Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday Eats and Treats

Woohoo!  Made it through Monday which was sort of a big deal after adding that third Metformin pill.  There were some tummy issues that almost caused an emergency at Target and severe nausea.  But I made it.

Started the day off with a very tasty breakfast.  I found some hashbrown patties in the freezer and cooked them low and slow in a skillet sprayed with oil until they turned brown and crispy.  Topped that with a scrambled egg, hot sauce and cheese. Only 15 carbs!

I had to grab a few things at the pet store and Target so off to the store I went. It wasn't long before my stomach said that I should get back home quickly or become very familiar with a public restroom.  I opted for the former.

While I was at Target I found the candy version of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!  It was labeled as spaghetti and eyeballs but it looked so much like the monster that I had to bring it home.  The kids enjoyed eating the eyeballs, of course.
Got home and rested for a while before starting school with the kids.  We only did about half of their usual workload because I wasn't feeling so hot.  Fortunately, a lot of it they can do on their own.

I really, really didn't feel like exercising but my jealousy drove me to do it. Lyn at Escape from Obesity just announced that she lost 100 pounds.  I'm very happy for her but I also want to reach that 100 pound goal myself. Badly!  So, nausea aside, I exercised.

I did have to consider my near-scare at Target before deciding on which form of exercise to pursue.  If I went walking around the neighborhood there was a chance that things could go badly for me and the HOA would have to ban me from the streets.  Therefore, I stayed inside and danced away to Just Dance 2.  I got a good sweat going for 30 minutes then called it quits.  At least I exercised!

Later I started to get dinner ready when I realized I had absolutely no oil in the house and no currants for the dish I was going to prepare.  I think I could have gotten away with no currents but I needed the oil.  I was going to attempt to make a recipe from the new issue of Cooking Light for Maple Glazed Chicken over Brussel Sprouts Slaw.  Confession: I've never had a brussel sprout in my life.  They've always smelled too nasty.  Even the raw ones. 

Since I couldn't make my dish and wasn't feeling too great anyway, Chuck picked up Burger King. I was able to get a Whopper Jr and a side salad and stay within my carb range.

Breakfast: hashbrown patty with egg and cheese
Lunch: leftover Mongolian Beef and a little bit of rice
Dinner: Whopper Jr with cheese, mustard only and a side salad with a little Ranch (no croutons)
Snack: a few cashews

Wow, no fruit yesterday.  That's not good. Oops. :)


  1. It's so hard to balance food and exercise when you've got tummy issues. You should be proud of what you did, even if you forgot fruit!

  2. I am the same way - at the end of the day sometimes I look at my intake and am like "I didn't have any fruit and hardly any veggies!"

    Hope you are feeling better - it just takes time for your body to get used to the meds.

    Have you ever done cardioke? Its kareoke while exercising - the only exercise I get out of that is laughing though!

  3. You were probably better off without the fruit, what with your stomach upset. I had to go several days each week without it because of all the trouble I was having with my stomach after the long runs. Funny how you end up missing it!

    Love the FSM. I'll have to look for that at Target today - Jeff and my boys would love it (I'm thinking stocking stuffer).

    Nice job getting the exercise in - and hey, whatever you can use for motivation is helpful, right? You'll get there this time. I know it. :)

  4. Love how you make everything look sooooo lgood!


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