Monday, October 18, 2010

Take a Hike

Oh, how I wish the weekends lasted all week. :)

I've been working on getting in my exercise quota even though some days I feel so sleepy I don't want to crawl out of bed.  I'm not sure if it's the medicines or what.  I thought I was supposed to have more energy, not less.

Thursday I decided to recruit the kids to suffer exercise with me.  We just went to the front of the neighborhood and explored and then went to the playground and enjoyed the swing sets and the light, fall breeze.  It was a good time and I got about 30 minutes of exercise.  That's nothing compared to how I was exercising before but it's a start.

Warning: Rant Ahead. Thursday night Rachel was scheduled to drive at the driving school.  There is one old guy she hates to get because all he does is talk about how much money he has and how smart he is and he also makes the girls run errands for him. Never the guys.

Well, Rachel got him as her driving instructor that night.  7:30-9:30pm she was going to be with him.  When we picked her up she was upset.  She said the guy degraded her for being homeschooled, wanted to know what Chuck and I do for a living, said he felt sorry for her because she got no social interaction (which is a load of $%&#*!!), said that she needed to be talking to boys on the phone, wanted to know what religion she was, had her calculate his salary while she was trying to drive at night just to test the math skills of the poor homeschooled child, asked her what she wanted to do when she grows up then told her she shouldn't or she'd never own a big house, etc.  It went on and on.   When it was the boy's turn to drive they just talked about football.

Rachel was very upset which made Chuck very upset but in a different way.  He was ready to beat up an old, insecure old man.  Today the driving school will be hearing from a very protective father who is more than a little angry. :)

Friday Chuck and I took the kids to a Fall Fest put on by our homeschool group.  It was a lot of fun.  There were even snacks there that I could eat without guilt!

After the festival, we took Charlie to my mom's.  She met us halfway to pick him up since she lives a couple of hours away.  Rachel didn't get to go this time because she said she needed to work on her speech for Gavel Club.

On the way home we stopped and got Just Dance 2! Woohoo!!!!
This game is so much fun and really burns up the calories.  Plus it's funny to watch each other try to do the dance moves.  I love this game!

Friday night Chuck took Rachel and I out to Red Lobster.  I was a good girl and read the nutritional info online before I went so I'd know exactly what to order.  Shrimp and steamed broccoli and iced tea.  Perfect.

Then it was off to the Halloween store to try on masks and hats and have fun.  We got the kids their costumes: a phantom with glowing eyes for Charlie and a hippie costume for Rachel.

Saturday we went on a hike at Brazos Bend.  I can't remember the last time we went out there.  It's been way too long.  We hiked for 3.5 miles and enjoyed the leaves falling.  The wildlife wasn't very active that day and the park was very crowded for Astronomy Day.  We did see a few picture-worthy things:
The obligatory alligator.
Ibis choking back a crawfish.
Weird seedpod.
The cypress fashionista wearing the latest fall colors.  Very nice.
The black crowned night heron sporting a lovely monarch butterfly chapeau. Tres chic.
I've missed our hikes and adventures.

Rachel has been asking for pizza from a local pizza shop for a while so we finally got it for her.  Pizza is a dilemma for someone trying to watch carbs like me.  But I remembered that I had some low carb pita bread so I just scraped the toppings onto the pita.  Tasted great and I got to have pizza too!

Sunday I had a tough time getting out of bed.  I felt exhausted before the day even got started.  Chuck suggested I stay in and get some rest but I needed to get my exercise. Plus I hate to waste a weekend by sleeping.  I want to do something.

To Brazos Bend again.  This time we hiked in the woods.  No pictures this time because we went without camera.  I played the role of Sacagawea except not very well.  I got lost.  Oops!  Finally Moses (Chuck) took over and led us back to the promised land (the parking lot).  In all we hiked for a little over 3.5 miles.  I packed snacks so we had a nice lunch under an old oak tree.  It was a wonderful day.

It is so nice to go on a hike and get sweaty, go home to get cleaned up then go out to eat.  You feel so relaxed after all that.  This time we went to Carabba's.  I tried looking up nutritional info before we went but I started feeling down that I couldn't order what I really wanted and just sort of gave up.  I went out and had a good time and got whatever I wanted which included a mixed drink and a few bites of dessert.  I figure I'll give myself a once-a-month treat so I don't go insane thinking about what I can and can't have. 

I'll admit that I did feel guilty about eating some pasta.  I have to remind myself that I'm not changing my eating to lose weight (though that is a plus) but to live. No guilt over the occasional indulgence.  Heck, even the book that is supposed to be my basis (Insulin Resistance Diet) says I should have the occasional indulgence.  So no more guilt.

It was a great weekend.  The beautiful weather and hiking makes me excited about the camping trip to the Frio River we're taking in a couple of weeks.  Can't wait!


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend. I hope Chuck bounces up and down on insecure moron's head. I would be beside myself if an instructor told one of my kids how unfortunate it was for them to be homeschooled. My kids KNOW they have it good being @ home! BOO ON HIM!

  2. The cypress is just gorgeous. I had no idea you could get vibrant fall color like that in Texas!

    I often find myself struggling this time of year with wanting to sleep more. For me, I think it's all the darkness that we're in. I have to work not to hibernate.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend, y'know, besides the whole stupid driving instructor thing. I'm glad that Chuck is going to give them a piece of his mind, because that is completely ridiculous.

    We faux hiked yesterday. We cheated and went to Fort Wilderness at Disney, but we did get to see a momma and baby deer! I'm glad that you're staying active and guilt free about your little indulgence!

  4. Bet you're proud of your daughter for not putting up with this rude and inappropriate behavior.

  5. Weekends may be short, but you make it a priority to take advantage of every minute. Your day-long adventures are inspiring! Thanks for sharing! :) - Kirsten

  6. WTH is up with that driving instructor? You're paying good money for this - Rachel should be receiving training, not a freaking lecture. Glad Chuck is going to set them straight. Geez!

    The rest of the weekend sounds fun - glad you are getting back out hiking, I know you enjoy that so much. And I think a cheat meal a month is not going to mess you up...I do like how you are doing this for your health and not particularly to lose weight...I think that puts a different importance on it.

  7. That driving instructor sounds like a complete ass wipe. Hope your hubs gives it to him!

    It just reminded me of my driving instuctor - my track coach - in high school. We drove all around town picking up his dry cleaning, going to the coffee shop - he basically said he was preparing us for the errands we would have to do when we grew up and got married!

    You just reminded me that I need to do more trail hikes - we have 400+ acres not a mile from my house!


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