Saturday, July 3, 2010

Raining "Cats" and Dogs

Rain, rain, go away.

It's 4th of July weekend and I had to go to the grocery store before the holiday shopping began which put me shopping in the middle of a tropical storm (actually the remnants of a hurricane). The bright side is that the store was practically empty except for some hard core shoppers.

I was able to get in and get out but not before picking up a couple of items as a little reward (hey, I went out shopping in the rain! That deserves something, right?).
The "Drop a Size without Dieting" title caught my attention so I had to have it. Big disappointment. They want me to exercise to drop that size. Sure wish I would have read that before I bought it. :)

Actually it has some decent exercises that require the stretchy band. They want you to go to a track and do walk intervals (stretchy band hanging around your neck) and then stop to do strength training reps. Walk, strength, walk, strength, etc. Then there are exercises that you are supposed to do in the grass. I don't know if I have enough self confidence to do high knees, Frankenstein walk and walking lunges in public. We'll see. I'd love to drop a size!

The Cooking Light has some awesome recipes that I can't wait to try but don't really want to cook. In other words, they look great but I don't want to spend time in the kitchen. That macaroni and cheese recipe just might coax me though. :)

Friday was a very rainy day. I found out that Rachel was eligible to get her Learner's Permit now so I dragged her out of the house kicking and screaming. For some reason my sweet girl lacks self confidence in her abilities. She was afraid of failing the test. I assured her she would do just fine and that she has never failed at anything she has ever tried. She was not seeing the bright side of things on this rainy day. I drove to the DMV while Rachel complained and Electric Light Orchestra sang "Don't Bring Me Down" on the radio. Nice touch.

We ran through the rain into the office. Wait in line. We have the wrong birth certificate. The hospital one won't do. Drive 8 miles to another office and get the right birth certificate printed (for the low fee of $25) and head back to the DMV in the deluge. Rachel takes the test and passes with flying colors. She was so excited! So y'all beware: my daughter now has a permit to drive.

On the way home the rain started to come down so hard that I had trouble seeing the road. When I got home our road was flooded and I couldn't get to our house. I drove slowly down one road thinking I'd make it but the water was getting higher so I drove up in someone's driveway to wait it out. Chuck walked out into the street and said he thought I could get to our drive. Slowly I made my way down the river that was once my road and made it to my drive. Whew!

Even with the flooding and road closures, Rachel's driving class was still going to be held. By the time she had to go our street had drained and we were able to take her.

Chuck's parents are out of town helping clean out Grandpa's house so we went to feed their cat. Their street had water over it but we were able to make it without any trouble.

While Chuck fed their cat, Charlie and I looked for critters in the ditch and in the water in their yard. Their entire driveway was underwater. I spotted something swimming and thought it was a tadpole. Cool! We'd catch one and bring it home to watch it change into a toad.

It wasn't a tadpole. They had baby catfish swimming in their yard! I was able to catch 11 of them with my hands. We brought them home and watched them for a while then released them into the lake near our home. Not sure how they got in their yard. Maybe it was raining cats. :)

It looks like the rain has subsided so hopefully I'll be able to get out for some exercise.

Y'all have a great 4th of July!!


  1. "Ya'll" OR "Y'all"
    (either is ok, they say)
    have a great weekend too.
    Watch out for those cats and dogs!

  2. Baby catfish - that is wild!!! Cute little critters, though. I swear, it's always an adventure with you!

    Big congrats to Rachel for passing her test!!! Whew, one hurdle of impending adulthood down! :)

    For the record, I could never do high knees or the Frankenstein walk in public by myself. With a group, sure. But no way on my own!

    Hope it dries up for y'all and your Fourth is wonderful!

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  4. **whispers** Im kinda loving this weather.


  5. Baby catfish in the yard?! That's pretty dang cool!!!! Is there a lake or something near their house?



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