Saturday, November 13, 2010

5K a Day: #4

Nothing interesting to report today. I did walk (no running this time) my 5K with Chuck and Charlie while Rachel was at a career development class. That girl is too busy.  But she seems to be having fun.

Before walking I grabbed a 6 piece nuggets from McDs because I felt my blood sugar was a little low and walking would only make it lower. The nuggets have a good ratio of carbs to protein if I only get 6.

Started walking in the absolutely gorgeous weather.  We grabbed the last geocaches in a series of 22 that we had been working on.  That's always fun.  But I was only able to get 2.5 miles in before we had to get Rachel.

Then we had to pick up the miniature van (Vincent Van Go) at the dealership for a computer plug repair and some recall work. Of course it was on the other side of town. On a Friday. Rush hour traffic.

Finally made it back home.  I didn't want to but I walked the rest of my .6 miles to complete my 5k.  Chuck even came along too.

As far as the Swirll mileage totals:
Chuck: 3
Kelly: 13
Rachel: 3
Charlie: 9

Chuck and Rachel are going to have to "step" it up.

I guess it's the exercise but I've been sleeping so soundly lately.  I go to sleep instantly and fall into a deep coma.  Though last night I had some weird ass dreams.  I dreamt I went to my mother-in-law's house but she wasn't there and people kept showing up to order breakfast so I was going to have to cook it but if I did a T-Rex that was hunting me would know I was there and try to eat me.  I made a noise and I could hear the footsteps outside of the dinosaur coming closer. I hid in a bathroom and could hear him outside the window trying to see me.  First time in my dream that Chuck did nothing.  Where's my hero?

I wake up then because Chuck is leaving to get his hair cut and gives me a kiss and hug before he walks out the door. He does that every morning before he leaves for work. :)

Weird dreams.

I also got to know my foam roller. That thing is wonderful.  There are a couple of videos that teach you how to use it on youtube:
here and here.
Guess who has made itself back into my life. My bodybugg!  Thought I would start watching those calories again and get this weight dropping off again.

Y'all have a fantastic weekend.


  1. WOW...I could have posted part of this myself!!! Sleep soundly after exercising; check, WEIRD dreams; check, bodybugg back in my life; check!! Girl we are in tune!! And now that I know about the foam roller, WATCH OUT!! :-)

  2. 5k a day is an incredible goal. Great job! WOOT!


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