Monday, October 11, 2010

Old Dog + New Tricks= Frustrated Dog

Well, hell froze over last week, in case you didn't know.  My mom actually went to the doctor.  The same doctor that diagnosed my plethora of problems.  She drove for 2 hours just to come stay with me and I took her the next day.  It has been 39 years since her last exam by a gynecologist.

At first she was not going to let the dr. examine her but he finally talked her into it.  Blood pressure was high (150/100) but everything else checked out ok.  I told her to fast so maybe he would have her bloodwork done while we were there.  So that got done.  She had to do the glucose test like I did.  Weird thing was that she fell asleep immediately after taking the sugar juice.  It was like she literally could not keep her eyes open.  We're still waiting for the test results.  That all happened on Thursday.

Friday was a busy day from the time we got up until we went to bed.  Rachel had two meetings to go to on the other side of town (1 hour away) and that evening we went to Chuck's parents for dinner.  It was a good dinner with lots o' carbs.  I had some pork loin, a little bit of sweet potato and some green beans, passing up the corn and macaroni and cheese.  Rachel had baked a cake so I had a couple of bites of that but did not finish my slice.  Not sure how that works out on the old carb chart.

Saturday I was just exhausted.  I'm having a real tough time with energy and sometimes it gets to me.  I start feeling a little down wondering if I'll ever be back to normal and have energy again.  It gets so bad that the thought of cooking dinner almost brings a tear to my eye.  I know!  I wonder if it's the new medicines.  I thought I was supposed to have more energy.

I have been walking like prescribed.  I have read in several places that strenuous exercise (especially long sessions of exercise) will cause low blood sugar and should be avoided.  One bit of information said that I should carry glucose tablets if I am going to be doing long exercise sessions.  I'm trying to figure out how this applies to 5k races.  I'm guessing that half marathon training is out right now.  Not that I have much energy for that.

I'm also learning that there are many sugar free items at the grocery store.  I tried Pillsbury sugar free brownie mix. Yum!  11 carbs for 1/12th of the recipe.  But the sugar substitute made half of the family sick.  Same with the sugar free cake mix.  So that's not going to work out.

I'm making a few mistakes here and there but overall I think I'm doing very good with this.  Especially considering that this is a big lifestyle change.

One thing that I don't like and have not adjusted to is the fact that I need to eat every 2-3 hours.  I feel like my entire day is scheduled around food.  I worry about going on hikes like I used to because I'm afraid it might overlap dinner time or lunch time or something foolish like that.  I pack snacks in advance so I don't have to worry about them.  I have to pack food whenever I'm going to be gone for a few hours.  I never leave the house without some sort of food with me.  It's a little crazy.  I'm having a tough time adjusting to that part.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining...even though that's probably what I'm doing.  I am very thankful that this was caught and explains my battle with the belly and other issues.  There are just some things that I'm still struggling with such as eating all.the.time.  They're small meals but still.

Last night I got so frustrated with my weight and feeling so tired, etc. that I started my Metformin a few days early.  I was afraid to start this medicine because of the side effects.  It's Monday and so far so good.  I woke up a little nauseous and have some mild stomach discomfort but nothing terrible like I had read.  That's good!

Well, it's time to eat again and I need to go for my daily walk.  I'll be checking in with y'all later.  Have a good Monday!


  1. Complain away! I don't mind at all. This is YOUR blog, y'know :)

    I bet you'll get used to eating so frequently. You just have to try and be patient. Just like losing weight and gaining healthy habits takes a while to actually become habit, this probably will too. I bet that in a month, it won't phase you a bit. You'll be a pro at it!

  2. It will take a little while to get adjusted to the new lifestyle, but you'll get the hang of it soon and it'll become second're going to be just fine. :)

  3. You really are doing well, Sweetie.

    And don't worry about finding the rest of us things that we can eat. Sweets are lagniappe anyway, and we can do without. Well, I don't know about Charlie. I think sweets make up forty percent of his dietary intake. :)


  4. I can't believe your mom stayed away from the doctor for your entire lifetime!!! Glad you made her go.

    Eating every 2-3 hours reminds me of when your children are little and their tummies are too small to hold maybe just think of yourself as a toddler who needs to be nurtured and fed often. After all, you deserve to be cared for as well as you care for your family.

  5. I don't think you're complaining at all. I would be frustrated, too!


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