Sunday, November 21, 2010

5K a Day #12

I'm in Conroe right now and my only internet connection is at an activity center so I won't be here to post or read blogs as much as I'd like.  Well, I'll probably be reading them from my droid but not commenting a lot since typing is kind of a pain on a phone.

It was so much fun cheering for Shelley and all the other runners yesterday.  Chuck and I woke up at 5:30am and got to Galveston a little after 7. 

We parked and waited for the runners to come by.  I had a poster for Shelley and a cow bell.  Gotta have more cowbell! I rang that cow bell like there was no tomorrow.

I was so happy to see Shelley's smiling face as she came running up.  It got way too hot but she is a strong woman and I knew she'd finish.

Chuck took a lot of pictures.  I'm sure Shelley will post some at her blog

Watching her and the other runners was so inspiring.  It really gave me the running fever. I got to talking with another runner while we were waiting at the finish line. She was on her second beer and having a good ole time.  She said she has a shirt that says "Will run for beer."  That alone is good incentive.

After the race we rushed home, packed, drove to Conroe, got checked in, then rushed Rachel to her birthday party an hour away.  Her cake was a big hit.  Most folks thought it was from a bakery.  I'm proud of my girl.

While she was at her party I went to Academy and got my new wardrobe off the clearance rack.  I even got some Nike dry fits for only $9! They're usually $40.  I got a ton of new shirts, socks, pants and visors and the most expensive thing was those pants. Score!

We got back to the condo late but I was determined to go for my walk.  I was able to hit the treadmill at the activity center for a few minutes before they closed at 10pm.
That's 1.57 miles.  Then Chuck and I went outside and finished up 1.66 miles under the moonlight at 10:03pm.  Even though we were both tired and didn't want to walk, I am so glad we did.  Slept like a rock that night.

5K a Day #12 completed.  38 miles in 12 days.

Hope y'all had a great weekend.  Hugs.


  1. Oops! I meant to say we finished at 10:30pm not 10:03.

  2. Saw some photos - your poster and your cowbell were SPECTACULAR! People really have no idea how much that means to have support like that when you're slogging through a long race.

    And your gift so thoughtful... where were you when I ran my first marathon? LOL.

    Good job getting your mileage in!

  3. Thank you again for all of the effort you and Chuck put in for me on race day - I appreciated and needed it so much!!! And it was great seeing you again - next time hopefully more of my brain will be working and we can actually talk a bit, lol!

    Nice score at Academy!!! Love that you got some new workout clothes - with your 5K every day, you must be needing them. Plus, it's more fun to have athletic wear to workout in. :)


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