Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy First Day of Fall!

Happy First Day of Fall to all of my peeps in the Northern Hemisphere!  We could use some cool fall temperatures in southern Texas. 

What better way to celebrate fall than with Beef Goulash?  Yum.
Terrific over buttery egg noodles.

I've made goulash before and was never a big fan. This recipe, however, was quite different.  It comes from the folks at America's Test Kitchen so you know it's good.

It's a simple process of browning the meat and onions, stirring in some broth and seasonings, then cooking in the oven for a couple of hours.  You'll also stir in some bell peppers during the cooking time.  Serve over noodles and you're done.  It can be made up to 3 days in advance then just reheated before you stir in the sour cream in step 5 of the recipe.

Make this.  You won't be sorry.

Printer ready version of recipe here.
Tuesday I went to the doctor's office bright and early to get some blood work done.  I had to fast.  I almost messed up by eating an Altoid mint on the way.
My doc has a lab in his office because he didn't like the way other labs did their tests. 

Have I told you that I hate needles?  I passed out once and hit my head on a sink after giving a blood sample.  Another time I got so worked up that when the nurse put the needle in the arm I gave her a blood fountain in the face. Yeah.

I sit down at the little desk and watch as the nurse gets out 6 vials for the samples.  I say, "Ha, ha.  Are all of those for me?"  Her answer: "Yes, but not all at once." (Picture a woman with a Jamaican accent saying it.)

She takes my blood (3 vials) and I got to my happy place in my head (swimming in the Frio River in the hill country).  My happy place is interrupted when the nurse says, in her Jamaican accent, "What?  You don't want to give my any more blood?"  Apparently my veins had called in a retreat or something.

Then I'm given a bottle of some sort of nasty fruit punch.  Bleck!  She tells me to drink it within 5 minutes.  I consider it a challenge and get it down within 1 minute. Ha!  She was surprised and I think maybe a little impressed.  Maybe not.  She tells me (again with the accent), "Now, you are going to feel a little sick in the tummy.  If you trow up you have to come back again to do the test later. Test is over now.  So you go sit in the waiting room and I'll come get you in an hour."

She wasn't joking.  After a while I start feeling mighty queasy.  Is it from the fruit punch or the thought of giving 3 more vials of blood. Geez, I'd make a terrible vampire. 

I keep the stuff down and give the blood (happy place, happy place, happy place) and leave.  Now I await the results.

While this is all going on, Charlie is at home sick on the couch.  He has a fever, poor guy.  But Rachel played nurse and took care of him.  The good kind of nurse who doesn't take your blood.  The kind that gives you crushed ice in your water.

Nothing much more going on in the Happy Texan household.  I was busy the entire day yesterday and when I finally went to bed I slipped into a mini-coma. Now, I'm sipping on a Rock Star and getting ready to start another busy day.

Speaking of Rock Star, Kroger had their individual cans on sale for $1 each last week.  That's half off!  I cleared them out.  Bought them all.  Then I went back a couple of days later and cleared off the shelves again.  I've got quite the stockpile in my pantry now. :)

Have a wonderful first day of fall.


  1. That's the gross test I was telling you about! What makes it worse is that you have to fast I think, then you get his with all that sugar - ugh!

    Hope it comes back to nothing for you.

    We are having a bit of Indian summer here in the northeast and I'm happy. I know you Texans are dying for some relief but I hate the cold!

  2. Grrr, I just posted a response but it gave me an error message...

    Take 2!

    That sounds awful! I give blood sometimes for blood drives but I don't like to. And the last handful of times, I've almost passed out which makes me re-think the whole thing! Then they put an ice pack on my head/neck, throw my feet back, and turn on a fan! Brrrrr!!!

    Hope Charlie feels better. Rachel is awesome for taking care of him!

  3. I detest having blood drawn, too - you did great, especially with that extra drink in between! Fingers crossed for good results.

  4. I am your sister-in-needle-hate :)

    Hope all comes back okay!

    The goulash sounds fab. I am headed to the library to pick up one of America's Test Kitchens cookbooks. They do really have the greatest recipes!

  5. I hate having blood drawn!!! Yuck! Hope all the tests come back OK! Happy Fall to you too! I only wished it was COOL here *sigh*


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