Monday, August 16, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Hot. You've heard me say it before and you'll hear it again. It's too hot.

I've had hiking fever lately and there is a commercial for backpacks featuring the song Big Rock Candy Mountain that isn't helping things. Sunday we made plans to get up and go for a nice, looooong hike. By the time we walked out the door it was already 103 degrees. I kid you not.

Being somewhat adaptable, we decided to go to the mall. Oh no! I've become a mall walker.

On the way to the mall we were complaining about the heat and saw a guy running. On purpose! What was wrong with this man? Was he trying to impress people? Did he not know that if he waits until midnight it would be a mild 90 degrees? Perhaps the sun had fried his brain. Perhaps he was training for a family camping trip in the Sahara. I think he's crazy.

Arrive at the mall. Now I remember why I never go here. Way too crowded. I guess everyone is either a) doing last minute school shopping or b) looking for a place with AC to spend the day.

I did get to go to Williams Sonoma. I can't remember the last time I drooled in this store. It's so chic. It really brings out the inner gourmet in you, no?

Fell in love with a set of All Clad Copper core pans. Cha-CHING!!! $$!$$ This is on my "Only in My Dreams" wish list. You know, those things you really want but it isn't going to happen. Maybe when I win the lottery. I think you have to buy a ticket to win but I'm hazy on the details.

Also visited the Yankee Candle store. Found some Halloween stuff that I had trouble leaving at the store. Found some new scents for fall that I wanted to give a home. But I left them behind.

Passed a Godiva chocolate store. Some serious calorie dangers lurked in there. I count it as a win that I only stopped at the window to watch an evil temptress dip chocolate strawberries. She did it right in front of me! Shameless harlot.

We walked and dodged people and politely turned down kiosk vendors then left with a keychain from the Lego store. Good day.
I have to share Rachel's newest creation. It's a cake made to look like a pie. So cute. I have to brag. I'm a proud mom. :)
I tried my hand at homemade pizza. The crust wasn't difficult to make but it took a long time for the rising and I have never tried to form pizza dough. I learned that the right tools are essential. I did not have a pizza peel nor a pizza stone. I used a cookie sheet dusted with cornmeal and an old Pampered Chef clay baking pan as the peel and stone. It worked out ok.
VERY yummy and it made 3 huge pizzas. Much better than ordering out and cheaper too. To cut down on calories I used turkey pepperoni and a reduced fat mozzarella.
The recipe comes from The New Best Recipe book. Get this book. Every single thing I have made from here turns out terrific. Everything! The recipes have been tested to death so you know you're getting something that will turn out great.
Exercise: Does mall walking count? How about weeding the front yard in the rain? Shopping at multiple grocery stores? No? Blogging? :)


  1. Blogging definitely counts as exercise! That's my story, anyway.

  2. I would go get wet if it were that hot! In fact it is pretty hot here and I find myself jumping rivers and lakes all the time lately.

    When I lived in Redding ca it was 118 degrees 3 days in a row one summer.... so I understand the mall walking

  3. Ooo...I love getting new cook books. I put it on my wish list.

    It is hot. We didn't leave the house all day yesterday because of the heat. The girls could have used some time to run and burn off energy. But its too hot here in NOLA. The heat index was 115deg.

  4. Piiiiizza! I hope you saved some for me!

    Ok, the heat in Florida has been effing ridiculous, too. We left at 6 a.m. to walk to the gym, a one minute walk, and were both DRENCHED in sweat by the time we got there. The humidity here is slowly killing me.

    Come one winter!!

  5. I love homemade pizza- nothing like it! Your daughter makes the cutest cakes! :)

  6. I got in some extra ab work today by reading and belly laughing at your post - you are really funny, Kelly!

  7. I love Rachel's cake-like-a-pie creation :) She's so talented!

    And that pizza looks incredible.

    Stay cool!


    I say in this heat VIGOROUS laundry folding counts :)



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