Sunday, December 5, 2010

5K #25 & #26: Fun, Fun, Fun

The Happy Texan family started the day by going to a bike shop and checking out a bike for Charlie.  Here's the deal: we told Charlie that we had already bought all of his Christmas presents so he couldn't have a new bike but we could go look at them then we'd get one for him if we got an income tax return.

So he picks out a beautiful Trek 820.  He rides it around the parking lot, learns that the brakes are on the handlebars instead of the pedals, and falls in love with it.

I distract Charlie back in the shop and Chuck puts the bike on layaway. (Chuck is terrible at deception so I have to keep Charlie away from him too.) While Charlie and I are looking around he notices the salesman take the bike to the back.  I tell him that they have to take it back there to clean it up because Charlie rode through a puddle of water.  (I'm thinking I lie too easily?)

This is the last 820 they have so Charlie is very worried that they will sell his bike.  Poor kid.  He keeps talking about that bike and dreaming about getting it.  What he doesn't know is that we are picking it up on the 22nd and it'll be sitting by the Christmas tree with a big bow on it Christmas morning.  It's killing me.  I want to tell him so badly but I can't wait to see his face that morning.  :)

And while we were there I also asked about bikes.  I think a hybrid will be the perfect beginner bike for me.  Yeah I've had bikes before but never a nice grown up bike.

*cue flashback sequence* When I was a kid my parents surprised me one Christmas morning with a brand new bike.  I'll never forget it.  It was yellow with a big, comfy banana seat and said "Desert Rose" across the frame.  Let's not forget the cool streamers on the handlebars.

I loved that bike so much.  I rode it for hours. I also pimped my bike with a bell, horn (just in case a bell wasn't enough), a radio, rearview mirror, water bottle holder and basket.  Such fond memories *end flashback*

To make a long story shorter, I tested a blue Trek hybrid and loved it.  It's now on layaway. *squeal* I'm getting a bike!!!!

Then Chuck tried a cool Specialized Crosstrail with disc brakes and put it on layaway!

We're all going to have bikes and I couldn't be more excited.  It's going to be so much fun riding together.

Don't worry. We didn't forget about Rachel. We got her a cool bike from the same bike shop a couple of years ago. :)

Then it was off to Galveston for a day of fun and a night of Festival of Lights.  On the way my van totally freaked out.  All of the dash lights came on and the transmission flipped out.  It suddenly went right back to normal.  Drove further (we're almost in Galveston at this point) and the car did it again so we headed back home disappointed.

At this point I'm feeling really depressed about putting those bikes on layaway.  We're going to need that money for some expensive car repair.

Chuck hates to see anyone in the family down but if the whole family is bummed he will stop at nothing to make us happy so he insisted that we take the truck back out to Galveston and continue as planned. 

So we went back, ate at Fish Tales on the Seawall, and headed to Festival of Lights.  We had an incredible time. We laughed so hard, ran up hills, ate spiced nuts, and had fun.

 Charlie decided it would be fun to roll down one of the hills.  He ran to the top of the hill then started rolling while yelling, "Ouch, ouch, ouch, oooowwww!"  He had rolled over hundreds of sticker burrs.  Poor kid had them all over.  They're small but painful.
 While there we also got in our 5K.  Yeah it took a while but it was also more fun than all of the others.  We also got to see the route that Shelley and other half marathoners took during the last part of the race. (OMG!  I see what you mean about the cruel hill at the end of the race, Shelley!)
The hairy arm belongs to Chuck, not me.
Rachel and I had a haircut then Chuck and I took the kids to spend the day with the in laws (it's a tradition for them to decorate the tree). Chuck & I left the kids there then we headed out for a date.  I had a coupon for a new-to-us restaurant called Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen.  Holy guacamole it was good! 

We got queso then split an order of carnitas enchiladas and crab enchiladas. Then it was a shared dessert of  chocolate tres leches cake. Heavenly.  I even got dressed up for this date.  No jeans and tee shirt. :)

After a most excellent dinner, we browsed a gun shop, stopped by Target then picked up the kids.

As soon as we got home we all put on our walking gear and headed to the streets at 10pm to get the 5K of the day done.  Yes, the whole family.

Again, I had a great time.  We treated it as our own little Festival of Lights and looked at the Christmas lights in our own neighborhood.  I love lights.  I would wear lights if I could get away with it.

It was like Wild Kingdom on the streets last night.  There were huge spiders crossing the road. Snails that the kids rescued from the road.  Giant slugs that Charlie rescued.  A cat.  And a snake that Charlie picked up and saved from the streets.  Non-venomous of course. :)

It was another slow yet fun walk.  5K #26 completed at 11pm.
We all got cleaned up then tried out our new uber-cool popcorn machine.  Then it was time to pass out in bed.

Despite the car troubles it has been a fabulous weekend.  I hope yours has been just as great....without the car problems though.  I don't wish that on anyone. :)


  1. bikes all around! I remember getting a brand new bike for my bday one year as a youngster! Love the Christmas lights! The light show we had here, isn't being done anymore and I miss it!

  2. Dang - that was one pimped out bike you had!!
    Cool pics, as always!!

  3. Can I just say that I am uber impressed at the gear you had on your bike when you were what...15? ;) Seriously, I love that you went for it with everything, especially the rear-view mirror!

    So happy you all are getting new bikes - Charlie is going to break his face from smiling on Christmas morning!


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