Sunday, June 27, 2010

Me vs. The Dressing Room

Yesterday I witnessed a Darwinian struggle of survival of the fittest between a button struggling for its life and a bosom fighting to burst free.

I needed something decent to wear to Chuck's grandfather's funeral. I'm sort of in between clothes in my closet right now: they're all either too big or too small. Hate that.

Plus I'm not really in to fashion. My greatest fashion concerns are usually concerned with backpacks, hiking shoes, cargo pants and which socks breathe the best. In other words, I'm not a fashion diva.

Anyway, I went to Kohl's and grabbed up a few blouses to try on. I had in mind what I wanted to wear. I made my way to the lair of my nemesis: the dressing room. How many times have I visited this place only to leave on the verge of tears?

I decided to keep my back to the dressing room mirror only to take a peek when I finally had the clothes on to check the fit. The strategy was successful. I didn't have to stare at any bumps lumps or rolls. Win.

Unfortunately I found out that I have trouble finding any button down blouses that fit. How does Dolly Parton find anything to wear?! I did manage to button a few but the struggle between button and bosom was too tragic to witness. I broke up the fight and let them return to their corners.

I came home with a cute pull over blouse, some pumps and some adorable earrings. Oh and some shoes with cute little skulls on them but I handed them over to my daughter when I got home. I can always borrow them. :) OK, I did buy one button down blouse in a size larger. A truce has been called between the two offending parties.

I left with cute clothes and my dignity intact. Then Chuck took me out for sushi and a sake bomb (a shooter of warm sake dropped into a mug of beer and shot back). Good day. Life is good.


  1. I would sure like to go back to Little Tokyo for some more of those Sake Bombs. They were fantastic!


  2. I've never been able buy button down blouses. Just the way it is. Even after loosing weight.

  3. I'm like Megan - even now, I have trouble with button-down blouses. Too much ta-tas. But I'm proud of you for not letting the dressing room mirror get to you - they can be evil, evil things!

  4. Congrats on beating the dressing room! I LOVE KOHL's! That store got me through my weight loss!

    Have a good week!

  5. Glad that you found some clothes to wear. I bet it was much easier than it used to be, minus the bossom troubles!

  6. How fun is that - A sake bomb.
    You are a funny as heck writer!

  7. Oh goodness, I have fought that same battle with the boobs and the button, it's a hard battle and the button usually loses LOL!!!


  8. you have your theory. mine when i'm around an angel food cake? survival of the fattest. dammit i win every time. sigh... :)

  9. Glad to know that you won that battle. I am not a fashion diva either, but the show "What Not to Wear" has taught me many things. One thing they stressed is not to get caught up on the number that is one the size. Go for fit! I have learned that if I am going to buy a pull over shirt/sweater, I can buy a medium. If it I buy a button down, I am looking at a 16 or higher. It depends on the label in the back. At Kohls, I don't even bother with Apt 9 brand button down shirts.

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  11. I love this post. This is a life long struggle with me and I hate trying on clothes. Being very short is not conducive to off the rack clothes. No matter what i buy has to be altered for length and I don't sew.

    Depression begins the minute I head to the dressing room. I never know when I'm between sizes, as nothing fits. in the right place. And the waistline is not in the right place, the bra line is not in the right place, the arm seams are down the arm, etc. etc. etc.



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