Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hot, Hot, Hot

I am such a bad blogger. I've been wanting to update but it seems every time I sit down to make a post something happens and I'm busy again. So I'm sorry for that but I'm here now. :)

The weather here has been so hot that I'm afraid I'll melt if I stay outside too long. I haven't felt like getting out in the heat or moving at all. Sad, yes?

Did I also mention that I've been busy? Let me share a few things with you.

The kids had eye exams. It turns out that Charlie needed glasses and was so upset that he cried. But when the glasses finally arrived he was so excited to be able to see. Plus he looks adorable. No more tears.

Saturday morning we went on a field trip with the Houston Museum of Natural Science to the turtle research facility in Galveston.

It was an incredible experience! But there wasn't any AC so it was also like an oven in the barn. The turtles didn't mind but us land critters were sweating like crazy.

Sunday morning I made breakfast (I'll share the recipe in another post) and we went paddling on Armand Bayou. Yes, I knew it was going to be hotter than heck. But we went anyway along with a cooler of water.

Chuck and Charlie were in one boat and Rachel and I were in another. The temp was about 95 but the heat index was over 100. After a few hours on the water I heard Chuck call from help. He had stopped sweating and was dizzy. I asked what was wrong but he wouldn't answer. Charlie tried to ask what was wrong and he still wouldn't respond. He just sat there.
He was suffering from heat exhaustion. Quickly Rachel and I tied our boat to his and pulled him in. We did hit one section where some strong winds hit us head on and we were hardly moving. Towing a boat is not that easy in a canoe!
When we finally reached the launch site, Chuck became extremely nauseated and vomited. Poor guy. I was scared to death. I got the truck and started the AC and got him inside. Rachel and I loaded the boats on top of the truck and quickly went to a store to get some Propel with electrolytes.
Slowly Chuck came out of his state but was tired the rest of the day. I was terrified. When we got home I looked up all of the symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. I had decided if he couldn't keep down fluids we were heading to the hospital. Fortunately everything turned out ok. I haven't been that scared in a long time. I need my Chuck. It did freak the kids out a little too. When the dad is down the kids panic.
We won't be going out in that kind of heat for a while!
Monday Rachel had her first experience volunteering at a vet clinic for her 4H Vet Science program. For 3 hours she got to see surgeries and all kinds of procedures. I'm so proud of her.
That evening we fed baby birds at the wildlife center.
Tuesday we went again to feed the baby birds. OMG, they're so cute!!!!
Here Rachel is holding a dove.
Baby blue jay
Chimney swift. These guys are so strange looking with their flat heads. Still adorable but very difficult to feed.
juvenile yellow crowned night heron

And then Chuck's birthday is this Friday and Father's Day is on Sunday so I've been trying to get ready for that but I can't say too much about it yet because I'm sure Chuck will read this. :D
Anyway, it has been so freakin' busy here that I haven't really had the time or energy for exercise. I also have had more than 1 meal on the road. Fast "food." And now I feel terrible about my lack of weight loss mojo. Last night it actually woke me up! I woke up in the middle of the night feeling bad about not exercising or eating right. Right then I decided to get myself organized and go a different direction.
Today is Thursday. I have my bodybugg on and I've got healthy meals planned. I will exercise today with the goal of burning at least 2500 calories. Gosh, this whole weight loss/fit living/exercising lifestyle is a lifelong battle. It's tough sometimes! But I'll never give up. I have to say that lapband surgery sounds appealing sometimes.
My foot is still hurt, darn it. No running but I can walk and do low impact exercises. I've hurt the same spot more than once. It's a little swollen in that little ball of an area right below the little toe so when I walk it's very easy to step on it and injure it all over again. I did get some inserts to go in my shoes to help cushion it. Hopefully it will heal soon and I'll be right back on track with running.
Sorry I haven't had time to read blogs like usual. I'll get better at organizing my time.
PS: Did I mention that Rachel starts Driver's Ed on Jun 28th and will have her permit soon? EEK!!!! I'll be sure to publish her driving schedule so you can clear the roads.


  1. OMG Chuck!!! That is so scary - heat exhaustion can really sneak up on you. I am so glad to hear he's ok, but wow. I would have been freaking out, too. You really kept everything together to get him in and even remembered the canoes...I probably would have forgotten all about them. SCARY.

    OK, on to happier topics - Charlie looks great in his glasses! I love the frames - very stylish. And Rachel will be driving soon? Oh man, I remember those days. She will do fine, but patience is key...and deserted country roads to practice on, lol!

    The turtles are really cute. That looked like it was fun even with the heat.

    Glad you are getting to enjoy the birds so much - you do such interesting things, I feel so boring next to you!

    Yeah, that whole "lifetime journey" thing with diet is a drag sometimes, but you get more and more used to it. Glad you are getting motivated again.

    I'm still trying to figure out which training program I will use - I'll send you the links to the ones I'm considering, probably this weekend.

  2. Oh poor Chuck! Glad he felt better later though. You did a good job taking care of the situation.

    And Charlie looks good in his glasses!

  3. Yeah, Kelly, that was some fast thinking.
    What a cool mom you are - all these neat places and things to do with the family.

  4. You guys always look like you have so much FUN! Can I come stay with you and play?

    I am glad Chuck is SCARY!

    Have a good weekend!

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  6. Im a bad mama as all Ive been doing in my part of TX is lamenting the heat.

    Heat exhausting is frightening.

    xo xo



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