Tuesday, November 23, 2010

5ks a Day #14: walking & swimming

Monday I was so sore from pushing myself a little too hard. Or maybe I had sympathy soreness from watching the runners at the half marathon. I tell you I saw one girl stop running and grab her knee and I felt a twinge of pain in my knee too! sympathy pain.

I had to force myself to go walk. I'd say it was more of a waddle than a walk. Picture a duck going for a walk...that's me. My rear was sore and walking uphill and down was killer.

It took longer than usual but I completed 5ks #14. Two weeks! And I haven't missed one single day. I'm a little proud of that achievement. :)

After the walk I put on my swimsuit and headed for the hot tub. I hoped it might sooth my aching muscles. I don't really feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit in public so I wear a shirt over it. Let me tell ya, shirts are fun in a hot tub. They fill up with air and puff up. Some moments I looked like Dolly Parton and sometimes I looked pregnant. LOL

After the hot tub I jumped into the indoor pool for some swimming. Way to burn up those calories.

I guess it all helped out because I'm not nearly as sore today.

Hope your week is going great. Time to start thinking how to handle Thanksgiving temptations.


  1. Now I feel it - the sympathy pain!
    TGiving plans?
    I'm going to work, as usual!

  2. Gotta tell you that I am SO proud of you for following through with your commitment. You could have taken a day off and no one would have faulted you for it, but you didn't.

    Whatta gal!


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