Friday, June 11, 2010

Faux Pas

Faux pas literally means "false step" in French. Did you know I took French for 3 years and translated an abridged version of Les Miserables from French to English then went to see the play? Oui! True story. French is such a lovely language.

Yesterday I took a false step. A faux pas, but not a social indiscretion. No, I stepped on a rock and got one of those invisible stone bruises on my foot that hurt like hell but leave no mark.

Are the running gods angry with me or something? Who are the running gods anyway? Nike? Whomever they may be, they cursed me with a gimp foot. I figure, "OK. Running may not be the best thing since it hurts but maybe I can go for a walk." Ouch! Crap!! Darn! Hell fire! Tarnation! Not fair.

There are so many sayings about the best laid plans and Murphy's Law, etc. Needless to say, I did not run last night and things aren't looking bright for today. But the weekend is just starting and I remain hopeful that if I don't do something stupid I will be able to run Sunday morning. A good 5.5 miler.

In other news, I watched Julie & Julia with Chuck last night. Does that show give you the urge to cook something really yummy or what? I think I'm going to make a really good dinner or two. Something beyond soups and casseroles. Haven't decided what just yet but the movie did inspire my inner chef.

But tonight I am going back to the wildlife center to feed baby birds for 3 hours. I am hoping that my foot will not complain too much. Oh, and I'll try to get some pictures of the babies for you to see. They're so cute!!

And if you go out running or walking today can you do a mile for me? I need the calorie burn. :) Thanks.


  1. HEE HEE after watching that movie I was itchin to make the Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon....

    Oui Oui... Im french.. I don't speak really good french anymore but I still can follow a conversation here and there.

    Hope your foot feels better.. :)

  2. I took french too! I took it from 6th to 12th grade and wish I remembered more of it, although I can still get by! I have my french classes to thank for Harry Potter. I was very anti-Harry Potter and said I would never read them...until my 12th grade french teacher decided it would be a fun project for our class to read the first one in french! Then I got hooked and read the rest! I am staying away from Twilight though :)

    I tripped over some rocks/pebbles last year in my 7 mile race, it is no fun. Hope your foot feels better!

  3. J&J was really a cute movie, but in reality she probably put on 40 lbs working her way through that cookbook.

    I esp enjoyed the little blogging tidbits tho...

  4. Hope your foot heals quickly! Can't wait to see photos of the baby birds....too cute!!

  5. Hope your foot mends nicely....
    Say hello to the baby boids for me!

  6. Take care of your foot! Don't push yourself to run.

    I never watched Julie and Julia yet. I will soon though. I heard it was good.

    I never took French. I did go to France for a few days during a 2 week vacation. The girl I was with knew French.

  7. Hell fire and tarnation - this made me giggle! Sorry about the blasted rock and your poor foot - hope it heals quickly. I biked last night - you can have those burned calories. :)

    I still haven't seen J&J! I really need to get Netflix. I did see Spirit of the Marathon while I was at my son's apt., did I tell you that? So good and inspiring! Loved the tale of the first woman to run Boston.

    I took 5 years of Spanish in high school (no I didn't flunk a grade, I started in 8th, lol) and when I got to college I took French, thinking "it's a romance language, how hard can it be?" - well, I did ok in the written, but spoke French with a Spanish accent! Oui Oui, Si Si!

    Another comment that should have been an email - you must be getting used to this!

    Love ya!

  8. Okay, so is it just me or did anyone else think the ending of that movie SUCKED?? I spent all that time getting invested in their lives and thinking Julia Child was like the sweetest best person ever, then at the end it's all "SHE DOESNT WANNA MEET YOU SHE HATES YOU!" Weird, dude. Weird. Not a fan of the ending.

    Oh, spoiler alert? Don't read that, Shelley.


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