Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Take a Hike Tuesday

My body may be back home but my mind is still at Garner State Park.  So beautiful there.  It's not that I'm not happy to be home; I just wish we could have a home there too.  You know, my cake and eat it too.  Sugar free, low carb cake, of course.
A long time ago I used to have "Take a Hike Tuesdays" with the kids.  We stopped because of busy schedules.  Well, I've decided to reinstate it.  They need PE too.

For our Tuesday hike we went to a nature trail not too far away.  It's nothing spectacular but we always have fun and see interesting things.
Charlie picked up a very large jumping spider while I almost had a heart attack.  He said, "Mom, they're harmless to humans. I read it in a book."  Me:"Stop reading books.  They're dangerous."  The unamused spider crawled off his hand and nobody was hurt. Including the spider.
We headed off to an undeveloped part of the park that runs near a creek.  There were fish swimming in the water.  We saw a couple of caterpillars looking for a home.  It was in the 70s with blue skies and a strong breeze.  Perfect day for a hike.
Then we arrived at the section that runs right by the creek.  I have never seen so many hog tracks in one place. Ever.  And there were some big ones out there. That's Charlie's hand beside one of the tracks.
Since I didn't have my gun on me and hogs can attack we decided to make our way back.

Plus Rachel's dog Rusty had come along for the hike and he is not the active outdoorsy type.  Charlie had to carry him some of the way back.  Lazy dog. :)
On the ride back home I came up with a plan and the kids thought it sounded great: when we all walk 10 miles we'll go to Swirll frozen yogurt for a treat.  They love going there.  You pour whichever flavor you like and whatever amount you want then add your own toppings.  The results are weighed and you pay by the ounce.

Charlie was all over this idea.  He figured we'd be going maybe twice a week until I explained that each person is responsible for his/her own 10 miles and we don't go until each person in the family has walked/jogged/run/crawled those 10 miles. 

Our little excursion to the nature trail put the kids and I at 2 miles each.  Then I walked another mile when I got home and got to see this beautiful sunset.
In all I walked 3.2 miles yesterday.  My hips seem to be tolerating everything just fine.  It gives me hope that I might be able to take up running (or slogging= slow jogging) again.

I'm also issuing myself a challenge.  The 5k a Day for 30 Days challenge. I feel bad that I won't get to do the Galveston Seawall Half Marathon with Shelley this year.  I wanted to so badly but my hips were killing me and I felt terrible and just didn't train.  With my medicines and new way of eating I am doing so much better.

So I am going to complete my own half marathon (and more).  Just in small bites instead of all at once.  If I walk/jog/crawl a 5k every day for 30 days then I'll complete 93 miles in a month!  It's worth a shot.  I have to walk every day anyway according to my doctor.

Tuesday marked my first day of the challenge.  Only 29 days to go. :)  I need to figure out some sort of reward for doing this.  Any ideas?

In other news, while we were out grabbing a geocache on Monday in a secluded area, we came across this ranch.  What a name!
I guess "Kickass Ranch" was already taken.
And (I'm very excited about this) the kids and I completed the Texas Parks and Wildlife Geocache Challenge over the summer.  Medals were only given out to a few (I think the first 25) finishers.  In the mail yesterday was our geocoin award, a sticker and a congratulations letter.  The kids each got one as well.  We're very proud of this.  Looking forward to the 2011 challenge.


  1. Hi! Got link to your from Jack's site. You live in the pretty parts of Tx! I am in DFW! Wish I had the places to roam! Love your 5K a day challenge! Good for you! Maybe you will need a new pair of shoes at the end! :-)

  2. Adopt me, please?
    I take up a little less room each time I ask!

  3. This all sounds awesome! I'm thinking about a hike tomorrow since hubby will be off work & the weather will be a bit warmer.

    I've been wanting to get involved w/ geocaching. I think hubby's phone has an app that will work. We've been doing letterboxing for now. It's also fun!

  4. Love all the hiking pictures - especially the one with the windy trail and of course, the sunset picture!

    Great way to get the kids motivated to get moving too :D

    I like your idea of still doing a big race, just in little chunks!

  5. Great job on reinstating the Tuesday activities!! Oh..and that spider deal...I WOULD FREAK OUT TOTALLY!!!

  6. When you first said you would walk 10 miles for yogurt, I thought you would walk 10 miles TO the yogurt place and I was all "dayum, Kelly has gone hardcore!" LOL Love the incentive for getting the family to walk - you KNOW I'm all about the rewards!

    As for your 5K plan, I think you should give yourself running/workout rewards for every completed 5K - they all don't have to be big, but doing a 5K every day is impressive and you should have prizes! Thinks like a handheld water bottle, a good pair of socks, a new music download for your iPod, a cheapie pair of get the idea. I wish things would have worked out and you would be running the Galveston half with me (especially since you talked me into doing it, lol!), but I know we will get to run together again one of these days. :)


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