Monday, August 2, 2010

WARNING: This Post Contains Excessive Calories

You have been warned. There is a chance you will gain weight just by looking at these pictures.

But before we get to the pictures, let me tell you a little about what's been going on. You don't come here just to look at pictures, right? I mean, you do come to read about my oh-so-interesting life. I expect to get an offer for my own reality show soon. Not!

The weekend started out pretty rough. I thought I was having a nasty relapse with the UTI but then, after a little online reading, I discovered that the antibiotics I was using for the infection can actually cause me to develop another type of infection. If you are a woman (or my husband), you will probably know what I'm talking about.

The pain....oh my god! I had to go out to get Charlie's birthday gift and some groceries and the pain was making me sweat profusely. My shirt was soaking wet and I wasn't sure how I was going to make it.

For Charlie's gift, I traded in some games and a gaming system the kids weren't using at Game Stop. Unfortunately for me, those guys really enjoy games and like to discuss games. So this 30 year old dude with a long pony tail was talking about how he stayed up to 3am playing games. He knows all the release dates for systems. He keeps an XBox 360 just in case they release a game for it that you can't play on another system. He's telling me all of this stuff and I am growing weak in the knees from the pure pain. Sweat rolling down my back. The things we do for our kids.

Got to the grocery store and found my expensive medicine. At that point I would have emptied my meager savings just to get relief. Long story short, I'm doing much better now. Sunday wasn't too bad but Friday and Saturday were killer.

Sunday was Charlie's 1oth birthday. My baby!!! He's in the double digits! :(

The Dessert Gallery in Houston gives a free slice of cake on birthdays. They usually require a photo ID so I brought his birth certificate to get that cake. This place is so hard to resist. Look at all of the stuff came home with us.
That's a chocolate cake (for Chuck's mom), my cupcake, Rachel's coconut cream cake, Charlie old-fashioned diner cake, and Chuck's chocolate cheesecake. This place is dangerous I tell you! Stay away from there.

Go ahead. Try my cupcake. Lick the screen. You know you want to.
Charlie opened his gift. Look at the surprise on his face. LOL He got a PSP and a couple of games. The PSP is actually used (shhhhh!) but it looks brand new. He was so excited!
Rachel made his birthday cake. He loves playing the Mario game so she made a Mario cake. She really did an amazing job. I'm so proud of her. She's been trying to decide what she wants to do with her life. I suggested pastry chef.
She molded Rice Crispy Treats for the two pipes (?) and the Mario figure then covered them with fondant.

Yeah, Charlie was very impressed.
To really put it over the top she dyed the two layers and put chocolate frosting between them.

Charlie had a couple of friends over and Chuck's parents came. Chuck made hamburgers on the grill and we all had a great afternoon.
Saturday Chuck's parents took us out to Buffalo Wild Wings (per Charlie's request) for his birthday dinner. It's kind of a tradition that they take us out for our birthdays. I almost didn't make it because of the pain but I popped enough pills to make it through the dinner. Call me Super Mom. :)
Exercise? Not until I've taken all of this medicine and finally over all of these problems. And believe me, I'm going crazy. I want to get out there and sweat and hike. Soon.


  1. well first of all, I hope you can get to feeling better very soon!
    and second of all, all that cake looks amazing!!!! that mario cake is awesome! my son would LOVE a mario cake! Hope your son had a wonderful birthday! :)

  2. Whoa!!! Rachel needs to get on a Food Network Cake Challenge! She is awesome!

    Glad Charlie had a good day!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that cake! She is so talented!

    Sorry for all your "problems"! Hope you feel better.

    Happy Birthday to Charlie! The big 1-0!

  4. Whoa! Awesome cakes. I can feel my hips spreading!!

  5. Rachel is doing so well with her decorating - love that cake, and the dyed layers were the icing? Wait, that doesn't sound right. Anyway, it's great - glad Charlie loved it!

    Now for the other bakery treats - OMG. I WANT.

    Glad you're on the mend, finally. That *special* kind of pain is excruciating.

  6. Aaaaargh! My eyes! My eyes!
    I gained pounds just by looking at those pics!

    I do hope you feel better soon. I'm rubbing my lucky German Shepherd's foot and sending positive vibes.

  7. OMG. That cup take looks amazing. I've been wanting choco cake lately.

    Happy Birthday to your birthday.


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