Thursday, December 2, 2010

5K #24: Rabbit Trails

I've been threatening to start trying to train for a half marathon after this 5K challenge is completed.  Charlie, my 10 year old son, surprised me by saying that he'd like to do a half marathon with me.  He wants the medal.  Plus I had told him that a 10 year old had finished the Seawall half marathon a couple of weeks ago. 

I'm not sure if it is good for kids to train for that type of distance but I also know my son: he's not going to want to go through training.  I figure it's easier for him to find out for himself than trying to argue with him.  See? Always thinking, I am.

I dragged invited Charlie to today's 5K walk.

Lathered my lips with Carmex Cherry:
 ..and hit the trails at a park.  Charlie was all over the place.  He wanted to go down rabbit trails both literally and figuratively.
"Can I go to the playground?"
"Stop and look at that bird."
"Hey, a water fountain."
"I need to tie my shoes."
"Hey, a water fountain."
"I need to tie my shoes."  Repeat those last two lines 2 more times.
"I think I found a shortcut."  Son, there is no short cut to 3 miles. 

I was getting pretty frustrated until I reminded myself how freakin' fast childhood flies by.  I relaxed and enjoyed the walk a little more after that.  But I'm no saint: I don't think I could go 13 miles with him yapping about video games.  I might just snap. Bad mom, I know.
 We stopped by McD's where I got a kid's meal with chicken nuggets.  Not the healthiest, I know.  I had 4 fries and the nuggets.  Not too bad.  But check out the toy in my Happy Meal: a Hello Kitty watch. Score! LOL It's huge.
It was a good day.  Chuck is off tomorrow so we're going to go look at bikes *wink* *wink* and go out to Moody Gardens to see the Festival of Lights.  And, of course, walk a 5K. :)

So far I've walked/ran 78 miles in 24 days.  Woohoo!

Our last family challenge was when each person had completed 10 miles we would go out for Swirll frozen yogurt.  We all completed our miles and got some froyo last week.

The new family challenge is for each member to complete 13 miles for TCBY.  I made the mistake during one of our family walks of telling Charlie that I had heard that the rainbow swirl yogurt gives you green poo so now he wants to try it. Boys.
Chuck and I have earned our miles; Charlie is at 6 and Rachel is at 10.

Hope y'all have a great Friday.  I'm so ready for the weekend.


  1. LOLing at rainbow poo. Boys are so much fun.

    I like that you are going to Galveston - is a visit to Fit to Run AND LaKing's in order too? Fun times; wish I could be there!

  2. good gosh I love Charlie :)
    he's so much like mine and it makes me crazy and makes me realize how much I will miss this when she's a teen and not saying a WORD to me.


  3. How funny. When my son was about that age he would suspect I wasn't listening. There was always a test. Just to make sure I was paying attention.

    I deserve it, everyone in my family says I was the exact same way, only worse.

    ENJOY! What I wouldn't give for that little chatter box now. Time does fly!

    Thanks for your comment. I appreciated it.

  4. When we moved to our new house almost 10 years ago, I signed up for a 5k diabetes race near our new town.

    My step-son, who had never run a race in his life, wanted to run with me. I was leary, told him it was okay to walk if he felt like it.

    Well, my old town was flat as a pancake - I had no idea this race would so hilly!

    He was talking the whole time and after the first mile, I told him he could go ahead because I really thought I was slowing him down.

    He ended up with a time of 28! I came in at 37 minutes!

    Enjoy your Friday and weekend! :D

  5. I love the idea of your family challenges to get the whole family active- what a great idea!

    Charlie reminds me of my little brother growing up. :)


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