Thursday, December 2, 2010

5K #23: Hunger Edition

I am the human version of the Hungry Hippos game.  Food isn't safe near me.

Maybe it's the exercise?  Maybe it's the weather?  Maybe it's the bear in me preparing to hibernate?  Hunger has been a companion this week.

Even with the tummy growling, I did good with the foods.  Had a taquito for breakfast, part of a protein bar, half a turkey sandwich, a light Muscle Milk, 2 Hershey kisses (oops), two pieces of fish, a little mac n cheese, a salad, and a vitabrownie with a cup of milk.

What's strange is that I can be ravenous but it doesn't take much to fill me up.  Just need to be sure that I'm around the right kind of food when the hunger monster strikes.

5K #23 was actually quite pleasant.  The weather was mild and no strong winds.  I cranked up some music and hit the sidewalks.
It gives me a certain peace to know that I can complete a 5K under an hour.  It wasn't always so.

For dessert last night Chuck made Pumpkin Pie Shakes.  Very difficult to resist but I only had one small taste. Yum!

Made with pumpkin ice cream, milk and cinnamon and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.
FYI: if you are in need of a little challenge to spice up your life but 30 days seems a bit much (because it is, I tell you) SpunkySuzi is going to be announcing weekly challenges at her blog starting Sunday.  It'll be fun!

What's for dinner tonight?  I could use some ideas. :)


  1. My vote for dinner is tikka masala.

    Yeah.. I know. I should be more realistic.

    How about lemon chicken salad?

    You will need some sort of reward for completing your self imposed challenge...

    I think I will have to come up with something.

  2. I get like you did, with being SO!HUNGRY! but small amounts work...just feels weird when it happens all day long. Nice job resisting that pumpkin milk shake!

    And how cool that you can see such great improvement in your 5K times in 3 weeks! Wonder what your prize will be???

  3. When I first started LoCarb,
    I thought - ooooh -
    Just a taste!
    Dang Skippy! Famous last words, eh?
    That's sometimes enough to throw the whole thing out of whack.... ketosis..... carbs...... or maybe the psychology of wanting..... some forbidden fruit or something.
    It should pass. It's maybe just another sign-post of what works for you, and what might work better!
    Water helps!

  4. I've noticed my hunger more than usual lately! I think it is the bear inside wanting to hibernate for winter from the cold weather for sure!

    You are totally kicking it with your 5Ks! Way to go ! :)

  5. OK, so Chuck is funny... and smart. Yes, Chuck, she needs a reward.

    ITA with Shelley - have a little something: a small tangerine, a cheese stick, a handful of crackers. Oftentimes that is just enough to stave off light headedness until you can have a meal.

    Great job on the speedup!

  6. Can you send one of those shakes over this way??? YUM!


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