Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tots Made of Taters

Tuesday was another uneventful day which can be nice. I say "uneventful" though I do feel like I kept busy. There just weren't any adventures or surprises.

I cleaned a bathroom that needed it. I love Pinesol. I felt like I was standing in a pine forest bathroom after I was finished cleaning.

Rachel needed to practice her driving so we went to a high school parking lot and I tried to keep my mouth closed as we drove in circles and practiced parking and backing up. Inside I was screaming, "Watch out for that pole! Holy crap! Must you take the corners on two wheels?! Brakes should be applied gently." In the end I said, "Wow, you are really improving. You may want to practice coming to a stop as gently as possible. Pretend there is an egg on the seat that you don't want to roll to the floor (or fly through the windshield) and crack." I say the driving was a success. We went home on speaking terms and no one was angry.

That evening I dropped Rachel off at her driving school and headed home to cook tater tot casserole. I was in such a rush to serve up dinner that I completely forgot to take a picture! Oh no! Fortunately I have one here along with the recipe.

A few minutes after we ate it was time to get Rachel. She only has 3 days left of class. We're both very excited about that.

Got home about 8:20 and Chuck and I went for a walk. Neither of us was really in the mood. After a long day and having dinner we were both tired and ready to relax. But we coaxed each other in to doing it (actually he told me to put on my shoes and let's get it over with) and hit the streets.

As soon as we were outside Chuck said, "I really don't want to do this." I assured him that he was not using proper walking buddy talk and would have to be more positive in the future if we were to make this whole walking thing work.

We had a nice time. Chatted about people's yards and cars. We walked to the front lake and there we picked up some "friends." Mosquitoes. By the flock. Or herd? Or drove? Pack? I don't know but I do know that there was a black fog following us. It's amazing what a motivator those bloodsuckers can be. I do believe we even broke into a jog for a little while as we tried to escape our new friends. In all we walked 2.1 miles. Not too bad for a couple of people who just wanted to feel lazy. Today he called and said, "Are we going to do it again tonight?" You bet.

Got home, cleaned up and settled down to watch The Time Traveller's Wife. I had read the book a while back and enjoyed it though it was sad. I hate going to bed depressed. Tonight I think I'll watch AFV or something like that. After my walk. :)


  1. The hardest part is just getting out there. Glad that you are enjoying your walks with hubby. It really does give you some quality time alone! :)

  2. I had to laugh at your inner voice when Rachel was driving...I heard the same voice in my head when my boys were learning. Glad it ended well. :)

    Good going on the walk that neither of you wanted to do! Hope you enjoy tonight's walk.


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