Monday, October 25, 2010

One Pill Makes You Larger and the Other One Makes You Small

Sorry, my dear blog, for neglecting you for a week.

Last Sunday (October 17th) I began taking another Metformin pill bringing the count to two per day.  For 3 days I felt terrible.  I didn't want to get out of bed or do anything.  I felt nauseous, had a headache, and wanted to just lie in bed.  Thursday I started to feel better which is good because the rest of the week was super busy.  Rachel had a class at the museum about the Day of the Dead and a speech for her Gavel Club which she was freaking out about. She did great, of course.

Friday we went to Hermann Park as a family. It was my way of getting exercise in the disguise of fun.  We walked by the reflection pool, fed the ducks and pigeons, watched a man run his RC submarine (very cool), took the kids to the playground, found a geocache, and road the train around the park and zoo.  It was a great day.

Saturday was clean the house day since I had been out of it for so many days.  The house was starting to suffer.  I did some cleaning but Chuck, bless his heart, got into the cleaning groove and worked hard all day.  What a guy.  It was greatly appreciated.

Sunday we spent the day geocaching.  I can't tell you how happy I was to feel "normal" again.  I was happy, slightly energetic, and back to having adventures.  No headache or nausea. No fatigue.  I was tired after our 8th cache find but it was a good kind of tired.  One I had earned. A peaceful tired instead of a drugged exhaustion.
While out geocaching Charlie found a giant praying mantis. So cool.  I have missed these adventures.

To get to our last cache we had to do some heavy bushwacking by a bayou.  This was the most difficult cache I've ever done.  We had to jump a creek, hike through weeds as tall as me, get wrapped in thorns, find our way through a very thick forest then find our way back.  At one point I found myself in a some tall weeds up to my head and they all had bees buzzing them. I slowly made my way through trying not to disturb them.  Even after I took my shower I found thorns sticking out of my leg.  But we got our cache!  Eight total for the day. We ended the day with Chinese food. Perfect.

I love geocaching because we always get to discover places we never knew existed. Yesterday we were introduced to a small cemetery that contains some of the founders of a nearby town.  It also had 6 civil war veterans.  I never even knew it was there.

Driving School Update: Chuck called them last Monday and "had a talk" with them.  He told them that not only will that man never be Rachel's instructor again but he will also never be in the same room with her.  They assured him that this would never happen again.  Problem solved.

Last night I began taking yet another Metformin for a total of 3 per day.  I am a little nervous about how I'm going to react.  The reactions are usually not immediate so I'm waiting.

I've been reading up on the meds I take.  The birth control pills warn that I may gain weight and the Metformin is supposed to help me lose weight (among other things).  There is a war going on.  I'm hoping the Metformin wins.

I honestly hate, loathe, detest, abhor taking all of these meds.  It bothers me to no end.  I feel like I'm on life support or something.  Broken.  Even though the doctor said I will probably have to remain on these for the rest of my life because of the hereditary factor, I am still hoping that I will be able to beat this with exercise, good eating habits, and weight loss.  Time will tell.  I'm not giving up.  And if that doesn't work, maybe I'll at least accept it by then. :)

The great news is that I'm feeling like "me" again.  I have hope. I'm not depressed.  I'm ready to plan some adventures.  I'm optimistic about getting in shape.  I'm not as tired.  One odd thing is that I have no sweet cravings anymore.  Oh sure, occasionally I get a small dark chocolate square but I'm not going after the sweets like before.  I'm not very hungry at all, actually. So maybe this will work for the weight loss after all!  I'll keep ya posted. 


  1. I am slightly freaking out over here at the picture of Charlie with a BUG ON HIS FACE!!! Eeeeeeeeek!!!!!

    Ok. I hope this round of Metformin goes easier on you - maybe your body is getting used to it. Love the battle between it and the pill, and yes, I hope the Met wins! :)

    Glad you are feeling better; so glad Chuck straightened things out with the driving school. That guy needs to be fired. And a day spent geocacheing? I know you were in heaven!

  2. So glad you are feeling better - and you will get used to the meds - it took me a few weeks after taking my three oral medications to not have to know where the nearest bathroom was at all times!

    What a fun weekend - and how great Chuck helped out around the house!

    And I am with Shelley - any kind of bugs gives me the heebie geebies!


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