Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Birthdays and Birds

Just so you know, I tried to make a post yesterday but Blogger was being a hater. It wouldn't let me post anything. So here I am today.

I'm finally getting a day off to stay at home so I get to catch up with my blogging buddies. Yes, it's been busy.

Sunday was Rachel's 15th birthday. I am in shock and denial. Isn't she still 5 years old? Where did this 15 come from? How in the world did time zoom past me like that? I feel like I've been in some sci-fi movie where I'm suddenly in the future. Where did all of the years go? Yes, I've got pictures of her growing up but it just didn't seem like I'd ever get to the point where she would be in high school. Then graduation?

The thought of losing my little family unit depresses the hell out of me. I know one day my kids are going to be grown and gone but I love having us all together. It just seems so perfect. In reality it's good that they grow up and start their own families, I guess. I'm just not ready for it. I'll miss them so much. Oh well. I still have a few years before that happens. No since in borrowing worry. Right? Right.

Chuck wanted to bake Rachel's birthday cake. So sweet. He has never baked before and he did a very nice job. He didn't think to get icing to write "Happy Birthday Rachel" so he used some sprinkles we had in the pantry. Realizing that writing with sprinkles is difficult he wrote "Happy B-day!". It was cute and tasty.

Sunday we took Rachel to the Kemah Boardwalk with 4 of her friends. While they rode rides Chuck and I strolled the boardwalk hand in hand. It was a nice day to spend with my sweetheart.

For lunch we went to Joe's Crab Shack and they made Rachel ride a broom around the restaurant like a horse while we all sang happy birthday. Oh, the humiliation! But she was a good sport.

Monday I took the kids in for their eye exams. Turns out that Charlie needs glasses. He told the doctor no way so they tried to fit him for contacts. Charlie tried a couple o f times and just quit. I hate that he gives up so easily instead of just committing and doing it! Hmmm, maybe I could learn a lesson there.

So, in tears, Charlie tried on several pairs of glasses. He cried and cried. We finally found a pair and ordered the lenses. Turns out that Charlie is afraid of what his friends will think. I told him he didn't even have to wear his glasses while playing. His friends don't even have to know if he's that worried about it. He finally told them that he's getting glasses and it was no big deal. Boys. And I thought girls had vanity issues. :)

Tuesday I took Rachel to volunteer at the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition's Baby Bird Program. For 3 hours we worked at feeding several baby birds including blue jays, grackles, woodpeckers, cardinals, mockingbirds, starlings and a kingbird. They also had night herons and a baby robin but someone was already working with them.

I have a new appreciation for momma birds. They work their tailfeathers off! Those birds were constantly hungry and pooping. It was fun though. I have a weakness for birds. Sadly, one of the baby blue jays tested positive for pox and has to be put to sleep. :(

Exercise has not existed this week. For some reason I've been exhausted. Not just a little sleepy but "I can barely function" tired. I don't know what's wrong with me. I feel ok. Just tired. But then at night I have trouble sleeping. What's the deal? But because I'm so tired I have not exercised. Tonight, no matter how tired, I am at least going for a walk. I must move it.

And Thursday morning I will be running. You heard me say it so now I have to do it. :) It's not that I don't want to (even though running is not my favorite thing to do) it's just that I'm so darn sleepy!

We'll see if some exercise helps out with the energy levels. Maybe it will even help me sleep better. But for now, I need a cup of coffee. A big one.


  1. My daughter will be 14 this year, and it is hard watching them grow and starting to leave us. My 10 year-old son is in Michigan right now with his grandmother for two weeks - and I miss my baby!

    Right there with you on the lack of excercise and feeling so tired. I need to kick myself in the butt but don't even have the energy to do that! LOL! I'm sure we will get our mojo back at some least I hope, my pants are starting to get tight...ugh.

  2. Not gonna lie, it IS hard when the kids leave - but luckily you still have a few years before Rachel will be ready. And y'all have such a good relationship with her that summers and school breaks will bring her home - seriously? I know some kids (not mine, thankfully) who don't go home on break. Now that's sad.

    Poor Charlie and the glasses saga! You wouldn't expect that with a boy, but they can be as complicated as girls.

    I'm sure you're exhausted because you've been going ninety-to-nothing for the past few weeks! I'll bet even a little exercise will help you with the sleeping issues. And running - I have got to get serious about the training program! Carry me with you on your run Thursday - I'll be at work, but I'd much rather be out running!

  3. Ironically, when you are the most tired is when insomnia creeps up on you. Take some time before you go to bed for 15 or 20 minutes to have some quiet time and do deep breathing exercises and some stretches. It really will help. A night cap might not hurt every once in a while either :D

  4. I LOVE the night cap idea, Lori.

    Kelly, I think I will pick up some Sweet Tea on the way home.... or maybe some Cherry Vodka and Diet Coke?


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