Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Testing the Waters

Tuesday was both my dad and father-in-law's birthdays.  It's weird because my mom's birthday is February 13th and my mother-in-law's birthday is June 13th.  It's not hard to remember. :)

I can't believe my dad turned 71 yesterday.  He certainly doesn't look it.  He's the most active person I know.  He spends all day outside clearing brush, mowing, or finding some project to work on.  My parents live on the same 10 acres where I grew up.  I had such a great time at that place finding solitude by the pond, riding horses, playing with my chickens, or exploring at the creek in the woods. It's a shame that it's two hours away from where I live now.

Chuck's dad wanted to go out for his birthday.  I was a little apprehensive about going out to eat just yet but, hey, no cooking! Plus it's his birthday.

We met up at Saltgrass Steakhouse.  I think steakhouses are going to be pretty easy for me.  I got the seared ahi tuna, grilled asparagus, and a house salad (minus croutons).  It was great and I didn't feel deprived at all.  I'd say the toughest part was passing up that Shiner Bock bread that they bring out.  Well, I did have one thin slice with dinner but that's allowed.  I think I may have messed up a little because I was eating the marinated cucumbers that came with the tuna and realized that they tasted sweet and sour.  That sweet had to come from somewhere and I don't think it was stevia.  Oh well.  Still not too bad.

After dinner Chuck and I got home and immediately started making armadillo eggs.  It turns out that I can have 3 of these and still be in my carb range!  Woohoo!  As long as I use the Kroger small canned biscuits.  We finally got them all made up so Chuck could bring them to work on Wednesday and they went over great.  Success!

Tuesday was also a great day for walking.  The cool weather.  A slight breeze.  I couldn't ask for anything more (except that I was hiking in the hill country with my family).  The doctor requires that I walk 15 minutes per day.  I gave him 20 minutes.  I like to exceed expectations. :)

Later I had to take Charlie to his Lego Robotics meeting so Rachel and I had two hours of doing nothing.  How about another walk?  We went to a local park and walked and laughed and walked some more.  We saw turtles and a young bunny rabbit that wasn't afraid of us at all.  It was so cute!  We walked for 45 minutes and covered over two miles.  I wish I would have worn my Garmin to get an accurate mileage count.  I know I walked over 3 miles total yesterday but not sure how much.  I got in over an hour of walking! YEAH!!

I had been having times of feeling very down lately.  Even before I went to the doctor.  I think I may have mentioned it in a post or two.  Yesterday there were times when I felt so happy and energetic.  I was happy overall most the day but the energy was such a nice change.  I've missed it.  I was bouncing off the walls sometimes and then I'd be lethargic then energetic then tired.  Maybe on my way back.  Oh, I do hope so.  I'm so ready.  And this is before I've even started taking the medication for the insulin resistance!  I've got high hopes.

I am gaining some confidence that I'll be able to go out with family to restaurants, make great recipes, and still live within my boundaries.  No more vapor lock.  I just need to step out and try some things from my America's Test Kitchens book and not be so afraid of doing something wrong.

Anybody have any low carb brownies recipes? :)


  1. Kelly you're doing SO well!! Great choices you made when you went out & sheesh girl, all that walking!! Keep it up & keep your head up! You're strong!!!

  2. Youve been hit by a bus of information regarding your health, so I think it's "normal" to feel the way youre feeling. Look at you over coming that though, you've got a plan, youre putting that plan in motion and youre doing the right things. We are right here cheering you along lady :)

  3. I think you are going to do just fine with this. It takes a little bit longer to look at a menu, sure, but you can make good choices and ask for substitutions (and leave offs) and still end up with a meal that you are happy with. I love Saltgrass...unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, haha) we don't have one here.

    This weather is just perfect for getting your walks in - seriously, if you are going to be mandated by the doc to walk, it couldn't have come at a nicer time of the year. And how great that you got in the extra walking with Rachel - I do love the active example you set for your kids.

  4. Shiner Bock bread? Ruh roh! Wish I didn't know about this. Your tuna, asparagus & salad meal sounds great to me. Glad you're feeling better.

  5. Happy birthday to papa and FIL! My Dad would have been 72 on October 4 - but sadly passed away from cancer and diabetes when he was 59.

    He was the worst diabetic - I guess my only saving grace is that I learned from his mistakes. Thanksfully I got diagnosed after he died, that in itself would have killed him :(

    The metformin should help. I didn't look back, but does your doctor want you test you blood sugar? And if so, how often? Just wondering!


  6. LoCarb brownies.....
    Have you tried CarbQuik?
    It's pretty good - made with Carbalose....


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