Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tidbits: Good Stuff and Frustrating Stuff

Did you know that Red Robin will wrap any burger in lettuce instead of a bun to make it low carb/calorie?
I had the Bleu Ribbon burger with a Boca patty.  Not a big fan of the ground beef.  Instead of fries I had a salad.

It was good but very messy.  Do you know any other places that do that?

And, just to keep life interesting, my wallet has vanished. *Poof* Gone.  Did not leave a forwarding address.  Did not say goodbye.

Frantically I searched the house.  I actually burned quite a few calories in my search.  No wallet.

So much gone all at once.  I think I squirted a tear or two.  I may have even been irritable with the kids.

Went to the DMV. Got there 30 minutes before closing.  They would replace my license but they were going to have to take a new picture.  WHAT?!

Oh.my.dear.god.  I had not showered since my walk. Hair messed up. No makeup.  Puffy eyes because my medicine is making me feel like crap.  3 years I have to live with this.  Chuck suggested I pay the $11 and go get a different one made.

I didn't know I'd need a new picture.  I thought they had the old one on file.  $*(&$%!!

Tomorrow is a new day. :)


  1. Hah! That's awesome! You'll treasure that license. My last one had my weight at 511 lbs (my height) and I was sad when I had to replace it!

  2. OMG that sucks!! Both about the wallet AND the picture! You are right tomorrow is another day, and it will be a much better day! Chin up girlie!

  3. I love that you posted this...you are SO awesome. :)

  4. DMV pictures are always the worst...youre a brave lady for posting it!

    Seriously the people at DMV can be some of the meanest people ever :) When I left there after having my name changed I smiled at the lady (who told me I wasnt allowed to smile in my picture and berated me for not checking a box that I shouldnt have needed to check in the first place) and told her that I hope tomorrow she wakes up on the other side of the bed OR QUITS HER JOB which ever is easiest.

    I had no idea Red Robin would let you use lettuce! I sort of <3 the place (especially the bleu burger) but rarely go due to the calorie count. Now I know I can at least skip the bun which just gets in the way!

  5. Don't you hate when license pictures just follow you around forever!!!

    And I hate losing my wallet. Thought I lost my license the other week and was about to get a new one when I found it.

  6. Nice about the lettuce - I always forget to ask if restaurants will do that...or maybe I just secretly want the bun!


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