Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Boots were Made for Walking

Happy Tuesday to ya!

As you can see, I've been away from the computer lately. I just wanted to take a little break from it. It seems like every time I get online the time slips away and I spend hours browsing around and reading blogs and expanding my wish list on Amazon.

I've been keeping busy though. The kids do their school work through the summer (we homeschool) because we do so much throughout the year and take other days off. It works for us. I've learned a lot by teaching them. As with anything, it has its good sides and bad sides and I don't think it's for everyone.

I've been very busy (and slightly stressed about) planning Rachel's Freshman year. I need to make sure that she has a diverse transcript. She will be taking private art lessons and participate in a Gavel Club (giving speeches, learning leadership), Dance Committee, Latin, Spanish, Biology along with a biology lab group, writing/grammar/literature analysis, world history, PE, and some other stuff. Next year she'll take a psychology class as an elective. She also has to do a LOT of volunteer work with vets to work towards her vet tech certification.

For some reason she lacks self confidence. Maybe it's the age. She hasn't felt that she was very smart even though she makes straight A's and I am not lenient on my grading at all. But she has never really had anyone to compare herself with. That's good and bad, I suppose. Rachel has been taking a Driver's Ed class with a large group of people and is starting to realize now that she really does have a good head on her shoulders. Some of these kids have trouble even reading or picking out signs. It's kind of sad actually.

Charlie is smart but just doesn't care about anything. He does only what he absolutely has to do to get by and it drives me crazy. Where's the initiative? Where's the drive to learn more? And then sometimes he completely surprises me.

OK, enough rambling about the kids. Let's talk about exercise and stuff like that.

Chuck and I are going to be walking buddies. It hurts like hell when I run but I do just peachy when I walk. My idea is to walk my ass off (literally) and drop some more pounds and try to pick up running again. It's not fun when it hurts so bad afterwards. I really thought that it was hurting because I was a newbie and my body had to get used to it. Well, I've been running for a while (sometimes 5 miles!) and the pain still exists for a couple of days afterwards. It doesn't matter what surface I run on, it still hurts. And it's not the shoes. If it still hurts even after I've lost more weight then I am going to visit the doctor for some tests. Chuck would probably say that I should go now but what can they really tell me? "You're developing arthritis in your hips so it will hurt when your run. Now that will be $300." I'll wait and test my way first.

Years ago I had taken up walking with a couple of friends. We would meet in a neighborhood and walk for a while. We weren't worried about distance or pace or time. We just walked and talked and gossiped. It was something I actually looked forward to! In a few weeks I was feeling great.

I had a baby (Rachel), a full time job, and was taking classes part time at a university. I'd take classes during my lunch break and at night. With my busy schedule it became increasingly difficult to walk with my friends. One friend and I started meeting at the high school track at 4:30am every morning during the week to walk. We'd walk for 45 minutes to an hour and then head home. I'd get my shower, take Rachel to my mom's house, go to work, go to school, get Rachel, go home to cook and do homework.

I lost weight (no idea how much because I didn't own a scale) and felt great and had energy to do everything in my busy schedule. But when my head hit the pillow at night I was instantly asleep. Ah, memories.

With just walking I was able to fit in anything I wanted. Even a swimsuit! I made better choices while eating but I didn't count calories and didn't feel guilty when I splurged. Walking felt so good that I'd wake Chuck up to go walking with me even if we went on a little vacation. I looked and felt terrific. I had so much energy that I was bouncing off the walls. LOL

Did you know that you burn about the same amount of calories per mile regardless if you are walking or running? Running just burns the calories quicker because you get through that mile quicker. It ticks me off that running hurts right now but I'm not giving up on it. I just think it would be unwise for me to try to keep pushing it when it hurts so badly.

Chuck and I will be walking in the evenings this week but wake up early this weekend to try to get on a morning schedule. Next week I'd like to get up early with him (4:30 am!) and walk for 30 minutes then come home and have some coffee together before he goes to work. Maybe eventually we can get up at 4am so we can walk an hour together before he leaves. It will be good for both of us. I'd like to walk between 4-6 miles per day. Yesterday I didn't walk because I was totally exhausted. I had trouble keeping my eyes open.

I haven't made up many new recipes lately. Just the old standards. Tonight I'll be making a lower calorie version of Tater Tot Casserole. I'll post a pic tomorrow and a recipe. My family loves this stuff. I usually make it with ground beef but tonight I'll be using ground turkey.

One other thing: I've noticed that I've been getting a lot of comments in Chinese or some other language that I can't read. I'm not sure what they say so I'm going to start deleting them. Not trying to offend anyone and I appreciate comments but these could say something vulgar or have a link to something I'd rather not share.

Hope you're having a great week so far. Oh, if you're reading a good book please share the title. I'm always looking for something new and interesting to read. I just finished up The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and Freakonomics. I'm working on Spook and Anthropology of an American Girl.


  1. Great to hear from you Kelly!!

    Walking is a GREAT form of exercise!! And I can't wait to hear about the tater tot casserole...sounds like my kind of food! ;)

  2. The Chinese comments are spam - delete away without a second thought.

    Rachel is going to do Spanish and Latin? That would confuse me...a romance language and then Latin as well. She is very smart, but that lack of self-confidence is normal...my older son, yes, the 4.0 boy in electrical engineering, is still that way. It's rough watching them be so hard on themselves. I'm glad she's at least seeing through her driver's ed classes that she is pretty bright...and yeesh, what a scary thought to know that the kids who can't recognize signs will be out on the road with us!

    I like your walking plan. It's nice to do something with your husband - no kids. Jeff and I really enjoy our Sunday mornings, doing the biking/running and then breakfast (with several refills of coffee) at Blue Baker. Nice way to reconnect.

  3. The unreadable Chinese/Japanese/whatever comments are spam and usually filthy. I put one through Google translator and refused it immediately and all future ones I have recieved.

  4. Good to see you post! I love walking with my husband too, it's a fun way to get a good workout in. Good luck!

  5. Good luck with high school! We're starting middle school this year - I'm trying not to panic with thinking about transcripts in 3 years, ahhh!!! (fellow homeschooler)

    Maybe your son's initiative can be sparked with more hands on things?


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