Sunday, November 14, 2010

5K a Day: The Zen and Not-So-Zen

Saturday had us on the road most the day. Again.  I'm not complaining.  Just saying that finding walking time was a little bit of an issue.

This time the whole family went for a walk in the neighborhood. Everyone is trying hard to get to that 10 mile mark so we can go to Swirll.

We had fun walking, talking and laughing.  We stopped when we wanted to look in the windows of the new construction homes or saw something interesting (sorry squished turtle).

I remember when I was a kid. Doesn't seem that long ago. I didn't have a book that taught me how to play and have fun.  There were no instructions on how to begin to run and chase each other.  We just did it. No goals. No intervals.  Just play.

Today I decided to tap back into the Zen of running for fun.  I ran when I felt like it; stopped when I wanted to stop.  Probably not the way to train for a marathon but it was a fun way to run.  The kids (who usually complain about running) got in on the fun.  We picked out landmarks to run to and just did it.  And you know what?  We all enjoyed it.  Time didn't matter. We just had to get to 3.1 miles.

Sunday: Some days you don't feel like doing it but you do it anyway and afterwards you are glad you did.
Funny thing.  Chuck and I walked this one together and did not run one time. We only stopped one time when a dog wearing a sweater with "Diva" on the back came running into the street to greet us.  The time it took us to walk this 5K is only 2 minutes slower than it took me to run my first 5K!

6 days of 5K completed.  Yeah!


  1. Diva Dog coming through - make way!
    That's cute. also cool about the walking faster than a "run." That' happened all the time in the Army! We ran Super.Slow!

  2. Yeah, many times I swear I walk faster than I strange. Great job hitting those 5Ks - Swirll is gonna taste great!

  3. Just getting out there and doing it means a lot.

    Time walking verses running?

    Well, let's see. My very first marathon that I RAN where I had not goal but to finish, it took me 5:51.

    My very first marathon that I walked (4 years and 2 faster running marathons later)? 5:47

  4. How do you like your garmin? I'm thinking of buying one for myself for x-mas!

  5. Amanda, I LOVE my Garmin. I know Shelley and Helen both have one that they use.

    It will give you mileage alerts, show a map of your run, show your splits. You can also use it for interval training. It monitors heartbeat and calories as well. It does a lot.

    Helen is the Garmin guru and helps us folks out who hate reading instruction manuals.

    Get yourself a Garmin! As much as you run I'm surprised you don't have one already. :)

  6. Thanks Kelly! Yeah, I don't have one! I never used to run a lot but now that I do, I really would like all those cool features! Thanks!


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