I'm so glad that she high fived you and had a sense of accomplishment at the end! Keep it up - it will get easier for both of you!

    I am so excited about Galveston - I love that we have a goal now!!! You are worried about the race details and I'm thinking that we need to make hotel reservations already...between the two of us, we'll cover everything!


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