Friday, November 12, 2010

5K Day 3: Shock and Awe

Day 3 of 5k a Day for 30 Days was completed Thursday.

I decided to try adding in some easy running intervals.  Reading about other bloggers training and thinking about the upcoming Seawall Half Marathon that I was supposed to run gave me the bug to try a little running again.  Then "Shock and Awe" happened.

I set Garmigon for my intervals and also tried to set him to alert me at 1 mile increments.  He would only do one. Does anyone know if you can set the Garmin to time intervals and give 1 mile distance alerts at the same time?

With the intervals set, I began slogging down my street.

Shock: my body was shocked that I would attempt running again
Awe: My legs said, "Awe, hell. We're not doing this again, are we? Didn't you discover that runnning gives you all kinds of aches and pains? Seriously?"

It went pretty good.  Nothing spectacular happened.  I will admit that I skipped my run interval if I came upon a construction crew in the neighborhood.  Sorry. You have to buy a ticket if you want to see me jog past.  My jiggle doesn't come for free.

After 1 mile of easing back into running, my knee said, "I will literally tear your @$$ up if you even think about doing this for 1 more mile."  I heeded the advice of knee and walked for the next mile.

At mile 2 I was stopped by a man who was working on a yard.  He wanted me to hire him to care for my yard. Dude!  Sweating here, trying to get my exercise on. Not cool at all.  Then he wanted to know if I had a pen so I could write down his phone number. "No, I rarely carry pens while I exercise."  He proceeded to tell me how his grass seed is better than the seed they sell at Lowe's because when you mow his rye grass it doesn't get wet and pack down.  Instead of arguing with him about logic problems in his arguments, I said "OK" and walked away.  I'm sure his seed is nice but I'm not in the market and he only pushed me a little further over the edge in my "exercising in front of a work crew" phobia.

Here I wanted to go back to intervals again instead of distance alerts.  Thought maybe I'd try running again during the last mile plus there were dark storm clouds approaching. Somehow I reset everything on the Garmin and my distance and time were all back to 0.  Oh well.

I finished up my 1.1 miles to complete my 5k for the day.  3 days down, 26 more to go. Woohoo!

The kids each walked/jogged a mile on the treadmill.  It makes me happy to see them being active too.

And last night Rachel had a dance.  It was a celebration of music from the 1940s to present and the kids dressed up in garb of different decades.  Rachel was a hippie. :)

This is from Halloween but she wore the same outfit for the dance. Charlie is the grim reaper in front.

I was wondering how my hips would do with running.  Well, they are letting me know that they are not happy with the prospect of running again.  They hurt.  But I'm hard headed determined so I'll keep trying.


  1. Yay for getting out there, Kelly!

    Take it slow on your intervals. You may need to start off with shorter intervals, so you don't scare your body! LOL! Also, keep it seriously slow without lifting your feet too high off the ground. May help with impact on your knees and hip. Finally, foam roll, girl!!! I can't tell you how much better my hip has felt from doing regular foam rolling. It hurts like hell, but it feels great afterward. Yoga has also been a big help with the hip. I try to choose a session that has a lot of hip opening flows and stretches.

    Oh and I'm with ya on not giving out the jiggle show for free!LOL!

  2. Kelly, with your Garmin you can either set the intervals to be time intervals or to be distance intervals.

    However, the Garmin will automatically beep off a mile if you go into your settings and have the "auto-lap" distance set at one mile and have it turned on.

    You should foam roll those hips and do some ITB stretches as soon as you finish running.

    I hold my jiggle down with spandex. I'm just saying.

  3. I agree with Marisa about the foam roller. My knees have been bothering me a lot when I run, so I've been icing them at night. Don't forget to stretch!

  4. I was hoping Helen had come by with the answer to your Garmin question. :)

    Once I had mine set for intervals and forgot to turn it off during my run with Matt - it kept beeping at me but I was afraid to try and mess with it while I was running. It DOES do a lot, once you figure everything out (I haven't, btw).

    Ice those knees, and start out slow in your mileage. A little pain is normal, after all you are asking your body to do something it's not used to. Hope the running works out for you this go-round!

  5. Hey there - just discovered your blog. I'm still very much a beginner with the running thing - still not up to running a full 5k yet unless I break it down into intervals - let alone running one every day! Look forward to reading your posts as inspiration for where I can get to some day ;-)

  6. Foam roll?? Ok someone fill me in! I may start my jogging (treadmill) pretty soon as soon as I test the ole knee to make sure it's healed.


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