Monday, December 6, 2010

5K #27: So Close

Yes!  27 5ks completed in 27 days.  Only 3 more to go before I am finished with my self-challenge.

I had a difficult time getting my internal engine going Sunday morning.  Chuck and I stayed up until 2am and I am just not accustomed to those hours anymore.

After the walk around the neighborhood we got cleaned up and headed to Target for some Christmas madness.  The intention was to get a tree skirt but we ended up buying a fake, pre-lit tree.  So easy to assemble and no pine needles everywhere. I do miss that pine smell though.

For dinner it was grilled cheeses and homemade tomato soup.  Comfort food for a cold night.  Then a little TV and off to bed early.

I think this may be the most boring post ever but it was a non-eventful day.  Just a walk and getting a tree. :)


  1. Wow, you have done so well with this challenge, Kelly!!!

    I have grilled cheese and tomato soup on the menu for this week, too! Been craving it like crazy!

  2. OK. Now I'm all caught up with your 5Ks and have to say I wish I could have been with you for the light show! I love holiday lights!

    Also, as soon as I started reading about Charlie and that bike, it brought back my own Christmas bike memory... which I'm incorporating into my Tuesday Ten so I can't tell you about it here - lol!

  3. 59:49??????
    I'm the kinda of OCD person,
    I would have walked the 26 more seconds and gotten an even number. I feel suddenly...... not so well!!

  4. I am all for the fake, pre-lit trees...which is why my fake, non-pre-lit tree is still in the box. Too much work!

    Curious to see how many miles you logged for the 30-day challenge - you have done a great job of sticking with it!


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