Monday, November 29, 2010

5K a Day #20: Confession Edition

Sunday Chuck joined me in 5K #20.  It has been so nice having a walking buddy.  We can walk without talking and it doesn't feel awkward.  Just having someone there with you makes the whole experience more enjoyable.

We were both experiencing some aches and pains so we walked rather slowly.  His chronic neck pain was really giving him trouble and my right hip and ankle were making themselves known.  I think running on the treadmill the night before might be to blame.  I have trouble running on those things.  I always feel a little off balance and sometimes the belt slips on mine almost causing my knee to bend the wrong way.

After the walk the endorphins were flowing and I felt great. My hip and ankle started feeling better around mile 2.

I felt so good that I fertilized the lawn and spread a few more rye grass seeds. 

I had some energy to spare so I walked for a little more than a quarter mile at a brisk pace then jogged (it's hard for me to call it running when I'm so slow) back plus a little further down another street.  I felt like I could have gone further but Chuck and I were heading to the shooting range for him to practice.

Confession 1: I've been having half marathon medal images dancing in my head since Shelley's race.  I know it was a difficult run but meeting her throughout the course and seeing her cross that finish line got me so into the moment that I felt like I was participating in the race as well.  And I want some bling!

So yesterday I picked up a copy of Marathoning for Mortals.  It has plans for people of any physical shape.  Walk, Walk/Run (where you walk mostly but run some too), Run/Walk (you run more than walk), and Run.  There are training schedules for half and full marathons.

I'm not saying that I am going to run one but I would like to train towards one.  The book is very encouraging and gives you the hope that you can complete one too. 

After I picked up the book Chuck and I were starving.
Confession 2:  I haven't been so hungry that I could eat an entire buffet on my own in a long time.  Last night I was.  I felt like a bottomless pit.  Food was not safe near me. 

What's the reasonable thing to do when you feel like this?  Go home and make a healthy dinner, you say? Oh noooooo.  We decide to head to our favorite Mexican food restaurant.

Chips, salsa, queso, flauta, 1/2 chicken enchilada, 1/2 chicken al carbon rolled in flour tortilla, and a small chocolate ice cream cone.  Yeah, that finally soothed the beast.  I can't bring myself to even think about the carbs and calories.

Seriously, I haven't felt like a bottomless pit in a while.  It wasn't emotional eating or anything like that. I was just hungry.  Not even hungry, I was hawngry.

Could all the exercising be causing it? Definitely going to eat small meals throughout the day to keep the beast at bay.

I'm pretty sure there was a calorie surplus yesterday.  Time to work it off.  5K #21, here I come.


  1. I gotta go back and catch up on all the posts I missed since last week but I wanted to comment here.

    Extra exercise will definitely make you hungry! That's why it's such a challenge to train for any sort of distance running and lose weight at the same time.

    Run/Walk is a great way to complete a distance event and you can even practice that method then try it in a shorter distance race, like a 5K or 10K, before you tackle the half marathon distance.

    John Bingham is one of my favorites! I have every book he has written and I actually got to meet him and hear him and his wife speak at the Marine Corps Marathon Expo. You will enjoy reading his book for sure!

  2. What happened to our twenty year old bodies? When I wake up in the morning I feel like I am still twenty years old.

    Fortunately, we can enjoy better living through modern chemicals.

    Woo hoo!!

    Looking forward to our walk this evening. Even if mine is on the dreadmill.

    Saying "I am proud of you" doesn't really cover how I feel.

  3. You have been doing great, don't let one food slip get you down!

    And yes, you can do a half marathon, even if you walk! And you know you can run even a few times throughout, right? Go for it!!!! Good luck!!

  4. I imagine it must have been hard to be around all those runners and NOT catch the bug again - so glad you are thinking about doing a half! Hmmm, the Armadillo Dash is in March...just saying. :)

    I agree with Helen - a lot of running makes me powerfully hungry - not right away, but later on. Sometimes you just have to go with it - I always hope I'm around a salad rather than Mexican food, but hey, it happens!

  5. Yep - the days I exercise a lot I am hangry! Got to fuel the engine though! :D

    I too got goosebumps after Shelley's success, but after running on the treadmill today at lunch, I think I still don't like running all that much!

    Maybe if I was Shelley's size maybe I would though! :D


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